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Name: Brian Klug
Claim to fame: MindSay Co-founder


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sweetie2103 on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Hey !! ......wassup im madalyn would you like to be friends


dreamworld on
Help Please
I'll try asking you for help about the Wiki edit feature.  I'm trying to make links to jump down the wiki page since it's going to have lots of information on it.  Whenever I try to put in the link that'll "jump" you down the page to that section, it gives me this:


<a href="">Werewolves</a>


instead of leaving it at:


<a href="weres">Werewolves</a>


I can get the target easily since it's only:


<a name="weres">Werewolves</a> 


But when it gives me the first href instead of the 2nd href, it tries to send me to a different page which doesn't exit, causing an error on my page.  Am I doing something wrong?  Or is the problem the fault of the HTML edit button on the wiki?

dreamworld on
Re: Help Please
Oops, sorry, what it should be leaving it at is:


<a href="#weres">Werewolves</a>
maddhatter on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
so... why am i your friend on here?
stevensgirl2088 on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Hi my name is Kristina and i just wanted to say hi i was looking for people who were into the same things i am and i saw that you liked CSI thats my show well you dont have to but itd be nice to get a comment back!



subrosa on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Hey Dust!  Hey I need to talk w/ you - I'm sending an email to the emails i remember you having but drop me a line if u don't get them -


-brent scheidt

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