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Name: Brian Klug
Claim to fame: MindSay Co-founder


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nuam on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
hi  thx for addded me ........ what your email

ladytarot on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Hay, I'm inviting you to join me at
Come on I can use people like  yourself to help make a great forum.
babygirlxxxx on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
hi dustball, i just joined dont know how to chat..just wanna say hi, im beth..hpefully we can chat sometime..
janeluvkool on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
hi jane....... member of to have a member and love to know  you better...if you wish you can contact me through the following mails: or

so we can know each  better a female......currently finished from the university manchester uk and looking for the right man for my life.......

bye jane.........

premierejan on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page

Might want to check into this. I don't want Mindsay turning into Myspace where are the tramps hangout.





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natey07 on May 14, 2007 at 1:07 PM
My name is Natisha. a 22 yrs old girl . I am average in height and fair in complexion ,am a loving, romantic and caring angel. I read your profile. truely is quiet intresting to me then , i deciede to contact you. i really want to have a good relationship with you. Beside i have a special something i want to discusse with you , so your can reach me through this Email: ( Hope to hear from you soon. i will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about my self. I know age will not be a bearier to our relationship, what i need is just your love and caring. I will give you my best, bye for now. contact me from here (
care from Natisha
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