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Name: Brian Klug
Claim to fame: MindSay Co-founder


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garykent on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
OK, Brian aka Dustball...somehow we have found common ground in this whirling dervish called the electronic universe. I found you ambling across my website,, and was glad to read about you.

What's going on with you now? Time? Life? etc.

Me, I'm burning up in this heat wave. What in hell did the Apaches do? This is withering. Anyway, good to hear from and about you. Please keep in touch. Oh, I have baeen in the movie business for forty years as stuntman, writer, director, so any questions I can answer, I'll be glad to open the envelope.  Later, pal, and keep your powder dry.  Gary Kent

ellen622 on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page

Hi! I'm new in MindSay and don't have many friends in here yet, still feeling my way around. Maybe later I can be brave enough to explore how to improve my page too lolz. Neither am I tech-savvy, so I'm relying on what's in here to help me cruise along. I've been told that no 'spam' gets in here, phew! that's a relief. Can't stand those things crashing in anytime they please. Smiley  Okay, have a good day and God bless you and your family.


Neptune on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Dear Brian, I just want to say Thank You! In fact, YOU are also "QUITE" a looker, as well! I guess I didn't really see you "Up Close until tonight! Both you, and Adam, have a lot more going on than looks though. You are both aiming high, and I think you will "make it!" Especially now that you have "good old controversial Shaunasea" back on your website! (I seem to have a way of "waking people up!" Like, "What did she just say? Then they "Love me or not, but it certainly "gets their minds out of the jar!"
Thanks Again, Shaunasea
premierejan on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
A person on Mindsay has set up a blog to humiliate me and my family.

Can you ask him to remove the blog? 1337pooh  


The blog has demeaning pictures of me and my family and a pack of lies. He has taken pictures of us from other blogs and put them on to characters that are not very flattering.

talk2me on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
A person on Myspace has created a whole blog to bash me and my family.

How can I get it removed??



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