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H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y        M Y           F R I E ND!!!!     IIIIIIIIIIIII  <<<< CANDLES FOR YOUR CAKE   :0)   HUGS FROM WAKE ME UP
Hey Chri.You never told me it was your BIRTHDAY.Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!Hugs and kisses from WEIRDTHANG5674 AKA:Rajneet Smiley.And have a GREAT HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

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jimshields on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
* recovering is now know as jimshields *
zenagain on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
Hey Chri chan! You should e-mail me sometime! (Like the not so subtle way of asking?)  We eccentric midnighters need to stick together, so if you get the urge to, I'm at
zenagain on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
Hey just wanted to give ya my Yahoo IM in case your a IM person like me. it's good to see ya again here.
chri on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
heya Glen..  i replied to this but my puter crapped out and froze last time.  i'll try again!
thanks for ur IM.   i don't normally get on yahoo im, mostly an aim girl if i'm online at all. 

zenagain on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
The zenglen365@yahoo e-mail/IM is no longer.
xxspetsnazxx on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
hmmmm, how are you?
chri on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
great! Smiley   why the hmmm tho?  do i ask too many questions?  hahaha   Smiley    Smiley
xxspetsnazxx on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
not in the least.
eyesthefuture on
Re: Chri's Wiki Page
When I switched Blog names i lost track of you.

Nice to have you back arouind
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