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I need to update my profile music, not that anyone checks this stuff out anymore!



When I first joined Mindsay I had no idea I would last nearly as long as I have. I knew I liked writing but I didn't know it would become a daily past time, almost less and less of a chore. I was about 15-years-old when I joined and my previous entries reflect that. It is kind of funny to look at the changes I have gone through as my journey grew longer here. At times, I had giant struggles. Other times, life just seemed menial and bizarre.

Before I knew it, this became my home. I've had several other blogs, and I still do to this day, however none of them get as much activity as this little gem I've had growing here. With almost a thousand entries now, it's kind of a task to look back on my past -- and I like it that way.

I went friends only because I decided I was out of my public stage. The world knows enough about me. However, I am willing to share with any member on my friends list. The reason for this is I prefer to know who is reading what I write -- and by know, I mean learn about them too, with their permission. No hard feelings, but as I have put it before, if I know you in real life, I probably don't want you to read my blog.

The topics in my blog are a large range. I like to think I have something for everyone. I mainly write personal entries about my daily life, however I like to delve into photography, creative writing, news, politics, movies, comics, videos, music and just about whatever my heart desires. So if you're bored just add me as a friend or leave a comment.




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Thank you!


Steeni loves Cas with all of her little heart :]

Andreux says: We totally need to revive the Cas & Andreux show =\

i feel like i am in an alfred hitchcock movie with all theses birds flying around. neat. duncan

Hi-hi, Cas-cas. Love your Wiki. I'm writing on your wall because I do what people want me to. Generally. P.S. I like you. -Nomad


so just to add to the general flavor of this page...i noticed you need an obligatory trannyboy here it is! what up cas? you rock!!! - kage chaotic

Darby be typin' on your wallz.


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Just started using this thing, not sure that I know how to do it right. :)


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hauntedwhisper on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
Happy birthday pretty ladyyyy <3 I was going to text you but I wasn't sure if your number was the same. I love youuu
orion1974 on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
So your new picture looks like it was ripped from a makeup ad in a magazine, which is to say that you look gorgeous and if I didn't see your video blog earlier I would think that you did exactly that.
cas on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page:
thank you! what a nice comment to wake up to
hauntedwhisper on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
Mindsay wouldn't let me change your friend category  (but I tested other people's and everyone else worked of course) so I had to delete you as my friend and readd you and I was temporarily sad like "omg I just deleted Cas out of my life" even though it was only for a few seconds
please forgive me for not being your friend for a few seconds I'm so sorry
cas on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
OMG I was defriended
I know you're adding me back but I'm still devastated 
hauntedwhisper on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
This hurt me more than it hurt you, baby.

forreal though I have this friends list on FB that is "My girls" lol that is just you, Becca, Courtney, and Natalie and I have the same category here on Mindsay and I realized you were not in it . . . and I'm like "um no Mindsay, Cas IS one of my girls" and Mindsay was basically telling me to fuck off and saying "no we will not move her here," and then so I was like "well maybe we can't change categories anymore?" but then I tried moving Enver into the My Girls category and it worked lmfao
cas on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
mindsay is just afraid to move me anywhere because I get adam those dolla dolla bills y'all with my adsense clicks
cornholio23 on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
hyou are a person I am glad to know. Everytime I engage in some sort of conversation with you, I enjoy it.

*high five for drunk talking to peopl eon mindsay*
cas on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
THANK YOU, DRUNKIE PANTS. Probably best comment I've received in a looonnnggg time.
cornholio23 on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
haha.. thanks.. God. Dont even remember typing this. Oh well. you're still awesome.
divine on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
Hi Cas!
I'm not sure if you noticed at my blog, but I've been planning on seeing a therapist/counselor/psychologist for some time now. Now that I have a job, the search for someone is serious and I'm a little lost, to be honest. I know you're a psych major (right??), and maybe some experience with seeing therapists?, but I'm not sure what sort of knowledge you have about finding one. I dunno if you could answer some of the questions I have, but if you think you could, let me know! Mostly it's about what I should expect in payments, what I should be looking for, and how I should communicate all of this to a professional (that sounds really general and blah but I can give you specifics of what I mean if you think you can help me out!).
Thanks. Take care!
cas on
Re: Cas' Wiki Page
I did see that you were looking, I'm really glad it's financially doable for you right now. It's hard to say how much it will cost (I am on my mom's health insurance until I graduate, so I get a very decent rate.... the last therapist I saw only required a $15 co-pay, but she was also my School Psychologist, didn't have her Ph.D., and frankly, didn't help me all that much). I wouldn't have gone to her, but I found her on a website... it was a lot easier than looking through the yellow pages of a phone book. This page isn't loading for me right now, but I am pretty sure it's what I used to locate her information. Definitely use some kind of online source because it will list basically everything you need to know about that person and what they specialize in... you don't want to end up having to pay a hundred bucks for someone whose specialties are completely apart from what you need. 

(The page loaded and it is what I ended up using, I really recommend it)

The thing I didn't like about therapists is sometimes I just wanted to talk about what I wanted to talk about, because I felt like I had soooo much inside of me I haven't said to anyone. So, it's really important to find someone who can benefit you in ways they are trained. 

If you are concerned with co-dependency still, it might be a good idea to find someone who is a Marriage and Family counselor. They see individuals as well as couples and families and know a lot more about relationships than anyone could ever tell you. My reservation with that is that they'd focus on what went wrong in your relationship and less about you as an individual, but it's about finding the right person. Some therapists are stepping stones to other therapists, so you could always start there and then ask for recommendations when you feel that you have gotten what you needed from that person. 

The best thing to do before going into your first appointment is to write down the things you want to address. If you do this then you have control over what you need to work on and don't have to worry about the conversation veering off as often as it will. In my therapy sessions I often let the therapist take control and then I don't particularly feel like I've gotten anything good out of it. Also, your first session will be very very draining, so be prepared for that. They'll ask you every last detail about your childhood before they can touch on anything that is happening in the present, so don't feel discouraged, they're just getting to know you.

Payments is really hard to say. It will depend on who you find or what type of insurance you have (the website I sent you to actually tells you what kind of insurance they accept) and if you don't have any, the best thing to do is call and talk to the receptionist. I'm not precisely sure where you live but I typed in the city you listed on facebook, and I see a couple results that look pretty good. I'll send you the link to a couple people that look good and maybe they will be close enough to where you live that you could set something up. There's lots of social workers and clinical psychiatrists on that site, so it's a process of weeding through what is right. 

I hope that helped a little! I know more from my own experience than I do from my education, but I'm more than happy to share the chunk I learned!
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