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Its official...this page sucks donkey dong.


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kamakazee on
Re: Brandre's Wiki Page
hey, just wondering how you're doing.  Haven't seen you on in a while.  Hope everything is going ok.
srinudevi786 on
Re: Wildxlover's Wiki Page

i am srinu from warangal, Andra pradesh india

wish u a happy new year-2008 

jessica1000 on
Re: Ladiesman's Wiki Page
jessica1000 on
Re: Polmontchik's Wiki Page
yo! person...i can't see your comments..or my replys from you or me..
0 on
Re: Delly's Wiki Page
Smurfy's right.  I deleted the account because I'm horrible.  My computer was slow and glitchy and I was anxiously pressing buttons and accidentally deleted my account.  When I tried to start a new one with the same name the old one still half existed. I sent a message to SOC but I guess there was nothing to be done.  I have a new blog/profile that I won't screw up. 
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Re: Confirmation - oh boy, i know that game really well lol. i hope you get to a better head space soon!


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