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tats81 on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page


Psst. Smurfy... you said VOID.


So, you've all wondered it.

Why do they call you Smurfy.

Let's delve into the mystery, shall we?

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in the midst of the town called "Lewisville".
He was a very odd little boy, who liked to shriek very loudly on occasion. On any account, the young man had been homeschooled from 3rd to 7th grade, at which point, he decided that it was time to meet the world. THUS, EIGHTH GRADE, A LEGEND, A WEIRD NICKNAME BEGAN.

Several weeks into the school year, three much larger, stronger, and cooler guys rode bus 759. Gray Allgood, Wesley mcBride, and Matthew Carelton. Also, lots of 6th and 7th graders who could have very easily beaten up the new kid.

Now, you all remember the "Bowl Cut" look, don't you? Remember how in 1st and 2nd grade, everyone had them? Well, imagine that so many years later, someone STILL HAD IT! Also, he had a bizarre habit of WEARING BLUE EVERY SINGLE DAY ALMOST.

The three much cooler and popular boys began to come out with unique ways to aggravate the Man-Child, so that he would eventually trim his mighty locks. They declared the "Mushroom cloud" to have given birth to radioactive mutant sea-animals, among other things. But that wasn't all! Wesley McBride reminded everyone of how Smurf's live in mushrooms, and if you cut his hair, YOU CUT THE SMURF'S. No one notices.

------THE NEXT DAY-----

Early. Dark. Bus 759 arrives at the house of our young internet-pseudo-celebrity-in-the-making. He steps foot onto the bus and begins to walk forward. Suddenly, and without warning, the 6th and 7th graders shout "GOOD MORNING SMURFY". The Stronger, cooler, more popular boys had forced them to do it as a show of power, and of how awesomely stupid his haircut was.


Smurfy, having hated his real name because of the 13 years of hearing "MORGAN IS A GIRLS NAME, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA", began to adapt to the bizarre nickname. He began to.. METAMOPRHASIZE. IZE. He emphasized that it wasn't simply a nickname, but a lifestyle.

The world, or at least about 400 kids in Clemmons, North Carolina, would never be the same. (Same thing goes for Cambodia.)



EDIT: No. No, it wasn't.

Andreux on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
=) You did not kill the Twitter conversation
Smurfy on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
It stopped working!
Andreux on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
yeah, well, ya know, what can ya do
kcchief on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
Go for it!
onewalrus on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
You can't use the tweetboard thing on Mindsay because it calls a script, which Mindsay doesn't allow.
Smurfy on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
onewalrus on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
Anything like that has to call a script.  The only way to have it on Mindsay is to use one of those obnoxious widgets... well, at least I think their obnoxious. This is yet another of the many limitations of Mindsay and why so many are migrating to other "up to date" platforms. 
Andreux on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
I have seen websites other than CNN reporting on the Iranian elections & whatnot. Mike (saikotikgunman) mentioned the AP, and I have seen some articles on Newsweek, the Guardian, & some on The Times Online. Granted, the last two are British, but I just wanted to give you some more sites to read if you are interested! Mike is right though, it seems that the AP is reporting the most on it here in the United States.
Andreux on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
Also, my guess is that when you meant they are not reporting it "here", you may have meant your local media..? I have not really seen reports here in San Antonio either though =(
Andreux on
Re: Smurfy's Wiki Page
Ack! And just when I post these two replies, I learn that CNN is reporting on Iran lol: Click!

I woke up only a few minutes ago. I should check the news when I sleep. This kind of thing would have never happened =)

I recommend changing your CNN edition to the International version. I usually keep it on that since I tend to gravitate toward more worldly news (which is funny 'cause I get so excited when I read the "different" domestic news, but WHATEVER). Have fun sir!
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