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 Welcome to Andieland   


                   Life is a bowl of cherries........ Bowl of Cherries Posters by Stephanie Marrott Cherry Bowl Art Print by Simon Steele Cup o Cherries Print by Diane Pedersen Cherries in Blue and White Bowl Print by Sally Wetherby Cherries Poster by Almach Cherries in a Glass Bowl on Granite Photographic Print by Eric Kamp Cherries Prints by Inna Panasenko


                                    unfortunatly they all have pits!




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quellyq on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page

Hiya (((((((((((((Andie))))))))))))), I'm back, woman, wondering why you're not on top blog. Seems anyone can get there now. I of course voted for all I knew on the list. Just me, how you been, girl? I'm so glad you keep in touch via aol. Anyway, 2 blogs today, & I'll try to be more consistant. Hey, do you know who this "google" person is, it's kinda creepy, they look at my blog daily, even when I'm gone for 4 you, blessed be, doll, Kelley aka QuellyQ

Andieland on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Yay, she's back! It's the Google search engine, it keeps it's self up to date on the worls includung us, lol Go ahead google yourself, pick a topic of one of your tags or your screen name and type it into the google search box and your blog will come up. You can block it but if you respond to someone your reply can still come up if they haven't blocked it.


Anyway, it is creepy. It shows up everyday. I'm so glad your back! I got to go to work now but I got an allday event on this puter tomorrow, so I'll read it all then.

    YAY Love ya , Andie


bobcat818 on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Hey you... the 'bunnies' and I are stopping in to wish you a very Happy Easter...
(sorry to hear of your recent loss... but thankful for your golden memories)
We hope this finds you well.
We are HAPPY, HAPPY... content and otherwise healthy... still have our hearts full with Shannon's heart issues (I think that this child is going to need a lot of prayer before she turns her corner... for surgery is looking like something I, she, we cannot avoid... BUT turn the corner she indeed will!!
I will not lose this child.
I have ensured that she'd be home for Easter... and we are all looking forward to a fabulous pink and frilly day tomorrow...

luv from us all...
bobcat818 on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
...thought of you today!
Just dropping a note to say hello, and that I hope all is well.

Andieland on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Glad to hear from you, not doing to bad. Write soon and let me know how the girls are doing.
bobcat818 on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Hey you... thanx so much for your endearing message earlier this morning.
I think that I better e-mail you about Shannon's condition... I would rather that you did not collect your news on her health from little and incomplete snippets within my 'few and far' blog attempts.
So, bear with me... I will reach you.

~ Bob
Andieland on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Please do, I wonder nervously. Whenever you have the time.

quellyq on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page

Hi (((((((Andie)))))))))

Thank you for your comments, hon. You sound down, Andie, is there anything I can do to lift you up, hon? Just a feeling I got from your comments, so short, but somehow I felt a deep sadness. Write to me, hon, if you'd like to talk about anything, ok? love, KelleyCares

Andieland on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Just lack of sunlight I think. It's been so gloomy here, lots of piddly rain and clouds. Plus my eldest aunt is in the hospital with peritonitis infection, from appendicitis, shes almost 80, so she fighting but its hard. Then my other aunt has last stage cancer, she was refer to hospice, but her children ( my cousins) are still in denial and selfish, and sent her through more kemo. With all this, my father died seven years ago the day before his birthday, a week before thanksgiving and my granny ( my aunts and mothers mom) died christmas day in 1993. Now If you remember my mother is not the most mentally stable woman in the world, so with her mother dying on christmas, her husband dying before the holidays and both of her sisters half dead, life isn't as rosey as it should be. She stays stuck in the funk and likes to everyone right there with her. I think thats why my sister perfers to travel for a living just to get away from it. The saddness doesn't effect me like it does my mother, it's my mother that effects me. I've tried to explain I'm not heartless, I miss my dad ( duh) and my granny but my life goes on, I have children, they depend on me. She takes offense because she wasn't quite like that as a mom for me. She has ALWAYS been on meds and always been depressed. So I guess dealing with her and holidays makes it rough for me. The only date left is her anniversary on jan 23, so if  I can get passed that I'll be okay. Atleast until my aunt passes.  Smiley
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