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                                    unfortunatly they all have pits!




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quellyq on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Sweet Andie, you are like a sister to me, & I have loved you for a very long time. I have no clue what they'll find in the Mri, but my left leg feels like Freddy Krueger is running his bladed hand down my leg, those are the days I can't walk,just to the bathroom. I've been blessed with about a week of being able to walk around, & I do count those blessings, for they are (or seem to be) few & far between..I try not to complain much, it changes nothing, & I've never been much of a whiner,ya know? Oh poor me, lol, not! We all suffer in many ways, so why try to make myself "special" in my suffering? Just makes no sense, my sister. God bless you, Andie, for always being there for me. I do so love you, woman. Love, Kelley

quellyq on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
lol (((((precious Andie))))))))), you crack me up girlfriend!! Let me explain my apparent meanness towards one of my girls. My oldest, Donna, is nearby, & has had a drug problem (even had my half brother's son, he is dead in my mind now), but now is clean & has been for more than a year. She weighs over 400 lbs, almost no self esteem, & 3 children (after which, she had her tubes tied). Right now, SHE is the one who needs the most support, & understanding, & I'm trying to help her with Narcotics Anonymous, who I will call later today (I'm in Cal.) & see if I can't get someone who will go get her, as she has no form of transportation, & take her to meetings she needs to continue her sobriety. Now, for her, Donna, there has never been any sibling rivalry other than my younger daughter made better decisions in her life. It's just the opposite on the part of the newly pregnant younger daughter, Licia. She is a Mormon (I don't judge, not my job, & it is a church heavy on family unity, if I can say no more), married money, her house, her yard, her car, her body, are all perfect. Her life (in her eyes) is perfect. She is constantly downing her big sis, saying she can't clean up in the town she got high in. Funny, I did. So, I tell her, just because YOUR father wasn't strong enough, & left the state to clean up, doesn't mean Donna can't. She also thinks she looks exactly like me, when the truth is, she has her dad's chipmunk cheeks (she is quite beautiful), & his extra height, whereas Donna, when much lighter, looks almost exactly like me. So if it seems I wish bad things, lol, it's just I'd like to see her pulled down just a notch or two, so she realizes she is NOT perfect (who is?), & that her sister is a strong woman (Licia is 35, Donna is 37) who WILL make her way out of her past, & all those bad choices. Licia thinks her hips won't spread, just because she's pregnant. Ahemmm. Yes, they will. lol. But, don't take mom's word for it, ya know? So yes, I'd like to see her have an obvious imperfection to make her realize she is not now, nor will she ever be, the perfect woman she thinks she is. Bless you babydoll, you're such a kind soul, & a souldful soul (dad just sent me a cassette, now all I need is a way to play it, lol) of Mahalia Jackson, who I have always loved, since I was tiny. I was born in Oakland, Ca., East to be exact, comparable to east Los Angeles. So, life was never easy, but I still made it. You know most of this from my prior writings. So, no, honey, I'm not being mean. I think you'll dig where I'm comin from after having read this explanation, lol. I love you, woman. You got soul, you got heart, & I consider you a friend, & not just via words, but I bet we could kick up some fun together, had we the opportunity! God bless you, Andie, just for being who you are. A precious friend, who listens, truly, to every word I say. I love you, woman. QuellyQ (Kelley) if you ever want to write, just put Andie in subject so I know it's you if ever you write, k? Bye for now, my friend.... Smiley

quellyq on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Andie, of all my blogging friends, you have always been the most supportive, & I can't tell you how much that means to me. I have virtually no friends in the real world, & I just lost the only other multiple friend I had, after around 7 solid years of a sister like friendship, over 1 single arguement. Now I've found another multiple to talk to, so that's helping alot. Remembering that hubs white AND red blood cell counts are low kinda put me in a small tail spin yesterday, but when that happens, I immediately begin inner dialogue, & tell them all to hold on tight & DO NOT let go, we have GOT to remain in control for our husband's sake. It's very hard, but my husband & I, since this illness came to be, have been talking alot more, & both of our understanding levels for one another have increased greatly, so I think it's very possible we may be able to repair our relationship, which is what I always wanted, but had given up on, so at least that has improved greatly. Of course, I never quit loving the man, so this illness, & the chance of losing him to death has helped us both understand the importance of communicating with each other, so now, when I cry unable to stop it (so close to another breakdown), he sits by me, & holds my hand, & comforts me, & we talk it out, so the mountains may have to wait for the next "life phase", because this is the only man I've ever known who has never been physically abusive. He has recently (when I broke down) been spoken to by Joe, my favorite protector alter, who doesn't look at him, but calmly explains "Kelley can't be out right now, she is out of control, but she'll be ok, we'll all help her", so that has stopped the emotional abuse of not being believed, as far as my being MPD is concerned. So, while the fear of losing him to death is still very real, the fear of losing my 21 year old marriage is healthy, & very hopeful now, thank goodness. Thank you for caring, Andie, as you have from the beginning. Don't worry, my saga will never end, lol, never a dull day in my life, from birth. Here's a few entrys I made before I began blogging on MindSay, so you know everything about the first 13 years of my life...Hell iz 4 Children

(((((((((((((((((((((((((Andie)))))))))))))))))))))) thank you for your love, prayers, & constant concern. Muah, hugs & tons of love, Kelley aka QuellyQ

quellyq on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Dear Andie,

The beauty of multiplicity is that I will need my alters, & they will need me, till death do us part. Some multiples desire to be brought together into one. I'm not one of them. We need each other, & a multiple can continue to create new alters till the day they die. For me, it's wonderful, because when people see me, & think they see me sitting alone, I have all the company I'll ever need, for a lifetime. Alters don't ever die, although many multiples desire to integrate them into one. Well, of all the multiples I've known, after decades, in some cases, in therapy, they are still trying to integrate, but it doesn't happen. So, as for me, I'm glad to have them, & pray they all stay with me forever. I'm never alone, & hon, that just feels so good to me!! I want them in my life, I want them to always be a part of me. I love each & every one of them, so they are a part of me I welcome forever, till death do us part. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. We all love each other, & will forever. love never dies, And I will die, surrouneded by those who have protected  & loved me forever, & I will always surround myself by all of the love that lives inside me. Perhaps hard to understand for some, I will always love those who share their love & know & I find comfort in that know I will never be alone. Love you hon, Kelley (aka QuellyQ)

quellyq on
Re: Andieland's Wiki Page
Dear Andie,

Yes, it does mean the world to me that you care for me. I'll have to check to see if you commented on this old gal's adventure out foxing the sheriff. It was a stupid stunt, not to be done again, but I sure did outfox em, no question. I don't have alot of fun these days. I finally got an appt for my hub to see a cardiologist next Thursday, & I sure hope they get him fixed up & well, cuz my leg is going fast, the left leg, from sciatica is getting to where I can barely get up & walk around, so I need to get in for back surgery asap, too. We're falling apart at the same time, lol. But, OUCH, ya know? I love you Andie, & I do appreciate that you care. I think some who used to visit my site were friends of wake me up, she is one of the long time friends that hurt me, so I may have lost readers over her, I don't know what to think. I get very few comments anymore, & I can just forget about making top blog (I read & vote for you all the time, I love your writings), but if I just have one person, it's enough to keep me going. I love you Andie, thank you so much for caring, Kelley aka QuellyQ

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