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Anyone can edit these wiki pages! Please help out by adding content or updating the design of these pages.


A quick message to those unfamiliar with this page: The link on the toolbar above called "Wiki" leads you to the public Mindsay wiki page which is a page functioning as an introduction to the wiki index. This is NOT your personal Mindsay Wiki page. If you're trying to create and edit your personal wiki page, hit "Inbox" on the toolbar above.  Next select "Profile" to view your profile page. Once there hit the link underneath your picture called "wiki page" (below the link "view blog") -- this will take you to your personal wiki page. This should not be confused with the link for Wiki on the top bar of every Mindsay page. Many people have attempted to delete and edit material on this wiki page without realizing that it's not to be used as their personal page. The link "wiki" on the top bar can be confusing because all it says is "Wiki" and it's assumed by newbie Mindsay bloggers that this link will lead to their personal page. Don't get angry or upset if anything you delete or edit here is changed back to the original content. The following information has been created as an introduction to wiki page creation and editing for the whole Mindsay community. If you wish to add something useful, please do so. If you think something should be edited, please add your corrections, but please don't delete everything that has been added here thus far. Some of us put in several hours of work here. And, always, feel free to post a question or other reply here. Your Mindsay friends are usually available to help you! Thank you, valentinaxxx 

Welcome To MindSay's Wiki HomePage!


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This is not a complete list.  Please feel free to add a link to any Mindsay wiki pages you've created and edited.  Check the Recent Changes Page for complete day-to-day updates!  Got an idea for a new Mindsay Wiki page?  First look at the Mindsay Wiki Index to check and see if we've already got a page on the subjects you love...


Newest Wiki Pages (as of November 4, 2007):



So, what is a Mindsay wiki page?

A Mindsay Wiki page is a public, editable page at Mindsay filled with things only YOU and your Mindsay peers know about.  Mindsay Wiki pages are a reflection of what Mindsay bloggers are most interested in.  Ever wanted to know more about what interests bloggers at Mindsay?  Let this be your starting point and scroll down below to take a peek at what other Mindsayers have done with their wiki pages.  Do you like sharing what you know about a subject that may interest Mindsay users? And have you ever fantasized about adding your own two cents worth about a subject you know a lot about into an encyclopedia? Mindsay Wiki pages allow you to do just that by creating or editing the pages below.  Much like the popular internet site Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, Mindsay has its own unique encyclopedia that allows its users to upload and edit pages detailing the favorite places, people, movies, books, and subjects Mindsay bloggers love. Besides providing information, you can also have fun creating your own web designs for these pages and you can post comments on any page.

What does "wiki" mean?

Often people new to Mindsay wonder just what exactly does the term "wiki" means; it simply means QUICK. The word "wiki" stems from the Hawaiian word "waka waka", which means FAST. Something very fast is said to be "wiki wiki" -- so the word "wiki" is an even shorter form of wiki wiki (weekie, weekie).  A Wiki web page is a type of website that allows visitors to easily and collaboratively edit and change the content of a page, usually with little to no need for registration. It is a place where visitors can also obtain quick and easy information as it is made available by other patients, uh, I mean visitors.

What should you do with your personal wiki page at Mindsay?

Besides being able to check out what your fellow Mindsayers are interested in, you can also provide information, photos, and stories about yourself by editing your own personal wiki page at Mindsay. Basically, it's a page where you are free to share, or not to share so much, about yourself. Have you won any awards? Met a cool celebrity? Or want to share photos of your Star Wars action figure collection like Mindsayer Dickdammit has done? Or maybe you just want to show how much you love or hate John Mayer? Besides authoring a wiki page solely about what you're interested in, you also feature a more personal view about yourself and your favorite subjects at Mindsay.

Go to the Categories of Mindsay Wiki Pages wiki page for a list of subjects Mindsay loves

Mindsay wiki pages Ideas:

  • Create a directory of the best wiki pages at Mindsay
  • Directly link to your favorite wiki pages in the Bookmark section of your plugins
  • Link or create pages that profile collaborative Mindsay projects like Yearbook
  • Make wiki pages that feature the best entries in a Mindsay contest
  • Create a Mindsay wiki that pays tribute to a fellow blogger who is in need of help or praise, like bettie 
  • Organize a category list of Mindsay wiki pages for easier visitor navigation.
  • Share your personal recipe for insanity! 
  • Add a wiki to explain the Mindsay in-jokes SPICY PORK or CHAPS
  • Make a statement about current issues in the news.
  • Support your local congressman or favorite American Idol contestant by devoting an entire wiki page to them.
  • Share your opinions and views by adding comments about the latest episodes of such favorite TV shows as LOST or write a review for movies such as The Science of Sleep or Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette
  • Establish a listing page of all the newest wiki pages at Mindsay.
  • Even share tips on how to create better designed Mindsay wiki pages and blog themes.
  • Talk about your favourite celebrities, and muscians like John Mayer
  • Don't forget you can add your favorite jokes too!  Like this one:
    Two muffins are in an oven. One muffin turns to the other muffin and says, "Boy, it's getting hot in here." The other muffin screams, "My God! A talking muffin!" (-Nomad)
  • Information about what happened to the Mullows  vs. UncleNasty  battle


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lovelylass on
Re: MindSay Wiki Index
My Names Is Lovely Lass2006, but you can call me Nona. I need help with Can Anyone help me please. Email me the directions please?
msrachelmilano on
Re: MindSay Wiki Index
Hello, My name is Ms. Rachel Milano and I'm new... group hug >O<
halfulkid on
Re: MindSay Wiki Index
hey Val i love you
valentinaxxx on
Re: MindSay Wiki Index
Love ya, too!

Hope your birthday was a happy one.

quellyq on
Re: MindSay Wiki Index



quellyq on
Re: MindSay Wiki Index
hep me hep me, I cannot make a wiki page, darnit!! Nature would be beautiful, or sunrises & sunsets, I just don't know how to make my page pretty, like all of you have, so if you have something beautiful you'd like to help me with, do so, please!!! I'm not a boring person, so I don't want a boring wiki page, lol. Thanks, QuellyQ
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