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Seriously, who doesn't like to grill?

First order of business here:

Which do you prefer?


dustball - doesn't make me any less of a griller!! 

Now: What do you like grilling?  and how?
  • steaks.  pre-heat on high for "a long time".  drink at least 1.5 beers.  this way the grill is super hot and will scorch the outside of the steak.  by the time its "done" the outside will be blackened (but not BURNED) and you'll still have some pink in the middle.
  • shrimp.  medium/low heat. don't overcook. use plenty of Old Bay seasoning.
  • asparagus. marinate in lots of oil and salt.  tastes good undercooked and overcooked, you can't go wrong here.

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niassa on
Re: Grilling
Charocoal or firepite all the way.  Gas in a pinch. 


~steaks- you start by preparing your steaks by putting them in a lovely bath of jack daniels after you have taking a few healthy swigs and cracked hte other bottle to sip on while your grilling

get your charcoal really hot where it looks like red coals not black coals with flames 

then go get your prepared flavor wood chips and put on your red hot grill near the back and let set for about 10-15 mins to get the flavor out (this is opitional i normally don't use this but hubby does)

Then you place your steak on and cook to how you like........if your like me you want it blackened and bloody red or pink but not burnt  If you want the other well stuff then you all have to figure that time period out and where to place yourself........i only cook rare and medium rare


Taters and Onions-you start by slicing your onions very thin and placing on a piece of foil that you sprayed down with pam or brushed with oil.....then you slice your taters to the thickness you like......we like a bit thinner hten steak fry thickness.....and then place in the foil also...........Taters and Onions need to be placed on the grill a good 30-45 mins before you place your steak on so the taters get done and the onions carmelized


Corn on the Cob with or with out the husk your choice........we do both........  With pull down the husks and clean off all the silk and then pull the husks back up .........put a bit of water in the husks and yes it will leak out or you can even foil them up if you want........i don't.....i keep a spray bottle of water on hand to spray the husks on the grill about 10-15 mins before steak.........without husks............husks clean silk wrap in foil with some butter and water and place on grill before steak 10-15 mins before


We also like roasts on the grill........go to your local home depot or lumber yard and find yourself a nice chunk of hickory, oak, or your choice of wood that has NOT been chemical treated........soak in water the day before or over the morning get your grill nice and hot and place your chunck of wood on the coals..........season your roast and then place roast on hunk of wood and smook/grill all day till meat of desire....if you like a well done roast then you will have to check the coals perodically and stoke them


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