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Good coding skills in addition to outstanding ability with written communication. 

Apply in the comments section.  Thank you.  ~~ sandyquill ~~

All right. Now that I've said that...


This is a MindSay Page focused on writing.  We have many writers in MindSay's marvelous membership.  (Ooooh, can we say alliteration?)  Many genre are represented in and out of publication.  What would we like to have on our page?


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ariztokat on
New Kid on the Block
I've just discovered blogging, and I'm hooked. Smiley It's nice to find a writer's group of sorts here at MindSay. I haven't written anything in quite some time, and will be using my blog mostly as a journal. Nice to meet y'all.
brandre on
Re: Writing
One of the things that is essential for a writer is to write. It is practice, just like everything else.

I have several novels I wrote in the early 90's that I have pulled out, cleaned up and am getting ready to post. I can't believe some of the changes I made to them. It is more than just grammar, I've changed the way I express ideas, how I handle dialog, and how I develop characters.

Several of the old versions are on - one is called the A Cult Gone Wild, the Hanshue sect, the other World War 2.

The Handshue sect was written before Oklahoma City, BTW.
alicestreet on
Re: Writing
i write too. poetry, short stories and professional stuff on parentling and child development. argh.

I really want someone to vote for my blah blog.

philosopher14 on
Re: Writing

Well, I've been writing for a long whole, but if you count how long I've made up stories in my head, I've been writing since I was four, and the stories were never really that bad. They actually made sense. (For the current story I'm writing, please see my latest blog to read the excerpt.) Anyway, it's nice to fine people who share my interests.

jeanieinabottle on
Re: Writing
I love to write and I look forward to sharing and reading others as well!
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