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Rolling Stones

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Mick Jagger: (Sir) Michael Phillip Jagger was born in Dartford, England on July 26, 1943. Not very long afterwards, he befriended Keith Richard (b.December 18, 1943), who had lived in London during the V-bomb rains, at Maypole County Primary School.
 This, however, was pretty much the last time they had any meaningful contact with each other until 1960.
In the interim, Jagger had enrolled in - and dropped out from - the London School of Economics.  He had become more at home with the 'rules'of rhythm & blues than with the aracana of economics. With a Bob Beckworth and an Allen Etherington, as well as Dick Taylor (a mutual friend of both Jagger and Richard), he formed a band called - don't laugh!- Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys.
Keith threw in his lot and his Berry-ish guitaring - as well as his proto-punk papers, having been expelled from Dartford Technical College for truancy - with the fledgling band.

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