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Respect Animals!




Bring Me The Horizon's Oliver Sykes explains how PETA converted him.


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Neptune on
Re: Peta
I don't have to say a "Word!" You're name "invalid" says it all!
onaburningflag on
Re: Peta
I don't know about anyother organizations in Virgina so I'm sort of stuck with PETA (even though I question somethings they do) since they ARE IN VA.


if you know of another organization who's nationwide(or if yours branches to the east coast) I'd love to hear about them!



Neptune on
Re: Peta
Well, in your "next life" I hope that you come back as a lab rat! I wonder "how you will feel then! Oh, and here is your "Smiley, ... it was "Just made for you!  Smiley   Besides this, you can't dictate to me "how" to write! Who in the hell do you think you are, except a "toothless old hag," that can't even "spell!"

Sorry, but I can't waste my time with "Idiots" so go waste someone elses time! Shaunasea
invalid101 on
Re: Peta
Okay, before you read any farther, here's a disclaimer. "Neptune" will talk for four "pages" like this. Using lots of "quotations" needlessly, making her seem even more like a bitch. Second, she will pick on other's grammar and spelling while making needless mistakes on her own, and often using CAPS, TO GET HER POINT ACROSS that PeTA is awesome.

Here's the deal, hun. PeTA doesn't care much for animals. About 1% of it's $15 million budget is spent on actually caring for animals, while the rest goes to salaries, ad campaigns and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The ALF is actually considered by the FBI to be one of the greatest domestic threats to america. They are terrorists who commit arson, vandalism, and promote the assassination of medical researchers.

It's called research. Do a quick search on Google with the keywords: "PeTA hypocricy", "PeTA terrorism", and "PeTA sucks". you might be surprised.

Quick note: I'm a supporter of animal rights, and needless animal loss and cruelty is wrong. But I do believe that if one rat dies to save a million cancer or AIDS patients, it's worth it.

If you wish to debate this further, I can point you to a few websites and books. My email is
Neptune on
Re: Peta
I don't have to say a word! Your name "invalid" says it "all!"
onaburningflag on
Re: Peta
Are there really only four of us in PETA?
Neptune on
Re: Peta
No. I have been a  Peta member for many years! They are "one" of the most successful Animal Rights Orgs. in "getting The Message Out, and Around the World!

Not long ago, they were in the headlines, because someone that they hired, was "more than a little" off her rocker! The fact that they "hired her back" after she had rightfully been fired, made me go into a "Complete Tailspin! I was furious with them!

I wrote them a letter, and e-mailed them, that if they want my future financial support, they will need to "Open an Animal Sanctuary,  as many of the Animal Rights/Welfare Orgs. have done.

Now I support In Defense Of Animals ... a California based Org. and also National Anti Vivisection Society
(NAVS) one of their headquarters is in Chicago. Last Chance for Animals is another that I support. Also California based. These are only a few that I belong to that are "Honest" and Work Very Hard!
cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
Peta is evil... evil.
Neptune on
Re: Peta
No. Peta "EXPOSES" Evil! Most people would prefer to "BLAME THE MESSANGER!"

PETA needs to get rid of it's 501 C status, so that it can "join with all of the other Animal Rights/Welfare Organizations, and form a (PAC) That is a Political Action Committee, to Lobby Congress!
cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
have you heard of the PETA death camps?
they take animals, from abusive families, and things like that, and they end up having so many, they kill them.
also, they apose animal testing. for cures for things.. while, the person who made peta has a type of diabetes, that was treatable through animal testing.
if you look too, they say, when they have there way, no animals can be used for, "our entertainment"
and when you read that. you can see that they dont aprove of pets. so say bye bye to fuzzy Mrs. PETA lady.

I am actually for animal rights, i'm a vegatarion actually. but i dont approve of PETA.
PETA embarrases me.
Neptune on
Re: Peta
I am "glad" that you "are" for AnimalRights!

No! I was "Not " aware that Peta has "Death Camps," as you put it. I thought that T.V. expose' was a "One time thing, envolving one "off her rocker employee!" I will certainly try to "Check This Out!"

I MOST CERTAINLY DISAGREE VEHEMENTLY WITH TESTING ON ANIMALS! I have heard "ALL" of the arguements for it, and it is a LOAD OF CRAP! Pardon the expression, but that is the ONLY one that will due!

I Also Disagree VEHEMENTLY with Using animals in Circuses, and other forms of So-Called ENTERTAINMENT!

Cornholio, please read my "Main Blog" and my Personal Wiki Page! (The wiki page is almost complete, but I have to wait until Saturday, to fill in the gaps.

There are "No Terrible Pictures" so don't worry about that.

Thank you for "whatever interest that you have in "Protecting Animals!" That will be the "FOCUS" of any correspondence that I have with you, as I do not believe in "Exploiting the innocent" and defenseless" animals for so-called medical advances, or entertainment, or anything else.

If animals are to be used as food, they should be given a stress-free and pleasant life, before they are QUICKLY AND HUMANELY slaughtered for food! OUT WITH FACTORY FARMING!

Thank you for corresponding with me ... and please don't forget to "read my Main Blog and Personal Wiki Pages!

cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
uh, you really dont have to use so many quotations.

yeah, peta isnt all rainbows and sunshine.

uh, chances are hun, if you take any medicine, it was previously tested on animals. tell me what kind of medicine you use.

but, you have pets right?
peta bans that.

I will.

these animals have to be used for medical purposes. did i tell you the vice presidant of peta has diabetes?
guess how they figured out how to help control it?
animal testing, so its safe to say... the peta community... they are a bunch of hypocrites.
Neptune on
Re: Peta
Everyone comments on my "Quotations Marks." It is just my "Personal writing "style" and is really not "important" as to what we are discussing.

Peta does "Not ban pets! In fact they often print material on "How to Protect your pets! (They would have "Preferred" that a long time ago, people had "just let the animals alone, and not "domesticated them, to where now they are "Dependent" on people.

Most of the medications that have been "tested on animals" have created "Disasterous" results, that they, (the so-called) medical communities, and the AMA, have systematically "swept under the rug, along with the "Healthy" animals that they destroyed!

When they have a "Positive" result with an "animal subject," then they "STILL have to test it on People! WHY? Because, animal studies do not "INDICATE" success with people! If it did, they would not have to do the same tests on people, before the AMA gives approval! So why not "ILLIMINATE" the testing on Animals in the "First place, and concentrate on People that are "Already on the brink of death, with a disease, who VOLLUNTEER, for the chance to "Not only save themselves, but be "Pioneers! At least in the United States, "the very fact that "they are people, and not animals" will give them "some built in "Protections from being Heinously Exploited! It should be done "ONLY" in a Hospital setting, under the Protection of the patients own trusted doctor, with friends and family always on hand! And ALWAYS a VOLLUNTEER! These people should NEVER be denied PAIN MEDICATION, and have the "OPTION" of Humane Euthanasia, should they feel that they can not go on.

We all take medicines that have been "tested on both animals and people, for "what choice do we really have?

cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
it is important, its not correct, and annoying. so stop it.

actually in a speech by the president of PETA, she said that animals are not for our amusment.. not even for pets.
and besides, we cant save all animals.. and if we did, it would fuck up everything..ever read Darrwins stuff?

what about cancer, diabetes, the flu.. and much much more?
if they didnt test things on mice, we would still think cancer was caused by roads.

yes i understand that most remedes dont work for people that do with animals.. but without animal testing, we would have to jerk up people and test on them.. killing many people.

we dont have a choice, and if animals didnt get tested, we wouldnt have much medicine.
so, you really dont have ground to stand on.
we cant do shit without animal testing.
Neptune on
Re: Peta
Oh, and "one last thing," You dont start a sentence with the word "uh!" Grammatic genious! I point this out, because "You"only seem concerned with "grammar" (and trying to put people down) rather than talk about Animal Liberation! 
cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
you just dont want to read what I said, because you cant defend it.
did you read it?

It pisses me off, you just dont want to defend anything.

Neptune on
Re: Peta
cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
Did you read what i said?
read what I said, you might learn a bit.

chill out crazy peta person.
Neptune on
Re: Peta
O.K! I read "everything" that you wrote. Did you read "What I Wrote? If so, we will Just have to "Agree to Disagree!

until you are ready to "climb out of the jar!"

Do "think about" what I wrote ... "You" might learn a "LOT!

A little while back, when I was "Furious," I asked mindsay to "cancel" you from my pages. They obviously didn't get the message yet, but they probably will by tomorrow, so I want to "part with you in a "Not So Angry" way, because you probably do care about animals, a little.

I am sorry that we are so much at "OPPOSING" viewpoints ... and that would still be o.k. (except that I find you to be the type of person that has to "put others down," and is "always getting "Pissed Off" as you so graciously put it!

Maybe we will talk again someday, when you deceide to be polite, and have an "Open mind.

In the meanwhile, I have to "Walk my doggies, so take care, and please go over in detail, what I said.

And "I" will look " Deeper" into "Peta!" Why they "Put to sleep the Healthy  Homeless Animals, instead of opening an "Adoption Sanctuary," as they should.

Take care,
cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
ugh.. you people make me sick...

you must use Air quotes alot, right?
Neptune on
Re: Peta
Thats really "Big"of you! Thanks for confirming "Why" I canceled you! Guess we won't be speaking again! Don't "Take Care," Take a Walk! I mean like "Hit the road Jack!

And for your info: I have "no idea what "Air quotes" are! Something that "You" Air heads are into, obviously!
cornholio23 on
Re: Peta
oh lord, i'm being put down in a friendly non-profane way.. soooo scared.

when people sign quotation marks with there fingers.. you know what i'm talking about.
supermegan on
Re: Peta

Your quotations are scary!

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