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Office Space

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Office Space (1999)
Starring: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Gary Cole, Stephen Root
Director: Mike Judge

Originating as a Saturday Night Live skit about Milton (played in the movie by Stephen Root), a beady eyed man obsessed with his red Swingline stapler, Office Space has developed almost a "cult following" since its release in 1999. Just about anyone who has ever worked in a cubicle - let alone a cubicle in the high tech industry - can immediately relate to the situations that the films main character - Peter (played by Ron Livingston) endures.

His boss, "Lumbergh" (played by Gary Cole), is a hilarious (and sadly very accurate) representation of a typical middle-manager, using all of the popular business cliches. Peter does virtually no work, and after some "career hypnotherapy" does him no good, he actually stops going to work while two consultants - "The Bobs" - analyze the productivity of employees and start making suggestions for layoffs.

Along the way, Peter starts dating a waitress played by Jennifer Aniston, and we meet a variety of other characters to which almost anyone says "I know someone JUST like him/her at work!"

Eventually, Peter and two of his co-workers devise a scheme to steal millions of dollars from the company - but the plan goes bust and only another hysterical twist can save them.

Office Space is a must-see for anyone with familiarity with life inside a cubicle in Corporate America!

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dudetheregoesmy on
Re: Office Space
I wear the minimum.
If you want me to wear 37, tell me.
CallmeRoger on
Re: Office Space
The Bare Minimum?
dudetheregoesmy on
Re: Office Space
The bare minimum.
ldb3 on
Re: Office Space
"i could burn this place."
fantasyangel29 on
Re: Office Space
nothing to say other than I LOVE OFFICE SPACE!!! one of the best movies ever made in the entire world!! right Milton?... thats what i though! lol

with love,


electricdreamz on
Re: Office Space
sarcasmsvoice on
Re: Office Space
I believe that you will find that most military members, such as myself, find Office Space to be a truly life changing experience. Failing upwards is a common thing for the numbn-ts who get to be in-charge.
lunaticked on
Re: Office Space
i dont like to talk about my flair
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