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Jamie Hyneman

Adam Savage

Kari Byron

Grant Imahara

Scotty Chapman

Tory Belleci

Christine Chamberlain

  (As Released on DVD)

Season One:

Exploding Toilet
Jamie and Adam set out to disprove the legend of the exploding commode. See how Buster, unwitting crash-test dummy, manages in a compromised position with gasoline and gunpowder! Next, find out if you stay drier by running - or walking - in the rain. Then, learn the truth behind magic ice bullets, which some say can kill without leaving evidence.

Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station
The sign at the pump reads, "No Cell Phones," but can this little device really trigger a massive explosion? The MythBusters get their hands on a pair of silicon implants to find out if they'll explode at high-altitude. And, they test the myth that modern CD-ROM drives are so fast, they can actually shatter ordinary compact discs.

Barrel of Bricks
Jamie and Adam use basic physics to debunk the story of the construction worker who was allegedly buried under 500 pounds of bricks. Find out just how dangerous it is to answer the call of nature on the electrified third rail of a train track and whether or not an eel skin wallet can erase your credit card information.

Penny Drop
Find out how fast a penny falls when you drop it from the top of the Empire State Building and whether or not it can be lethal to pedestrians below. Plus, learn if tanning bed customers are getting baked from the inside out and if the fillings in your teeth can really pick up radio signals.

Buried Alive
Legend has it you can survive a leap from a bridge if you first toss down a hammer to break the plane of the water's surface. Jamie and Adam reveal the "striking" truth. Plus, find out how much oxygen there is in a coffin and explore the many sides of cola from stain remover to steak marinade.

Lightning Strikes/Tongue Piercing
Did a medieval village in Hungary once build a huge, working cannon entirely out of wood? Join the MythBusters as they try to fashion their own homemade tree cannon and put it to the test. Then, see if Adam's tongue piercing can withstand the electrical force of a lightning bolt and learn what breathalyzers can and can't tell the police about you.

Stinky Car
The story of a used car so rank that it couldn't be resold- it was found with a dead body in it- prompts the guys into replicating the myth as accurately, and legally, as possible. Then, the 'Busters try to discover if they can turn an ordinary household drainpipe into a raccoon rocket launcher.

Alcatraz Escape
Jamie and Adam retrace the steps of the only prisoners to escape Alcatraz. Could their homemade raft have kept them afloat in the violent San Francisco Bay waters? Learn if an ordinary stud finder can be used to detect victims of mind control experiments and whether or not a duck's quack really echoes.

Chicken Gun
Did NASA really test the strength of their windshields by firing chickens at them? Find out who wins in the battle of plane versus poultry. Plus, watch as Jamie and Adam go inside the human body to explore the myth of the woman who claimed she swallowed an octopus egg - then gave birth to an eight-legged offspring!

Explosive Decompression
Jamie and Adam fire a gun into a pressurized jet airliner, attempting to cause "explosive decompression." Plus, hear the story of hunters who used a bullet as a replacement fuse in their pickup…with tragic results!

Sinking Titanic
Will a sinking ship suck you down as it goes under? The most fun way to find out is to sink a real boat! And, are goldfish bored…or just plain stupid?

Breakstep Bridge
The MythBusters put on their marching shoes to test the popular military myth that a troupe of soldiers walking across a bridge in perfect time can make the structure collapse. Watch as Stanford University's varsity rowing team attempts to pull Jamie up on water skis and learn how you may be brushing your teeth with bacteria from your toilet.

Buried in Concrete
Jamie and Adam leave no stone unturned as they probe the concrete beneath Giants Stadium for the legendary remains of Jimmy Hoffa. Then, will Adam's arachnophobia prevent him from finding out if the spindly Daddy Longlegs is the most venomous spider?


Season Two:

Brown Note
Legend has it that there's an extremely low-frequency musical note that, if played at sufficient volume, produces a number of unusual physiological responses in the human body - including involuntary defecation.

Salsa Escape
Adam and Jamie make a run for the border as they investigate whether or not it's possible to bust out of jail using only the caustic powers of a container of salsa.

Exploding Port-a-Potty
The MythBusters head to the powder room to determine if someone can really receive third degree burns by lighting a cigarette inside a port-a-potty.

Is Yawning Contagious?
"Myth-terns" Kari, Scottie and Tory set out to prey on the unsuspecting public to see if yawning - like a cold - really can be caught.

Cooling a Six-Pack
From traditional methods using ice and water to one unconventional strategy involving fire, the MythBusters try to identify the fastest way to chill a six-pack of beer.

Son of a Gun
Adam and Jamie examine the painful case of one Civil War soldier who didn't believe in safe sex. The story goes that when the corporal was shot in his privates, the bullet passed through him and hit a nearby woman…who later became pregnant!

Shop 'til You Drop
Find out where to source an aircraft toilet, a dead pig, four cement trucks or even a suit made of latex. In this MythBusters special, Adam and Jamie reveal just how they come across all of the peculiar items used in their experiments.

Buster Special
Adam and Jamie's favorite crash test dummy finally gets his own episode in this hilarious, high-voltage look back at the best of Buster's experimental mishaps.

MythBusters: Revealed
Step behind the camera and discover all of the gaffes, goofs and experiments gone awry that make up a typical episode of MythBusters.

Breaking Glass
Can a singer really break glass with just their voice? The 'Busters team up with rock singer and vocal coach Jaime Vendera as they attempt to shatter another myth.

Hollywood on Trial
The MythBusters set out to determine just how Hollywood pulls off some of its most spectacular stunts and eye-popping effects.

Jet Pack
The sky is literally the limit as the MythBusters aim to build a personal flying machine - a bona-fide jet pack.

Killer Brace Position
Legend has it that if your plane's going down and the flight attendant tells you to put your head between your knees, it's not to save you? it's to kill you!


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dillychan on
Re: Mythbusters

I love Mythbusters.

Grant is the friggin best.
earthbird on
Re: Mythbusters
Mythbusters are the coolest.
toad on
Re: Mythbusters
OMG! This is my favorite show ever. <3
mystixxkrys on
Re: Mythbusters
I started the page with a simple layout and the summaries for the episodes from Season 1 and 2 according to the DVD discography- there are more episodes released than the ones listed but its a start. MythBusters rocks. =) Go Jamie and Adam
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