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this is currently a test... click "Edit page content" and then click on the html button in the editor toolbar above this text (the last button in the second row of toolts - to see how to put navigation links and placemarkers into a MindSay Page that becomes long and may need internal links.

the spaces in between each element would represent some section of a particular page. ie; FAQ's, Links to Design Info, Links to other Blogs, etc... Just to show it does seem to work effectively enough!

I'll try to see how long things can get

and can I link between these spots...

in other words, can I use navigation features inside Mindsay... hmmmm? like "go to the top of the page" links - yes!

testing.... one two three....!


Go To Middle

It works... well now... this has fabulous design implications for the Help Page FAQ lists and similar lengthy content sites!- in particular - once all these pages start "growing"... oh, no fertilizer please!

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General Help Page / Wiki Help Page / Wiki Guidelines / Mindsay Page / Web Design Page / Google


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d72fish on
Re: Mindsay


you are in my prayers and i am glad that you are being worked on while yo are looking. we are all being worked on and sometimes you help Gods work. thank you for all of your blogs, i needed them. the fact that you dont regret anything...especially at such a young age and your health. well that was the smack i needed . llike i said thank you, but there is one thing. can you please open your blogs for comments...then and only then will you see the power ytou have...YOU GO GIRL GO AND BE BLESSED AND BE A BLESSING....THANK YOU JESUS!

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