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FUTURAMA IS COMING BACK!!! In 2008, Comedy Central will be showing 13 new episodes. More info here.

3/22/06:  Futurama is coming back! As Billy West (Fry, Professor, Zoidberg, etc) posted on his message board, Futurama is slated for FOUR straight-to-DVD movies.  (All previous rumors you may have heard of an actual season or two are rumors, as shown here.)

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PEEL message board

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arina on
Re: Futurama
pretty sexy chick
arina on
Re: Futurama
great and cool
losttheskyagain on
Re: Futurama
Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I kinda updated it. I hope no one gets mad...
unforgivable1 on
Re: Futurama
good show!!
DarkSalem on
Re: Futurama
Don't search futurama pics on google unless you like disney porn. EWW.
articmonkeysfan on
Re: Futurama

DarkSalem on
Re: Futurama
cheese what? you dare not insult futurama, thought cheese is a good cheese...

scimiter on
Re: Futurama
"Cheese it!" is a quote from Bender. It is his version of "Run" Used only three times I think. Normally in the context of running from a crime secne or other trouble.
DarkSalem on
Re: Futurama
I remember it, but not sure I ever understood, or more likely forgotten because I don't have cable anymore
Andreux on
Re: Futurama
It is also used when he reprogrammes himself to act like a human being after being a penguin for an extended period of time. His two duties in life were the following:

  • Bend
  • Cheese it!
  • DarkSalem on
    Re: Futurama
    haha nice... aww, I miss futurama... I saw it at my friend's house a few days ago and was reminded of how awesome it is...
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    Re: Confirmation - oh boy, i know that game really well lol. i hope you get to a better head space soon!


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