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Coffee is godly, (Davis F. Elliott.)

it tastes purty good too, (the great, Davis F. Elliott)

Get the hell out of my room, (Davis F. Elliott)

If the sea was like coffee, then that would be purty cool. (Davis F. Elliott)

my grandmother was a Coffee, once (Davis F. Elliott.)

I have a mark on my ass that looks like a cup of coffee. (Davis F. Elliott)

if you pronounce Coffee Coff-ay. that makes you cool. (Davis F. Elliott.) 
It's actually pronounced CORE FEE.  (dustball )

Thats just people who have a "F-R replacement."   (I think you get the Idea,  Davis F. Elliott)
 most of the shit you get at starbucks is not coffee, it has too much shit to be coffee (Lucy)
I hate starbucks (lucy)

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lindascoffeecup on
Re: Coffee
Goodness, I'm not sure how I got here, and who I'm responding to.  ugh!  I suppose I'll get use to all this.  Am only learning about blogging, and now looks like I'm being thrown into "Wiki's"...Well,  never a day without learning, eh?

I saw something about Coffee. 

I love coffee and lately am experiencing Healthy Coffee.  This stuff is awesome!  My skin is changing and I have a clean alertness and energy.  Do yourself a favor and have a look-see.  I know you'll be glad you did. 

I am setting up a blog, but still working the kinks out.  Check out the Happy Mornin' Video...May it put a smile on your heart.

Cheers...a GanoGal/Acruse/LindaS
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