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So after an ill fated drunk night of sex in December with my roommate Ria, she is calling doctor's offices to get a pregnancy test done, the at home pee test she did has shown positive so she's wanting to be sure... 

Life really doesn't make much sense sometimes... Or ever for that matter. Depending on how things go with the doctor, we'll have some big choices to make. To be honest, neither of us are ready for a kid, let alone with each other. I'm still guessing it's a false positive.. but we'll see.

Later days,


PS, All I can really say is LOL and WTF, considering I couldn't get any other ex I've dated pregnant, it's some sort of curse, I blame Chris, he kept saying Ria wanted me to put a baby in her..

I am intoxicated..
For fuck sake... My roommate is being a pain in the ass...

Anyway, I just want to kind of unload, now that Mindsay is back up for some strange reason.. Anyway it's December 28th, 2014... Good fuck has life gone in such a different direction than I thought it would... I'm not talking to Savanah much, though she bought me a rather expensive James Jean print, Seasons, a lmited run. I just dislike the fact that she rarely talks to me whe she's "serous" about dating her bf "fuck-face,rist" I forgot his actual name.

Also, about two weeks ago I slept with Katie, a mutual friend between myself and my roommate/ex-gf Ria... which caused me to walk a while before my friend Chris picked me up.

Life has been weird as shit. The rest will be discussed later.

Later days,



I've been following u for as long as that blog has existed.

I am finally cracking. Which one of you is U? I'm beginning to think it is a regular user here. Or a house cat. 

Does anyone know the mystery of that blog?

Pictures -- See tags

And look, this shirt doesn't have to be slutty:

Tall shoes<3

lol Kristin wanted a new facebook picture haha

after coming home from lunch at Zim Zari<333

motherfucking badasses


profile pic:

Okay, this was at the show Thursday night . . . I picked up Homeboy and I drove to Ybor, and we had DeVito meet us there . . . so from L-R, these next four pictures go Homeboy, DeVito, and Me:

Take One:

Take two because I hadn't realized the flash was off lmfao

Take three because I'm short and cut DeVito off haha oops

Take four because HB is a douche wtf lol

So the Ritz sometimes has really shitty lighting for pictures at shows and if you're not a the right angle and you don't fuck around with your camera settings, all your pictures suck. So here's my sucky pictures from the AP Tour . . .

Bring Me the Horizon:

August Burns Red <333:

And then I camwhored after the show when I got home:

flashy flash

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