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Facts? Let's hear both sides of the issue!

It's funny how post-modern and relativistic Bush and his administration can get when it suits them. For instance, how Bush wants to hear "both sides" of the Intelligent Design/Evolution "debate". Well, that's funny coming from a "stay the course" type of dude that sees one side to every 9-sided conundrum.

But while Bush declares victory against liberal relativism, they use their doublespeak whenever it suits them, especially in the case of Rumsfeld:

"As we know, there are known knowns. There are things we know we know.
We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say we know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don't know
We don't know."

Mr. Rumsfeld's "poetry" speaks volumes to the type of person he is. He's obviously done a good job conning  you conservatives into a happy dream-state, as usual, we hear the whisper of nothingness coming from your mouths.

This is old news, having been reportered over a year ago:

Image hosted by

The truth of this matter is still up for debate, with some internal Pentagon memos indeed showing that the death count of military victims in Iraq may be purposely skewed with some things that were learned from the Vietnam War. (

CommonDreams does an excellent job in this( article showing how things learned from the Vietnam War are thus applied to Iraq in order to not make the same mistakes that so enraged the public.

From a skewed death count of American Servicemen, to vague body counts of "insurgents" being floated before the naive media, I must concede this war is NOT like Vietnam. It's much more devious and deceitful. Photographs of coffins are not allowed not beacuse of Bush's respect for the dead (if that were the case, wouldn't you think he would attend at least a few funerals of fallen servicemen?), but because the count may be far worse than at first thought.

It's only by some creative bookeeping that we're kept in the dark.

But last time I remember that happening, a few people from Enron and WorldComm went to jail.

Doesn't it follow our leaders should suffer the exact same fate?


Times Two

In a single attack, in a small town directly to the south of Baghdad, a suicide bomber destroyed a tanker truck, killing over two times the amount of people who died in the London subway/bus attacks.

We hear it again and again - that finally, we've begun to get a "handle" on the insurgency in Iraq. Just last week "coalition" forces were touting the downturn of suicide attacks in Baghdad. "Our sweeps through town have worked!", they ensured us...

The right-wing lemmings have decided to send a "Truth Tour" to Iraq in order to expose the "liberal" media propoganda that Iraq is a hell-hole teetering on the brink of civil war. I'm sure we'll get painted pictures of roses while the bombs continue to explode with impunity.

One can only hope that someone over there will be smart enough to target Ann Coulter.

Lately, events in Iraq have taken a dangerous turn, with Shia religious leaders losing their voice of moderation over the Shia masses who have become downright horrified with the wide-scale carnage that is targeting them. Even the government has gotten into the fray, specifically condoning the steps citizens have taken by forming private, neighborhood militias.

"“The plans of the Interior and Defence ministries to impose security in Iraq have failed to stop the terrorists. We need to bring back popular security committees,” Khudair al-Khuzai, a senior parliamentarian who claimed that 50 fellow MPs supported him"

What al-Qaeda in Iraq has done is to manage to drive a wedge between the general populace and the surprising moderation of people such as al-Sistani, who has preached restraint. But restraint can only be practiced so much. If you continually experience death around every corner, and your government and occupying military seems powerless to stop it, how long before you begin taking matters into your own hands?

Both Reuters and the UK Times have taken notice of the formation of private militias which basically protect Shia neighborhoods from any Sunni strangers that happen to enter their areas. Understandably, not many leaders view this as a prudent step. Tit-for-tat killings have already become commonplace, and this could indeed be a precursor to the much talked about civil war that al-Qaeda would love to see.

Britian has already annouced plans for the Iraqi withdrawl, as they see that buying into the argument of having their troops stay until security is restored is a pipe-dream. The very reason FOR the unstability is the prescence of foreign troops to begin with. They very reason for the sorry state of Iraq is this ill-conceived war. The ONLY reason Iraq is the forefront in the "War on Terror" is because we made it a terrorist breeding ground.

And let' not forget who supported Saddam Hussein all those years and turned a blind eye while he carried out all these atrocities.

Read,,7374-1698308,00.html and for more information on this latest and most dangerous turn of events. And then ask yourself if Iraq is really getting better, and if us being there is doing anything for ourselves or the Iraqi people.


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