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I'm going to end up repacking these boxes.
I can't explain how frustrated I am. My mom's out buying more boxes, because we "don't have enough". Why don't we have enough? BECAUSE RONNIE'S A FUCKING IDIOT WHO CAN'T PACK FOR SHIT. Seriously, he puts a CD shelf in there- EMPTY- and tapes it closed because he can't put anything on top of it. WTF? 95% of that box is EMPTY, because he's too dumb to realize, LOLOL YOU CAN PUT CDS IN THERE.

And then I opened his CD box so I could sort out all the cds and HALF OF THEM DON'T HAVE THEIR CD IN THEM. I told him that he should put the CD IN THEIR CASE and he said, "LOL CDS R SMALE!!!111 U DUNE NEED 222!!!!!!!111" Okay, besides the OBVIOUS fact that the CDs will GET SCRATCHED if they're just thrown into a box, it just needlessly takes up space when we should be conserving space. What's smaller? A stack of 30 CDs on top of a stack of 30 empty CD boxes, or a stack of 30 CD boxes with their FREAKING CDS IN THEM?!?!?!?!?!

I don't understand how he doesn't understand this logic.

Awesome dream. Storytelling time.
I walked into the restaurant with a crowd of people (whom were probably made up for the purposes of my dream, because I don't know anyone like them in real life), joking around and whatnot. We were seated, and soon the server came to take our order. To my surprise, it was a guy named Sam, who used to go to my middle school. We chatted briefly, and then he spotted a homosexual couple.

"I hate homosexuals, they always hit on straight people," he stated quite calmly. Right away, this boiled my blood, prompting me to get out of my chair.

"Oh yeah? All of them? Even bisexual people?" I questioned, trying to hide the anger in my voice.

"Every single one of them, even bisexual people," he glared defiantly back, ready to stand his ground. So was I.

"Well, guess what, I'm bisexual. Have I hit on anyone tonight? No, I don't think so, and I wouldn't ever hit on someone I knew was straight," I replied, raising my voice so the people at my table could hear.

I went into a rant and we argued from that point, and all of what I said I didn't remember, but I remembered that he looked defeated at the end of it.

I made a long overdue call to Brianna. It was awesome. We reminisced a lot, and it made my shitty night a good night. She's such a cool person.

I'm tired of this shit. She keeps fucking repeating herself and if I say anything or give even the SLIGHTEST clue that I'm annoyed, she'll fucking explode at me. It took 1/2 hour to tell one fucking story that SHE TOLD ME BEFORE. First she explained it to me in FULL VIVID DETAIL. I don't need to know the every single fucking detail. Then, afterward, she called Ronnie over to explain it to me in FULL DETAIL AGAIN. Fuck, and is if that wasn't enough, she fucking explained it AGAIN in FULL DETAIL.

Edit: And you know why I'm annoyed? Because all she basically said (without the useless shit in it) was that she was smiling in an odd way when some lady handed her confetti at the sabercats game. Yeah, that sentence doesn't even take a full fucking minute, yet she found a way to span it over 1/2 an hour.

Edit 2: Jesus Christ. Wtf? You do not need to write your name on 5 sides of the fucking box. I can't believe she made me write it on all 4 sides and the top, "just in case". Just in case what? Someone's too much of a dumbass to turn the box around if they don't see a name?

Photoshopping my flaws was a bad idea. Now I only notice them more.

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