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We gave my son a math and language arts assessment test just to see his levels. He is doing great. Apparently, he is on a late 2nd / early 3rd grade level in both areas. I am excited to see how he is excelling at only 7 years of age. I mean, he isn't ready for gmat prep courses or anything, but he is moving right along with his studies. I really thank God that we homeschool. He loves it, and so do we *most of the time LOL*.

"She's Smarter Than You" - E$

               Claudia called me this morning and said, “Are you going to work today?” because I was out sick yesterday.  I said I was.  She said, “because I’m throwing up” so we agreed she should call in sick and rest.  When I got to school, realized was extra good because tomorrow is MCAS day for at least D, and that could be rough.  She told me yesterday was really smooth minus two small incidents and a little grumpiness. 

                Today was NOT that day.  Was not bad by ANY stretch of the imagination, but not smooth.  Started out pretty okay; I had to run around the building like mad, but Kelley and Parker had the other 3 under control, playing games.   We started reading instruction, and A and E were really on task, D was in break area ordering Parker around like some kind of slave/boss.  I let it be.  While A and I were finishing his sheet, which he was ROCKING, btw, E walked in with ‘el verdadero historia de los tres cerditos’ (the true story of the 3 little pigs) and asked me to read it to him/them.  He wanted to hear it in English, which was awkward because my Spanish has gone WAY down hill, but they both sat through it fine, and I was proud.  I LEGIT love Spanish.

                First cash-in also seemed to go well.  D only had 15 cents in his can, and wanted to cash-in.  I said no, because recess is 25 cents, not 15.  So then he asked if he could go outside and watch.  I said, ‘sure, you can go watch them play’.  I stayed in.  They went out around 9:55; at around 10:15, I went outside to let them know cash-in period was over.  They’re coming over, and D says, “Miss E, E swore” which was apparently, a falsehood.  D had sworn, and tried to get E to say it, too.  E is a little too intelligent to fall for that, and he also knew that I didn’t believe it because Parker would have told me if that was truth.  So they’re both running towards me come inside, and they’re neck-and-neck, and then D sticks his hand out and pushes E’s chest.  I say, “D, remember to keep your hands to yourself” (or maybe I said, ‘we don’t push people’, it’s been a long day) and he says, “Shut the hell up”. 

                Then, he refuses to come inside.  Meanwhile, E goes in, hunkers down, starts Mathing up a storm.  A has a bit of a tantrum.  D comes into the classroom and sees A tantruming, and calls him one of my LEAST favorite words on planet Earth, “Gaytard” (a nice combo of two negatively-connotated words, awesome), and says, “I’m outta here”.  So I said, “okay, but that’s not a safe body, you’ll lose your point” and he told me “that’s okay, I’ll just go kill myself”.

                Basically, this was uttered 3 more times before he was really ‘gone’.  He said, “if you kill my mom, I’m just going to kill myself”.  He’s VERY concerned about having to go to ‘Crisis Services’, which from what I understand of it, is being hospitalized.  Mom says this is the time of year it happens if it’s going to happen.  I’m afraid.  EITHER way, Parker and I go looking for him, and he’s in the room next door.  And he’s trying to choke himself.  Hands around throat, face red.  So we look at each other and Parker goes and grabs him to restrain him.  Very vocal during the restraint; we were hurting him, we were jerks, it was our fault, we pick on him and wouldn’t do that to Z… but it was during a restraint, so I can’t really talk to him OR set him straight.  I don’t know; it didn’t sit right with me.  I called Jackie (principal) and Jerry (psychologist), and they were like ‘okay, he’s calming down, we don’t wanna walk in there and exacerbate the problem’ but then Jerry did end up coming in for a good 20 minutes of talking.  Not productive, but 20 minutes.  It became after 11, so I went to give the other 2 their cash-in, and Parker said they’d hang out next door a little bit and then do some math.  As I leave D goes, “I lost cash-in?” and “Is this going in my folder?”.  Hmm.  Yes, yes it is.  Because you need to learn that there are consequences to your actions.

                No complaints the rest of the day.  D had at least 2 really good 'do-overs' for being unsafe in the hall (running...). Avery came in today to be A's reading buddy, and I had told him, 'if I get a bad report, you are never coming into my room except for tutoring again' and he took it to heart and I got STELLAR reports back.  Reading group baked some DELICIOUS cookies (well, I didn’t have any of the cookies, I was a very good girl and just ate one small bit of dough and THAT was yummy), and they were all really nice to each other and helpful.  SCORE ; ).  Third cash-in seemed to have gone well, and S.S. was okay, all things considered.  Science didn’t really happen; they had extended recess and then D was all twittery because the girl he likes was near him on the blacktop…. Oh well.  Day ended on high notes, except when D asked me to read his folder to him and he said, ‘great, you’re gonna get me sent to crisis services’ which I won’t take blame for.

                BEST MOMENT OF DAY:  I wasn’t around for this, I was in the room doing the end-of-day routine, but Parker was talking to our old, crotchety bus driver because he thinks tomorrow is a half-day (it isn’t).  So they’re debating and Parker says, “I’m pretty sure tomorrow is a full day” and E quips, “Go inside and get Miss E; she’s smarter than you”.  Uh, I LOVE the fact that the E-Machine thinks so highly of me : ).  Actual day maker.

*There's a bulletin of 'safety idea's outside one of the 2nd grade classrooms.  Some of them are really sweetly honest about safety, "Never cross the street without looking" and "Don't stand up on a swivel chair".  Some of them are good advice, albeit strange, "Never drink poison" and "Don't play with acid" (both by Sam, unexpected).  And some were RIDICULOUS and so...second grade <3.  My favorite (I have to go back and read them all again, but for now) is, "Don't pour banana pudding on the floor and then walk through it".  That IS a good safety tip; oddly specific, but... I love little kids : )


Things I Learned at Restraint Training Today...
1)  Claudia has 'wiry' arms.
2)  I have wiry arms, too, and this impressed/surprised Eddie (one of the trainers)
3)  How important a 'sweep' is
4)  That I mess up, but can recover from it
5)  That having awkward wrists that Parker likes to make fun of actually comes in handy for restraining so a kid can't scratch me
6)  To laugh at myself
7)  To relax when people tell me to (this won't last)
8)  That Parker doesn't watch sports on TV
9)  That I fold in half 'like a pancake'
10)  That my test anxiety is STILL THERE.
11)  That there are new sheriffs in town.

I am absolutely EXHAUSTED right now, but I passed the Physical Restraint test, and I did well on the written one, and I am officially restraint trained.  Still hope NEVER to have to use it, but I got it.  Gonna have some sore arms tomorrow, but so grateful for the experience and the practice.


How Well Do You Know Me?

A year ago or so, I made up one of those, "How Well Do You Know Me" quizzes.  Most people did horribly -- even my own mother scored 60%! Environgirl complained that the test was too hard.  I totally disagree, but I decided to make up another version of the test anyway.



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