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GOLD CAP GUIDE - World of Warcraft Gold System by Simon Nowak

GOLD CAP GUIDE - World of Warcraft Gold System by Simon Nowak

detailed, easy to use, always updated and 100% legal guide with money back guarantee

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Dear World Of Warcraft player, welcome!

My name is Simon Nowak and I've been helping World of Warcraft Polish players to earn gold for more than 4 years. The high reputation and being known as the "guru of Polish wow" was deserved by particular quality of my work guides, movies and articles that have already helped hundreds of people.

Face to face with your reality

Before you read further, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you sometimes not have gold for needed epic items, gems, enchants or even repairs?

  • Do you look with envy at the players with super and unique mounts?

  • Do you keep your character from doing daily quests, gatherer profession or farming?

  • Do you have a fairly inefficient and outdated methods of earning gold?

  • Are you disoriented with other guides and strategies you cannot master?

  • Would you like to wear some of the items listed below?

These items (all available to buy from the Auction House for gold) is just a small part of what you may be able to afford, thanks to my guide. There is much much more excellent quality epics on the AH - and there will be more. Remember that owning lots of gold in this game gives you everything else!

Face to face with my reality

I am here to share with you the great experience of earning gold - my success (the first gold cap in Poland, I achieved the gold limit for one character: 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 46 copper) can now be your success!

You should know that it not always has been so beautiful. It is true that I never had the problems with gold, but I never had it as much as now. I have always been somewhere between 50'000 and 80'000 gold and I could not somehow stand out more. Until one day ...

... I learned about the limit of gold in the game. I told myself that I need to get it - not long ago I stood for a challenge. But I knew that I was damn lazy and spending more time than an hour a day to earn gold is simply not for me. Yet I have a beautiful girl, friends, family - and above all I want to spend my time with them. I had to think of something ...

Interesting fact: for a certain period of time I thought so hard and labored in what would be done to simplify and speed up the process of earning gold, that jokingly I called my favorite game "World of workraft": D

November 2009 brought big changes. I realized that if I want to get the gold cap, I need to fully automate my actions I took a list of what type of tools I had needed. I started searching. Tested and checked. I read, I read and read. I even modified some add-ons to adapt them to my needs or improve. So the whole month passed... But it was worth it!

I took a job with even greater zeal. I combined the existing, huge wealth of knowledge about making gold with the right tools that I found. I added to this my programming and systematic approach to the problem. I have developed a system that I had to use on my own. Mass system to earn gold in World of Warcraft, which brings amazing results with ridiculous investment of time - exactly as I wanted!

Meanwhile, I browsed and read forums and blogs.People were faced with problems there, which I have solved long since then. I read on. Subsequent entries, posts. I knew then that I will deliver new revolutionary guide!

But before that I wanted to check my competition. I bought, I read and I laughed at their guides. I did not omitt the most expensive and advertised as the best gold guides. I found there just the same information which is freely available on the Internet. I understood then, how valuable and reliable information I owned. I realized that in terms of earning gold...

I'm a few years ahead than everyone else!

So I developed my knowledge in the form of affordable, practical course that brings tangible results. It can be used both by beginners and by those very experienced, the information is laid out in black and white, accessible and very intuitive.

For so many years of playing I realized that the most important in terms of earning gold is regularity and guarantee of your sales. I do not lean my methods on the use of one-off occasion, temporary errors in the game or other type of "buy cheap, sell expensive." This requires a lot of experience and monitoring your server. And sadly, this is what you will find in most gold guides.

Gold Cap Guide is NOT another guide with its performance based on the popular "Auctioneer" add-on. If look for such one, look at the offer of competitive products (or to make it funny, type in google, you will find the same!). They argue that you can get a gold cap with a figure on the first level - I do not think so. Why? Because it is tiring, very difficult and time consuming. You will get tired and simply throw it away.

What makes then that my guide is so unique and valuable? First of all, it is effective and very low time consuming and does not present rubbish. It's "backbone" are four professions: jewelcrafting, enchanting, inscription, and tailoring. Possessing any of them at the very beginning is more than enough! You'll see how easy it is to squeeze the absolute maximum from them, using my secret methods and tools.

Note: The author is not responsible for excessively high efficiency contained in the guide and suggestions for possible dependence on the easiness to earn gold. Buy at your own risk!

Try once and see how easy it is, and now you can not stop earning gold - I ran into a little addiction, which I can not get rid of (I write seriously). Looking daily to your mailbox, and taking out the gold counted in thousands, I laugh, how easily it was all done - and how big problems the other players have with it.

Here it's my auction house alt, Vinces. He's puting on auctions house only rare jewelcrafting gems that my main creates. It's after midnight (look in up-right corner for date in calendar, it's 9 march 2010) and im getting from mailbox over 1700 gold. In left-down corner you can see exactly what kind of gems i have sold (so you can be sure this movie it's not scam or any kind of cheat). Watch it now.

This happens everyday, on all of my four auction house alts and I put incredibly low effort to achieve this gold status. It is becouse all the work I do is fully automated. I setup all of my stuff only once and then i just simply click few buttons to make everything flow. Yes, it's that easy.

The system to earn gold in World of Warcraft I have developed is reduced to a simple cycle, which I repeat every day. This cycle is characterized by simplicity, efficiency and speed. Implementation of all of it every day will take you only 25 minutes in total!

Since I'm using 4 professions in total it's clear that I got two level 80 characters. If you do not have two characters at level 80, there is nothing in the way of achieving success of getting gold cap - it will only be achieved proportionately twice that long (so not two, but four months).

Interesting fact: average gold owned by level 80 wow player is between 4000 and 5000 gold.

Didn't you seek a guide, which is:

If answer is yes, you've come to the most appropriate place! Also, I have great information for all of you, who have very little ammount of time for wow (but still wanna play and don't stay behind other players): you don't even need to go for gold cap. If you watched movies I'm sure you have noticed that I make from 1500 to 2000 gold from each of mentioned profession, everyday. So you can use this guide to boost your characters budget easy-mode, even with just one profession!


You have no gold nor any mentioned profession?


Do you wanna use my guide but haven't mastered any of mentioned profession yet? I understand that: you may have no gold for it or simply don't know how to make it. And this is why I prepared, especially for Gold Cap Guide future users, this mailing course.

I will teach you how to skill up tailoring (it is great profession for every class to start making serious and easy gold) from 1 to 450 skill in 3 days and you don't need gold at all!


Get Gold Cap Guide NOW and I provide you acces for more power leveling materials: jewelcrafting, enchanting, inscriptions, and tailoring leveling step-by-step guides (last one comes in full version and as PDF, not mailing) included!

Do not stay behind, get more!

ook again at the screenshots of my character's bag at the top of the page. Ask yourself whether you want to have that much gold and never regret the best enchants, epic gems, epic flying mount, epic items from AH, which now are especially in large numbers. Look at the best players on your server. Visit Armory. Have you noticed them with some cheap gems and enchants? Certainly not. And therein lies their success ... Think about it. Your character can go to the same level as the best are. The decision is yours!

Below you can see my main character level 80 retribution paladin. I play pvp on him most of my time. I got 3/5 wrathful, wrathful weapon, all new offsets. Also from pve got imba chest, one ring, trinket and libram - for more damage. Notice what would happen if I have no money for enchants. See how most important stats for me (strength and attack power) could go down - just becouse i have no money to buy what i need.

This is HUGE DIFFERENCE and you really don't want to use cheap gems or enchants (or don't use any at all). If you would do that, you are more likely to be first one to get kicked from raid if something is going wrong, i.e. damage or healing is too low. And believe me, even if you are not best geared, but you got all epic enchants, gems and using flasks to increase your stats, you will never be kicked from raid. This means bigger chance to get better gear and improve your character.

Read reviews about GOLD CAP GUIDE, written by the players of World of Warcraft - just like you!

Warning: All of these reviews are authentic. Original texts, in polish, you can find here and in my mailbox.

See how bags of players who use this guide look like (shots uploaded by allegro-users, Thank you guys for the opportunity to use them). CLICK TO ENLARGE

GCG compared to another gold guides

So how this guide looks compared to others? My competition learning how to make gold using level 1 character or/and giving you very overall gold making tips and strategies, that in real warcraft world, do not always work as they want them to work. And that's not your fault. Those are just bad strategies. But this is not what you are going to get with Gold Cap Guide...

I dedicate this revolutionary guide for all players with atleast one level 80 character. For me that's obvious there is nobody, playing this game (or making gold) for serious, with level 1 character.

If you spend your time (and money too) to level your hero to maximum, why don't use full advantage of level 80 character? Why bother with hard strategies designed for lower level guys? Why use minimum when you can use maximum?

A great example: Someone gives you for free sport ferrari. Would you drive it on a highway with 10 mph?

I doubt it. And sadly, this is exactly what you do if you own level 80 character and use another gold guide. They simply slow you down. Please, under any circumstances, do not let it happen!

Always up to date information

Gold Cap Guide is a guide, which will be updated throughout the sale. Buying it here will automatically gain you the right to receive the latest updates for free! Operates under the latest patch: Fall of the Lich King (3.3.3). A greater update coming for next patch and the next expansion: Cataclysm!

Note: Guide is always updated for the latest patch. Every new patch comes, a new version of Gold Cap Guide arrives to your mailbox, same day as patch is. You don't need to pay me extra money or send messages to get your updated version. Buy it now and use tactics when new Cataclysm expansion goes live!

Inside package you will find:

Whole guide is combination of PDF and XLS (excel) files. At first I will explain you step-by-step every strategy used in furhter readings (SETUP file). With this knowledge you can go ahead and read any from four guides for each profession - and start making thousands of gold! Meanwhile, learn how I make gold with this system (all informations reaveled, no secrets) from (SYSTEM file). I give you such a detailed information as exact time of listing items on AH, when to craft what, etc.

This guide comes with handfull macros for each profession. Also, example mails for farmers (to buy cheap mats), trade chat macros and many other similar usefull little tools included with GCG!. Do not forget about detailed leveling guides for all professions used in guide: JC, EN, TA, IN.


Time limited offer: 50 + 1 bonuses included!


Yes, that's true. You see, other guide authors give you many bonuses with their guides. I personally call those bonuses 'weird'. It's because information they contain can be found in the internet for free. I repeat: for free. If you don't believe me i give you my guarantee: when you buy gold cap guide and you wish to own any bonus included with another gold guide, just let me know and i will give it to you (as link for external website with this material available for free).

Be smart - don't let people scam you, claiming false value of their bonuses. I won't value in dollars my personal bonus that I give away with Gold Cap Guide. It is something different from others and priceless... I will give you...


My personal help with selecting best gold niche for you


This is something amazing and cannot by counted in dolars or euros. Players who have just started using gold cap guide and are low on gold, will benefit from this bonus for the most. Choosing correctly your very first profession to start making serious and automated gold with, can be crucial for your future profits. So how does it exactly work?

First, you send my an email with help-request. Then I will ask you to give me few screenshoots from your AH, few informations (current gold owned, etc) and link to your character's armory. After that I send you answer (24h overall time) with :

  • which profession you should start making gold;

  • what niche is most profitable and gives biggest income on your server;

  • tactics and detailed tips designed for your server


Since it's going to be probably very time consuming, I don't know for how long I can handle it. I have a life too, like I mentioned before I care a lot about my girlfriend, friends and family. Take your chance and make use of this unique bonus now!

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee

I guarantee you a complete satisfaction with a product or a full refund. I don't want unhappy client. If for some reason my strategies won't work for you, i will give you money back instantly. This means that you risk nothing buying Gold Cap Guide. When you are not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days you can request a full refund and I will return the money to you without asking unnecessary questions.


What's the price for the best wow gold guide?

Short and simply: 77 USD. I don't even consider any lower price becouse I know exact wealth of what I wrote and how much different this guide is from another guides. It is PURE QUALITY. Amazing strategies, detailed but also very easy to undersand, low time consuming, always up to date and it has results proven by users screenshoot - none of another guides have it. I have.

I give you my great 5 years experience of making gold in World of Warcraft. I give you MY BEST. I have sold this guide to hundreds of people in Poland already and I have none unhappy customer nor refund.

Since it's my first guide officially published in English I give a 20 USD discount, so you can start making gold now. Keep in mind that is limited offer and I will go back to normal 77 USD price very soon. So hurry up and remember that you don't risk at all!

P.S. Players are already stocking up gold for the new expansion which is coming very soon, most likely at the end of 2010 year. Gather thousand of gold everyday using my guide and be the first one on your server to level up professions and get BoE epics fast to PWN in new rated battlegrounds and instances. Learn more about Cataclysm on official Warcraft Site.



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Serious [long distance] Relationships and Time Commitment
We had a talk and I think we've come to the conclusion that neither of us are used to being in a serious relationship. It's also clear that he has more obligations to family and friends and a job, which I don't really have any of and am left with immense amounts of free time.

We've decided (I let him choose what was appropriate because he has less time than I do), that we will talk a minimum of 2 hours a day. That was his suggestion, and I was actually surprised he wanted to commit that much time to me. I'm happy, of course. He says that he'll make it up another day, too, if he can't on one day. We'll have to see how well it works out. This is for the summer, of course. Because when I go to university in September, it will have to be less sometimes. We both understood that and it worked well during his exam week, and my exam week (different times), this past school year.

I was also upset that he would say he would do things, and not do them. Like come back on msn after gaming, or write me a letter, etc. He said he forgot. Which I guess, I sometimes *forget* that other people don't have the memory I do. I have a really good memory and often don't realize that everyone isn't the same. I try not to think, but sometimes let myself believe, that if something is important to you, you will remember it. That isn't always true though. No one can help what they remember, really.

He also made a point that he was forgetting to come back to the computer, or write a letter, not that he was forgetting ME.

We're trying. He was also frustrated that I felt he wasn't trying. Sometimes it seemed that he wasn't interested in the conversation, and wasn't making an effort to talk to me, or even wanted to. I'm *trying* to see that he tries. I just feel often that it's a one sided conversation, with me poking him with a stick and him grunting. But, I try to be realistic. It isn't always like that, and I try not to exagerate.

I think I feel secure in knowing now that he is trying, and that he does love me, and that I'm not the only one who wants to make this work.

: )

I'm waaaay too serious
I don't know how not to be
I suppose balance is best

Seriousness vs Laughter (at life)
Another unusual one in that I'm telling you all something you already know (even if only subconcuiously), and doesn't relate to anything in my life at the moment. It's actually in reaction to a book, which I won't name, but that brought it more to my concious attention.

It pointed out that in the face of pain, suffering and emotion, if you are sufficiently detactched from it, all you have to do to dismiss it's importance (and any efforts to emphasise it) - is to laugh at it. By not realising how serious these things are, people can protect themselves from concience if needs be. Concience is the one emotion that connects our own wellbeing to the state of others.

Being able to laugh at a bad thing does in in a small but very shallow and superficial way, make something good come out of it, because laughing is pleasant, and if you can detatch from your own emotions, and laugh at yourself, then you can cope with more severe conditions - hence desensitisation gives strength.

But... laughing at ourselves is different to lauging at others... and even though I can laugh at myself or a situation, I still recognise the seriousness behind it. I believe both seriousness and humour can co-exist, in jokes for example, but also inside. When someone's intention is to produce humour without wanting to really harm (like my uncle jokingly slagging everyone in the family off, but not seriously) - I will laugh along but with the serious intention of boosting his esteem, because the intention (purely to make people laugh) is good.

(no subject)

I like sports as much as the next guy, but one thing that is really starting to get on my nerves is the endless analysis by these overly serious schmucks on TV and radio.  I can't watch ESPN anymore when they are breaking down some sports highlights and discussing these things like they are life and death issues.  You know what I want to see?  The damn scores, some highlights and news.  I don't want sports to be serious.  That is the beauty of the games, to not take things so seriously and to relax and enjoy things for what they are. 

I also don't like hearing about the minutiae of these athletes’ lives.  I don't want to know where they live or what they do in the off-season.  I don't want to know their beliefs on certain topics, I want to see them perform at the highest level, and not attempt to be a politician, musician or philosopher.  That is an entirely different topic unto itself, celebrities using their status as a platform for whichever cause they see fit.  These people are more often than not performing their acts of charity as public relations work, or have such a weak knowledge of the issues that they soapbox about that it is laughable.  Case in point Sheryl Crow trying to show people how to live "greener."  She went around a few summers ago telling everyone how much better off the world would be if we only used one square of toilet paper each time we went to the bathroom.  She would then proceed to load up the caravan of buses and head to the next stop on their massive tour.  The world could definitely be more green, I agree with you 100% Sheryl.  If only you and your celebrity brethren would just shut your mouth. 


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