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Another lunchbreak chat to myself, Part 13...

Ah, the rains of spring have finally arrived, and I had some time to stroll in the glory of it all. And the rains will continue for some time. If it had been in my youth, tonight would be a fine night for a walk in a cemetery. ‘Tis one of the very few thingies I miss from that period of time, and one of the blessing bestowed upon me by growing up in such a rural location – a place where with a mile of my residence there were three cemeteries, two farms, two churches, and a rather large tract of woods…


And I shall sit here whilst I eat and watch the rain fall upon the earth. The grey of the sky matching the mood I have been in far too long, and yet I do not see any way to remove myself from the abyss. Though to be truthful with myself, I feel as if this is my destiny – the slow death spiral of my reality…


And down, down, down I shall go. And I shall do nothing to stop it. And I shall rejoice in the long walk to work in the wet, grey world…


And now back to work with ye…


Water Stamp

So this stamp was made for those that like water and the classical water element, those drawn to water, etc.  Aomi's a Scorpio and a water sign, fond of ice, snow, rain, storms, snowflakes, mist, dew, fog....etc.
Water (classical) element

Water, is a great necessity, without it nothing can live. Only earth and water can bring forth a living soul. Such is the greatness of water that spiritual regeneration cannot be done without it.

Thales of Miletus concluded that water was the beginning of all things and the first of all elements and most potent because of its mastery over the rest. Pliny said “Water swallow up the earth, extinguishes the flame, ascends on high, and by stretching forth as clouds challenges the heavens for their own, and the same falling down, becomes the cause of all things that grow in the earth.

Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic, and loving element. It is the feeling of friendship and love that pours over us when we are with our family, friends and loved ones. When we swim it is water that supports us, when we are thirsty, it is water the quenches our thirst, another manifestation of this element is the rainstorms that drench us, or the dew formed on plants after the sun has set.

The power of the energy of Water, can be felt by tasting pure spring water, moving you hand through a stream, lake, pool, or bowl full of water. You can feel its cool liquidity; it’s soft and loving touch, this motion and fluidity is the quality of Air within Water. This Water energy is also contained within ourselves, our bodies being mostly composed of Water.

As well as being vital for life, within the energy of this element is contained the essence of love. Love is the underlying reason for all magic. Water is love.

Water is a feminine element, it also the element of emotion and subconscious, of purification, intuition, mysteries of the self, compassion and family. It is psychic ability; water can be used as a means of scrying or as an object for meditation. Water is important in spells and rituals of friendship, marriage, happiness, fertility, healing, pleasure, psychic abilities and spells involving mirrors.

The Element of Water is a heavy, passive element and is contrary to Fire. It is associated with the qualities of darkness, thickness and motion.


DIRECTION: West - the place of the setting sun.
TYPE OF ENERGY: Receptive.
BASIC NATURE: Flowing, purifying, healing, soothing, loving.
COLOUR: Blue - from the hue of deep water
PLACES: Lakes, springs, streams, rivers, beaches, oceans, wells, swimming pools, bathtubs, showers, bedrooms (for sleep), health spas, steam rooms, fountains.
RITUALS: Purification, love, psychic awareness, dreams, sleep, peace, marriage, friendships.
RITUAL FORMS: Dilution, placing into water, washing away, bathing.
HERBS: Aquatic, such as water lilies and seaweed; fleshy, as in succulents and lettuce; loving, as in rose and gardenia; generally flowers.
STONES: Transparent or translucent, as in amethyst and aquamarine; blue, as in blue tourmaline.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: Cymbal, bell, all resonant metals.
CREATURES: Cat, frog, turtle, dolphin, whale, otter, seal, dugong; most fish and shellfish.
SEASON: Autumn - the time of harvest.
TIME: Dusk.
MAGICAL TOOL: Cup, the cauldron.
SENSE: Taste.
NATURAL SYMBOLS: Shells, a cup of water.
TYPES OF MAGIC RULES: Sea, ice, snow, fog, mirror, magnet.
GODDESSES: Aphrodite, Isis, Mariamne, Mari, Tiamat, Yemaya.
GODS: Dylan, Ea, Manannan, Osiris, Neptune, Poseidon.


Water Info Source:


The Loving Rain

The Loving Rain


Sometimes it takes so little time to love someone.

And it takes a lifetime to forget.

You come with the rain –

Each falling rain reminds me how easily I fall for you,

Each raindrop makes me feel your nearness

Like a cloak embracing my whole being,

Soaking me in wonderful bliss.

I hear the falling rain

And my heart flutters at the anticipation –

You are the very water that enriches this arid land,

The blessed relief from the sun’s too powerful heat,

The refuge of a lost soul.

I feel you in each raindrop

Not unlike the sweer embrace

After a long and arduous journey.

You are the rain –

The lover I keep in endless nights,

The bestfriend I seek in chaotic times.

I feel the falling rain and once again I remember

That you are my reason for being,

My ally,

My inspiration,

My love.




As a reply to a friend’s request


I bob and weave around the worms on my way home,
through the back roads and dimly lit street corners.
 I am thinking in the back of my head that these worms
 probably wouldn't give any thought about this
 if they were in my shoes.
In the lapse of time I came to this conclusion.
 I could feel the explosion of the worms
slightly squishy yet crunchy membrane under my foot.
 The very sound disrupts my train of thought.

If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand.
It's hardcore raining so I don't think I'm looking at any cars today.

Also, I was rushing while I was putting on my mascara and fucking poked the shit out of my eyeeeeeee. :[

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