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Outreach ministry in Wichita







In 1986 we felt God was calling us into the ministry.  Our desire was to reach the lost and hurting.  Over the last 20 years God has so added to the vision all along the way.  We have stepped out in faith and obedience in fear of God when it wasn’t necessarily the path that we would have chosen.  God has always prepared us for each new step and venture.  We have ministered to adults of all ages, even in our early days going to a nursing home.  We have spent years ministering to children, holding children’s church on Sunday and going to kids or family camps.  As God pruned us more, He sent us into the prisons to minister starting in the summer of 2000.  We have seen a mighty move of God in the facilities.  We have always had a heart for outreach and ministering to the down and outers.  In 2004 God birthed a vision in us to develop a re-entry program for ex-offenders.  In January 2007 we acquired the first house for the program.  In December 2006 we started a church that the program will operate out of.  We are currently meeting at Irving Elementary School the first and third Saturday evenings at 6:oo p.m.  We are looking at a permanent location close by.  We are reaching out into the surrounding community by meeting people at their point of need.  We have a clothing and food ministry.  We provide groceries for families and sack lunches for the homeless.  We encourage anyone desiring a place to get plugged in, to come and worship with us and be a part of reaching this community.  God will use those who are willing to be used!  For more information about Crossroads Light to Life Ministries, you may contact them at 316-461-6603.                     

 Pastors Keith and Karen Hollon

Donations can be made to:  Crossroads Light to Life, P.O. Box 12505, Wichita, KS  67277



I am all powerful MUHAHAHAHAHA......but seriously if you're reading this you have just been hypnotised into thinking your loved one is a killer potato.

                                           Thank you.


Summer 2 do list

Okay....I'm here in NM and it is awsome!!!!!!!!!There are so many shops it's not even fuuny.

   The thing I'm going to do over the summer(hopfully)....These are the things I usually do when visiting my dad.....................

> Go 2 california 2 visit my uncle (whom by the way....spoils me rotten)

>visit my (other) uncle in prison(this is not definate, I've never even met the guy)


>eat more junk food than ever imagined(thats my fav. part)


Thats my list..................DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Do Prisons, Like, Suck?

I've been thinking about how odd it is that people are always debating whether or not the death penalty is right/wrong/moral/immoral/useful/pointless etc, but few are paying attention to the fact that the prison system is nearly worthless in itself.

Why do we send people to prison in the first place? I don't think I've ever really thought about it before. Sure, a person commits a crime and they get a prison sentence of, say, 15 years and ends up serving about 10 at the most. At that point, the person is released having "served their debt to society." Prison isn't a picnic by any standard, but what good does punishing someone for 15 years do?

What if it didn't do any good at all other than picking them up of the street? What if it made them worse when they did come out?

What got me thinking about this is something I read that was supposedly written by a prisoner. Check it out:

We want them to have Self‑worth...
So, we destroy their, self‑worth.

We want them to be responsible...
So, we take away all responsibilities.

We want them to be a part of our community...
So, we isolate them from our community.

We want them to be positive and constructive...
So, we degrade them and make them useless.

We want them to be trustworthy...
So, we put them where there is no trust.

We want them to be non‑violent...
So, put them where there is violence all around them.

We want them to be kind and loving people....
So, we subject them to hatred and cruelty.

We want them to quit being the tough guy...
So, we put them where the tough guy is respected.

We want them to quit hanging around losers....
So, we put all the losers in one state under one roof.

We want them to quit exploiting us...
So, we put them where they exploit each other.

We want them to take control of their lives, own up to their own problems, and quit being a parasite...
So, we make them totally dependant on us.

Instead of even trying to rehabilitate those who commit crimes, we punish them and essentially train them to behave worse than they ever have before. Is this true justice? What should be done, if anything, about the current state of the criminal justice system?


The Convict

They brought a convict into driver's ed today (great show and tell, eh?)

Wow... I have never wanted to look inside someone's memories so much. just to see. I was revolted and ashamed of being revolted and amazed at his resolve to warn kids against his mistakes and I rejoiced at the way he appreciates everything now, the way he's chosen to live, even after having his pockets lined with money and being flown to the gates of a medicated heaven.

huh. confusing much?

actually, I guess I was most thrown by the way I could see kids I know (two in particular) reflected in the guys eyes. By the way, those eyes were one of the most incredible things I have ever seen... they were injured, his face was chiseled in that world-weathered way, but his eyes... they jumped from little-kid starry to crazy-bright and intimidating. he carried everything in those eyes.

I hope my friends don't turn out like that... I wanted those two just to see that, to meet him, to get blown past their invincible bravado and just take a look at the path they're drag-racing down. And they probably wouldn't be as lucky and as strong as this guy, as willing to straighten out, even after having their lives taken away.

Teenagers are stupid.


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