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Sweet night oblivion

My self love is the most unrequited,

I feel like a passenger in my own body,

An outsider watching from afar;

As if my existence were only for entertainment.

Binging the seasons and wondering why this show hasn’t been cancelled, but I cannot look away,

I cannot turn it off, I cannot rewrite it into something better.

The storyline is off and it no longer makes sense.

It’s a two headed coin.

I flip, only to remain the same.

I am torn between two worlds; stuck in revolving shame.

I’ve given everyone else the best of me.

They took those pieces and ran; or, they crushed them into dust right in front of me and blew them into the wind and out of my reach.

I do not want this life any longer.


Wedding Vows
I've been trying to figure out what to write in my wedding vows, and it's been steadily going downhill. 

I started with: 
Alex, I give to you everything I am and everything I will ever be. I value our love beyond measure. I promise to share your dreams and help you achieve your goals, and to share my dreams in turn. I will never stand behind you or in front of you, but always beside you. I will listen to you with an open heart and an open mind- pledging my honesty, compassion, fidelity and forgiveness. I promise to always be your most loyal friend and your loving wife. You are my heart and my soul, my soulmate, now and forever.

But that didn't seem personal enough, so I changed it to this:
Alex, I take you to be my husband. I promise to share in your dreams, to help you to achieve your goals, and to share my dreams and goals in turn. I vow to love you unstintingly, always with honesty, compassion, fidelity, and love.  I promise to always be your most loyal friend and your loving wife. You are my heart and my soul, my soulmate. And if you ever become immortal, I promise to join you.

Well, that was awkward. A bit better, but it just doesn't seem to flow right. Maybe if I find a poem, and modify it to be relevant?
Alex. I choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality, 
I'll find you and
I'll choose you.



True Story
Hey there, --

wanna get me to smile EVERY DAY??


Just let me get to teach poetry to sixth graders (or another section - I'm open) like I did yesterday with Langston Hughes' A Dream Deferred, and I will be over-content the rest of my life.

Seriously, that was only 15 minutes of my life, and it's hard to find another time in recent history I've felt that happy and alive and worthwhile.

All of it - the finding ridiculous ways to define 'fester' (and acknowledging that after one of our girls heard it, it would totally be one of 'her' kinds of words because that's her level of interest - I was right :) ).  The making them have to take things from surface level and go deeper.  The number of hands I had up after most questions proving they were engaged and trying.

I seriously could not ask for more.  This would truly satisfy me daily.  If only it were my reality and not basically a one-off at this point.

...though I AM getting the kiddos all to myself from 10:00 today until ? because Trish has a meeting and we don't have a special ...

Alright slowly uploading like five or six videos +edit
the first one's up! Promote me if you like it! Kthx love you

+ edit: alright I'll embed them all for you because I can't have no views on some of these


April IS Poetry Month...
So, spring is in the trees, love is in the air, and 5th graders are in the mental institution... or are on their ways there:)

Paula (5th grade teacher) showed me these 2 papers this afternoon.  No idea if written by same person or not, I THINK they are because of the way they end and a few letters are formed similarly (u and d, for example), but totally different handwritings.

I wanna know who wrote them, but though they're from 'secret admirer', I can't help posting them.

Number ONE

My Heart is with yours
When our lips touch softly it's like we're
owls in midflight this is why I love You
                - your Secret Admirer
                      <3  (just imagine that heart to be very large)

Number TWO

              My Love For you

My love for you is strong.
My love for you is inpornant [sic]
My love for you is why I"m here.
My love for you will last forever.
               <3 - your secret admirer
                     <3 (another big heart)

I tried to type them up as is, meaning spelling boo-boos and punctuation. 

Is it bad that I'm jealous I have no cheesy love poems being directed at me?
Granted, I would rather it came from a 25 year-old than an 11 year-old, but I'm still poemless.

How fricking adorable are they sometimes!?!

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