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The Loving Rain

The Loving Rain


Sometimes it takes so little time to love someone.

And it takes a lifetime to forget.

You come with the rain –

Each falling rain reminds me how easily I fall for you,

Each raindrop makes me feel your nearness

Like a cloak embracing my whole being,

Soaking me in wonderful bliss.

I hear the falling rain

And my heart flutters at the anticipation –

You are the very water that enriches this arid land,

The blessed relief from the sun’s too powerful heat,

The refuge of a lost soul.

I feel you in each raindrop

Not unlike the sweer embrace

After a long and arduous journey.

You are the rain –

The lover I keep in endless nights,

The bestfriend I seek in chaotic times.

I feel the falling rain and once again I remember

That you are my reason for being,

My ally,

My inspiration,

My love.




As a reply to a friend’s request


The Dying

A friend asked me to write a poem regarding global warming. So sa gitna ng mga requests ay isiningit ko ito. Mabilisan weh. Yun lang, bow. J


The Dying


I am Earth,

And I am dying.

I used to be lush and green,

My oceans are filled with fishes,

My ecosystem in perfect shape.

I used to be –

But not anymore.

I am dying –

Not unlike a stage 4 cancer patient.

My time is almost over –

I am on the brink of death.

Ice melting in the polar caps,

Climate change bringing drought

And blizzards and storms,

Made sure that crops and animals

Continue to dwindle in numbers.

Time will come when I can no longer support my inhabitants –

The human race is dying with me.

I gave you the best of everything –

Lush, green forests,

Abundant oceans,

Minerals and whatnots,

And yet, you defiled me,

You abused my kindness,

You brought me to my knees.

I had given you all the best of what I am

Now, I may not even survive another blow to me,

And you may not, too -

My life and yours are intertwined.

We are both endangered –

I cannot do anything about it

But you still can.

If you want to live.

Our survival is in your hands,

My very existence will depend on you.

You cannot turn back the hands of time

But you can somehow make things better –

You have to start caring about me

And of all the creatures and creations around you.

Stop thinking only of yourself –

We are all in this together,

If I die, you die with me.

I am Earth,

And I am dying.

My life depends on you.

My existence is in your hands.

I am Earth,

And I am pleading for mercy…





bottleful of ginsberg
"i lose sleep on farming distant dreams, sometimes til sunrise creeps up inside me
tasting ink when i'm full to the brink on all this fucking frustration
on these weights, i sink
how far does this mandible reach? i'm encased in the sin i crumble beneath
like i'm only underground no matter how often i try
to make a something out of anything, six feet of a climb
and that'd be totally fine with me if i could only find a
find a way of standing on my own two feet
an obligation of an anyone to try and live without some missing pieces of their circuitry
impassive and impassioned, work and earn the right to sleep and then to dream

i beg to live and i feel my guts churn at the atheist angels with noses upturned
bouquets of roses die in my arms
my fever breaks and my flesh ceases to burn
i try to find my relaxation hiding deep inside a catacomb, a condition
to relapse into explicit descriptions of illicit prescription abuse,
listening intently to the intentions and the failures of a father seeking vindication
clawing my way out of my own grave, looking for fascination
i am fascinated by the angel hair and baby's breath
enough to bleed myself out of the vein til i'm loved to death
hiding my intent behind the stumbles of an innocent, clumsy, uninformed
it only seems a crash is imminent
relinquishing control of what i assumed was tightly in my grip
it left me feeling naked and i'm stripped of my inheritence
fumbling over the words of a stranger
ashes to ashes, but she never saw the danger
didn't lift a finger when he stopped to drop a rose
on the grave where the memory lingers

as i search for the truth in a hangman's noose, i exist to reject
not accept my youth
choosing to carry all the weight and i cannot pay attention to the ache in my tooth
and i do all the things that the fuck-ups do
and i keep hiding from myself so i can hide from you
'just who do you think you are?'
i'm running in place, dodging mistakes, and i'm killing the vision of being a star
and i wrote the book on messiah's faith to keep my face inside this jar
just to play god
who turns tricks
to finance
his next fix
and i cannot breathe in this fiction i'm living
i'm sick and repulsed by the sins i've been given
the sins of the father, passed down to the son
as a statement of rebirth, tombstones on the tongue

in the dark, your skin is so lovely
even as the stormclouds gather above me
i buckle under pressure and i'm forced into gluttony
somebody made a slave of me, an agent of satan
worthless but so free
raped in the prison that fuels my insanity
a piece of blue velvet pressed against my cheek
misery eternally, reject responsibility
and all the obligations, inhibitions that crowding me
i got a lot of critics and they fuel my insecurity
the nature of the beast keeps me chained up, drained of energy
i gotta find some innocence, a piece of me imagines what is imminent
she said 'be gentle, ignorance is bliss'
and maybe someday i'll be sympathetic, right before the rainfall
and i listen to the ground before the memories in my vision

i flicker like the flame of a candle in the wind
the blood rushes to my head and keeps my chest pinned
and i'm caved in, collapsed in the middle
and i'm crushed
i guess this is the meaning of being
proper fucked
drowning in my own blood and i'm
fucking sunk
it's the holiest loneliness,
tied up in the trunk
and i'm gone."

One Day Soon

One Day Soon


One day soon

It would just be like any other day –

The sun shining, giving warmt,

It might even rain then,

Or the traffic is so light for a Friday.

The only difference is,

That is the day when I finally realize

That you are no longer within my reach,

That you are no longer the same man I knew

But a different person who has changed in so many ways,

That you should no longer be a part of me.

‘Twas like any ordinary day except for the fact that

I would have my heart broken again

For the nth time.

I dread the coming of that day

And yet, I look forward to it

Like the bitter-sweet ending of a beautiful song,

The conclusion of a haunting story.

One day soon,

An ordinary day becomes extraordinary,

A still healing heat will be broken again.

One day soon…





It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated


This is never easy,

Nothing in life is

Especially when you talk of love –

It’s scary

And exciting

And thrilling

And inspiring.

Just the mere thought of it

Sends a smile to my lips,

The mere hint of it makes me quiver,

The mere possibility of it

Makes me dream again.

Love, with all its complications,

Molds us to who we are,

Love makes a believer in us,

Love uplifts our spirit

Even in the most troublesome times.

Love, in any form and age,

Is special.

It is a sweet reminder that

Inspite of potholes and challenges,

We are destined to go somewhere

In our journey,

That we have something wonderful

To look forward to,

That we have hope amidst these helplessness.

Love, where art thou?

I am still patiently waiting for you

To come my way

And fill my world with excitement.





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