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Pic @ MindSay


Just because I feel it's been awhile.

from tonight

er I mean yesterday becauuuuse it's past midnight now or whatever EST

i'm tempted to make this my default pic
yay.bmp.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack

I like this picture.

Wow, that was quick!

Had I known that my demands for holding my blog hostage would be met this quickly, I would've asked for more.


Thanks my Damsel for making me aware of this.


A Little Webcam Mishap / Tiny Announcement...
I was on my webcam with this girl and as she was showing me some hot stuff, something went totally wrong...

Ok, I was just kidding. I wasn't on webcam with anyone. But here's a bit of an announcement:

I have installed a "test" webcam pic on my MindSay Wiki Page and my MySpace Profile. In it's "testing" phases, it won't refresh itself, so you will have to manually refresh the page for an updated picture. I lost the i-frame / automatic refresh script (javascript) that I had and the ones I'm finding cannot be used in MySpace nor in my MindSay.

The picture is updated every minute when it is on. If I'm not in the picture and the picture is more than 5 minutes on, that means my cam is turned off.

Here's the latest picture from my webcam:

Refresh the page to see if there's a new pic...

And as many of you already know, it doesn't really make sense having one of these "webcam pics" because I hardly use the computer nowadays. But when I'm online, I make it a habit to turn it on (unless I'm naked and stuff).


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