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Fashion showwww
The event was a huge success. Really. Around 200 people came and we raised over $600. 

I dont want to bore you with ALL the photos but I will show you my clothes. If you are interested in more let me know and I will send you the link :)

This is the first romper I have ever made. I must say that I really really love it. My model and friend, Krystal, looks absolutely adorable in it!

This model, Autumn, stepped in at the last minute (literally the day before the show) when I had another model cancel. She turned out to be very similar in measurements and exactly the same shoe size, and she did SUCH an awesome job. What a Godsend. 

This is a knit jersey vneck with ruffle cap sleeves, and a linen jumper with patch pockets. I kinda hated the way this turned out until I saw the photos of Autumn wearing it. Now, I love it. 

Christie is wearing my favorite, a sheer overlay draped skirt with a while lace back tank. :)

Back/side view. I love how well this fit her!

A ruffle neck print dress over a jersey knit red dress, with a buttoned belt. Modeled by the beautiful Liz!

This sheer dress was the one I was most excited about. And so naturally it turned out to be my least favorite. However, my model Jenn made it look great, and she looks stunning!

Those are all of my outfits. Maybe I will post a few more photos later.. but for now, thats all I got!

The culprit:
Check this ugly thing out!

Yes, it is beaded. And YES it has a beaded peacock, and rooster on it.

Annnnd here I am wearing it. With my navy blue dress and brown boots :)


Fashion show:
If we are friends on facebook, you have probably already seen these. But I promised to post them here, so I am. 
First swimsuit:

I dont have a pic from the runway of the back.. but I have an in progress pic:

Second swimsuit, I made the sandals too:

Really wish I had a pic of the back of this one.. its a wrap around :/

Third swimsuit, the top is all totally beaded (took me forever!) and I made those sandals as well:

And of course he got a pic of the one with the least interesting back (but I like the zip backs of my sandals at least):

My dress:

The end!

0201001657c.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack 0201001656.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack

Also: Per the request of Vanessa, here are pics of the actual snow in TN. (This 3 days after the fact, so its not as impressive and a little bit melty)

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