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57 minutes into "the expected wait time is 45 minutes" call to unemployment, my ear is actually numb.

And every 35 seconds or less (no hyperbole), the woman interrupts with 'we're sorry, all of our claims-representatives are still assisting other customers.  Your call will be answered in the order it was received', so I can't even enjoy the 3 repetitive classical songs playing in the background. :-/

At least the message isn't "your call is important to us" because I HATE BEING LIED TO BY COMPUTERS!

Speaking of computers, my computer broke my phone on Saturday.  Went to update the software, and BAM, my copies of Windows isn't 'genuine' and then it was broke.  But I went to Staples to see about buying Windows and my friend Matt works there, and they could do it for $130.  But then, Matt was like 'or, you can come to my apartment and I'll just do it'.  And when he said that, he meant FOR FREEEEEEEEE as in ZERO DOLLARS and I felt bad about that but he wouldn't take more than 10.  I owe him a child or something (but...not one I had sex with him for; just... a child.  Possibly one I find if I don't procreate).  Just hung out at his place for a few hours, talked about life, talked about TV, and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia eps.

I'd just like to say that if I finally get my phone back and running, and turn it on, and NO ONE has texted me in 4+ days... I'm gonna be very, very sad.

new christmas compy on way... refurbished. lolz

Real Phone Call
Background story:  the dryer at my house has stopped drying.  It spins for hours, but the clothes don't get dry.  This is obnoxious.  We had someone come over on Wednesday to try to fix it.

Emily:  Hello
Mark:  Hello, this is Mark from ******* (not trying to protect the company's name, I have NO IDEA what he said!).  Just calling to say your husband canceled the order for the part.
Emily:  Are you looking for my mom?
Mark:  No, your husband called us and canceled the part.
Emily:  You mean my dad?  He might have-
Mark: No, your husband called us to cancel the part.
Emily: I don't have a husband.  You might be looking for my mom to tell her that her husband canceled the part.  So just to reiterate, our dryer is staying the way it is and no part is coming to fix it?
Mark:  .............Yes.
*20 seconds of silence after 'okay, bye'*


Attempt to recap
Let's see.
New York city was good. We actually only made it to Manhatten. Next time we plan on taking the directions we originally wrote and giving more than a day to see it all. We were supposed to go through Newark onto the Brooklyn bridge but ended up coming over the Peace Bridge I think. Still fun but I didn't get to buy a cheesecake like I wanted to. The reason we made a wrong direction was because I gave vinny the wheel and slept for a bit. I woke up 170 miles later in the wrong area. I managed to get us there still.

Right before we left to NYC I met up with Michelle. Real nice girl I used to work with. Texted me and said she was bored and I texted back "Okay how bored? And do you want to hang out?" So she was there with intention. I got the response of "Very, haha, and yes" So I told her I would get ahold of her when we got out of the movies. Which I did. We went to some diner because a lot of things are closed around here late at night. Had to take Vinny with me since we were so close to leaving and no point in separating. We had to meet at work because Michelle isn't very good with directions. Surprising for co-workers*. We talked and joked for a while, 12 to almost 2 in the morning. I'd say something stupid or just busting her chops she would shy away and say "I hate you" or "I hate you so much" in a playful way. Then we departed and i was on my way to the City. Coffee on Friday hopefully.

*note it was rumored that Michelle had a thing for me which wasn't apparent until they saw us show up at work off of our shift together. Mel told me it seemed obvious now because she was always saying how "Karl and I are supposed to go to dinner!" for about two weeks and when she came in the back she was always asking if I was in, or brought up to Mel if we did anything lately. (Melanie is pretty much my best friend at this point. Like literally haha). So there was that rumor that she digs me. And I can't say it is a bad one because I kind of do too!

First court date yesterday. That was a reschedule for this Friday. :/ Oh boy. It is a hardship hearing so I don't know. High hopes? Wish me luck?

Tuesday. I got back from the movies by myself. I wasn't drunk. Or high on caffeine. But I had large amounts of both in the past few days with minimal sleep. So when I got home I couldn't sleep but my head just fell to the pillow. I could feel all the caffeine and alcohol leaving my system. My head was heavy and in pain. My body in shock. I needed a way out but I didn't have the will or power to get up and get an aspirin or go somewhere calming. I laid there. I don't know when I passed out but I did and slept for about 8 hours. Best sleep I had all week. Mostly running on short bursts of 20 minutes to an hour or just 4 hours. Super

It is now 12:06, coffee is made. Do a short workout then I am on the road again for a little while.
Any questions? Otherwise let's talk.

I look to my left. There is a cat on my jacket. Ew.

I had such a Buckland-Shelburney day yesterday.  It was teh (yeah, I wrote TEH) best, because it was GOOD Buckland-Shelburne people.

I called Claudia in the afternoon, and she called me back right as I was heading into my 6:30 meeting.  I stayed outside until 6:42 catching up with her and it was fantaaaaaaaaaaaaastic.  Then I went to the meeting (which only lasts 'til 7, btw), and as it was clearing out, this beautiful woman in a yellow tank-top came over to hug me.  It was GRACE.  And I loooooooooooove Grace.  She's so cool and fun.

Then at about 9, I called Parker to ask him a question, but he didn't pick up, and then the voicemail came on and I didn't leave it.  At about 9:30, I called and did.  I was seriously nervous.  I shouldn't have been, but I was worried Cathy would pick up, and I have never met her, so I don't know how she'd feel about a girl she's never met calling her boyfriend.  So I left a voicemail, which hopefully isn't a bad thing.  Her voice was the one recording the answering machine, and I again almost didn't do it, because I do one day want to meet her, and NOT get punched in the face for doing it.  And maybe he'll call back, and I'll get my movie back AND maybe he'll apply to work at my school again ...

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