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The taste of Adventure.
So today was pretty mediocre... until my parents called to inform me that there were two Roy City officers at their house looking for me, all they said was they wanted to ask me a few questions, though I honestly can't imagine why... My parents informed them I moved, quite some time ago, and currently I'm in Clearfield, but didn't know the address, which is true, they've only been here once. Riverdale has an unpaid ticket, but they're the only ones, and they're different cities, no reason Roy would come bother about that.. Something fishy is going on.

In other news, it's almost Monday, I finally get to start my new job and start saving money to repair the Datsun and get ready for my Adventure! Tonight my roommate Dustin helped me go over what would be beneficial to have in my backpack, as well as optional things and stuff to keep in mind. The more I do these little things to prepare, the more excited I get. Though to be honest, I was fairly depressed the past two days.. All I can think about is this Adventure, and just walking away from everything for a while, but really, I don't have much to walk away from anymore. Chris is really excited for me to do this trip, Ria is worried but supports me, my parents are starting to warm up to it, but don't like the idea of me walking away from a good job. Chelsea and Savanah aren't talking to me, still.. And even though I was leaning more towards Chelsea then Savanah, I really wish Savanah would talk to me, she was important in my life and it's been 2 weeks since we talked.. Oh well, there's just somethings that can't be resolved like this, I'll have to make it up to her and then leave it up to her if she wants to try again.

As far as Chelsea goes, I don't think we'll ever really date again, she gets scared off too easy.. And she went from talking to me all the time, to barely saying a word every few days. Maybe this is just the universe's way of clearing my way of distractions for this trip? Dustin thinks Chelsea should go on this trip, so I might bring it up if we do our Sunday tradition like we normally do.

Ah, these things just make me depressed, and I'm so tired of being depressed.. If I don't get things worked out in my head, Ria and my mom won't want me going on this trip, mostly because of the internal fight I've had with myself since 9th grade. Sure, you can call it genetics, but I do well for awhile if I just keep focused on something and don't let that crushing cold into my chest. And you know what, it's easier to keep that cold away if I'm alone, then I can't feel bad nobody is around, you know? Jeez, anyway, enough rambling, I'm just going to focus on this Adventure, my job, tattooing and my Datsun.. for now.

Later days,



On a weekday morning, I know EXACTLY what I'd be doing at 5:40 in the morning.  My alarm would have gone off 6 minutes prior, and I'd either be marching towards the shower, or on a good morning, already in the shower getting ready to leave the house by 6:35 or so.  It's not much of a life, but it is definitely the routine.

Now, close your eyes and imagine it's 5:40 on a Sunday morning (it's important to remember that it's Sunday, a true weekend day, not a work-day-day).  What do you picture yourself doing at that moment in time... for argument's sake, let's say we're talking about THIS Sunday that's happening right now.  Here are some ideas I just came up with:
- on your way home from your Saturday night which was awesome but alas, finally coming to an end
- still AT said fabulous Saturday plans, awaiting sunrise
- getting laid
- blissfully asleep in a warm bed
- getting a phone call and having to run out the door to drive to do a favor for someone. IMMEDIATELY.

Yeah...I was one of those things, and quickly became another of those things.  My mom's key has apparently stopped opening the door at The Store, so she called the house and I had to go down there with my dad's set to get her in (Lord knows my father would NOT have gone without a HUGE bitching fit that would have kept me up anyway).

Favorite part?  I'm gonna say when I got down there in my 'I've-only-been-awake-10-minutes'ness, I realized 'hey, I grabbed Michael's car keys, and Michael doesn't KEEP his store key on his car key keychain, he keeps them on a totally DIFFERENT keychain that he keeps in another spot....back at the house!'.  Thankfully, I was able to laugh and get Ellen's key to work.  Barely, but she is safely inside and getting her stuff did, and I just had the one trip. I mean, it's only a mile and a half between the two locales, but I would have been very sad if I had to drive back home, get the store keys, and drive back, leaving her still outside literally in the cold waiting for me.

Unfortunately, I think I am awake for the foreseeable future.  Fortunately?  I guess the day will dictate :)


Note I Was Given This Morning
I know there has to be some background knowledge I just don't have yet, but this absolutely floored me this morning.

On a post-it, in my new student's backpack:

Please give *** some peanut butter and chocolate pudding for lunch.  No bread for the peanut butter.

The 'chocolate pudding' part is because that was being served on the side for lunch today.
But the heck could a parent think her child could just have a lump of peanut butter and pudding for lunch?  The cafeteria ladies aren't allowed to serve that because it has no nutritional value; I got them to agree to the lump of peanut butter for today, provided he take crackers, an apple, and the soup.  He ate the crackers. I  don't know if mom meant 'no gluten' when she wrote 'no bread' but... he's a 6 year old boy.  He needs sustenance!

I hope she gets my note that the cafeteria can't just give him that unless we have a doctor's note.  Wow; I know there's a background story I'm missing, which is why I can't write "Ugh, what a bad parent!" or "Damn, what an idiot!"... but... I am still amazed that this was the lunch request for today.

Who said "fuck" whilst on the phone with a parent today?!!


Thankfully, it was said to Shawna, who is super nice and understanding (and young!  She's only about 32).  But still... should NOT have popped outta my mouth.

She said 'Shit' about 2 seconds after I had said my expletive (I can't even remember WHY I said it), so it clearly wasn't an issue.

Gotta work on that potty-mouth... go back to saying 'What the Butt?!?!' when I'm confused :)

060219_CinGorilla_vmed.widec.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack baby-gorilla.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack

Happy Gorilla Day!!!!

*Never heard of Gorilla Day?

Don't worry; that just means you're normal.

Gorilla Day is a holiday my mother invented in the 1970s (just found out it was EXACTLY 1970) to celebrate her favorite animal (guess what it is). 

A little ridiculous, I know, but to the people I know, it is definitely a holiday, as real as Christmas or Yom Kippur.  We're talking, the people she used to work with for 20 years...they still send us cards and call and eat banana-inspired things.  There have been Gorilla Day parties at her office of 200 people, our old house on Long Island, and our house up in Massachusetts.  I have had mini dorm room celebrations and have also brought Gorilla Day into undergrad classes (an excuse for my friends and I to get to eat banana nut muffins:)).

Have fun celebrating it where ever you are today, folks.  Hopefully, it's at least as beautiful there as it is here:).

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