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No I am Not!
No, I am not.
I definately am not.

I made a new friend! :D
I made a new friend today! He seems kind, funny, interesting and polite. He cares about the environment just like I do and stuff. ^^ I got his e-mail but it didnt save in my phone ... I think I rememeber it but I'm not sure ><. I really hope it's right or that I think of it 'cause I really want to keep in contact. He likes video games, history, music and singing, like me. He knows this girl "Nicky Lewis" who plays piano, and he invited me to the recital but I couldn't go. So yeah... today was a pretty good day. I'm going to try to write here more often I havn't been on much. Probably 'cause no one looks at my blog anymore and if they do, they don't comment, and if they comment it's always the same 1 or 2 people. I don't write for other people's amusement but I don't know, it seems it's not a pleasure for me anymore.

2 Truths and a Lie
Because Blademaster777 insisted  I am re-posting this.. >< And I was just trying to be nice! pfft!

Here's the deal: 

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less.

Ask me anything you want. Really. I'll answer anything. I may opt to e-mail answers to particularly sensitive questions, however. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.
Here's the twist:
Of the three questions you ask, I will answer two of them absolutely truthfully.

As for the other question -- I'll lie like a goat. (Well, not a truthful goat, obviously. The untrustworthy type of goat.)

I will not reveal which two answers are truthful and which one is the lie.

Today in Carlsbad
We had a snow day!  It's been grand.  Last night it snowed about 3 1/2 inches, so this morning, there was no school! The rumor is that the SI only wanted a 2 hour delay, but the media had already reported that school had been cancelled for the whole day. This morning my dad made pancakes and bacon, then John came over and he, my dad, my sister, and I had a big snowball fight.  It was so much fun!  The snow was mostly melted by noon, so we really could have gone to school.  But it was nice not to have to go. John and I went to lunch at Chili's, then ran some errands. This afternoon, my dad went to Wal-Mart and bought long underwear and socks for the homeless people that sleep under the bridge.  He also got meat and beans and things to make burritos, and John and I helped him make a bunch to give to the people.  My dad is really such a caring guy.  Making food and providing some warm clothes for people on a cold day is not something I would ever think to do, but I was glad to help with it.

 Even though it's a snow day, I've got to go to work now. I hope everyone in C-bad had an awesome snow day! For those of you who have been raining on everyone else's parade about getting excited about a few inches of snow...stop it!


No offense to any lesbian living or dead, I am not racist or biast?


Image and video hosting by TinyPic See what you can accomplish sitting on the computer? That bowl is over 6 centimeters high! Unfortunatly I had to throw them out as the were getting in the way.


Well news from brockport high school; I have found it secular and too surreal. I saw a fat girl, really fat and short, maybe about 4ft 8 to 5ft even. I say she could have passed for a guy the really nerdy fat menga obssesed kind? No offense to anyone (haha, I hate that actually, it is like a disclaimer that saves movie directors"no offense" bah!) but she looked like the typical Rosie-O'donnel lesbian... But she was also wearing a shirt that said  "freedom from Religion" which ticked me off. I don't lobby to the Religious right Agenda but can we all have some decency here? I have found the extremes there to be over the edge. Either you are extremely churchy or you are the doppleganger of church. Either way they are nuts. Political extremes are crazy and you couldn't believe some of the biases from some "churchy" people I sat with. One said they'd try and never talk to a liberal or something like that. Then I said something that I considered joining the Green- Party (which I did and am still wondering). We joked about it mostly but some of the stuff they were serious about. More on fat people and the myth later. On an upside my friend Mallory is in my math class, which makes math a little more appealing and not boring.


Verbally facetious

-Karl Schmidt


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