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Hey guys,

  I have been having a really rough time lately. My boyfriend in the navy was really starting to scare me, I haven't told him this yet, but I really have no way to tell him until he can contact me. So until than, I'm just going to have the time of my life. Honestly why does he want to marry me? He really doesn't know me all that well. He has no experiance whatsoever of living with me. and I know the first week of living with me we will be fighting so much. So I don't think it's worth all that trouble. He was already talking about baby names. Sure someday I would like to talk about that stuff with him just not right now. I got cold feet and started having panic attack. I through up. It was so scary. I had to break up with him I just didn't know how to do it. So I probably didn't do it the best way. But oh well, what's done is done. So I have moved on, I'm not making any commitments to anyone, until I am sure about what I am doing. Maybe when he is completly done with the navy we can work things out. OR NOT! It all depends on what i'm doing then and what he's feeling. He's probably heart broken but  I was too when he left me in the first place. I did not make him sign the damn contract. If he wants to join the fucking Marines than he can go ahead and do that. Whatever floats his boat. Right now I'm not having the best time of my life. I just got done taking two finals: Government and Triginometry. They were all right but i'm not quite sure how I did. But I hope did well. Right now I need to concentrate on my education right now. I don't need to wory about John, whether he's ok or not. When he doesn't E-mail me or call me. It's kind of impossible for me to concentrate on my school work. But right now I'm going to try to get my mind off of him and put it on school, even though for some reasons my mind wonders and start thinking about Chris and how I just want someone to cuddle with right now. I don't care how corny it sounds, Cuddling is fun. Along with making out. If John reads this he's gonna have all sorts of shit running through his head and he'll want to talk to me. But he's gonna have to do that on his own. All I care about right now is my family, friends, school, and my new boyfriend, Chris. He is so fun. I know he's going to be reading this later on today. I met him a day or two before New Years. I talked to my cousin and she asked me if I kissed any guys at midnight. I was like no but I wanted to. Of coarse Chris, but  we made up for that a few days ago. Anyway, It's snowing right now, I hate the snow because it's so cold. If it wasn't so cold I'd probably like it a little more. Wow I didn't think I'd ever meet anyone I like over at my brother's apartment, but Damn I was wrong! I saw this guy come in with his beanie on I was like; " Daaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!  That is one fine mother fucker! I had all sorts of shit running through my head. The first time we started hanging out I just wanted to rip all of his clothes off and jump all over him. Maybe one of these days I will, when I know him better. I'm so bad. Y'al may think i'm a bitch but i don't give a shit.   Peace out fuckers!! I'm gonna go get me some viddles.


    Anyone who want's to tell me how much of a boict I am or ir you have any advice for me just reply and I'll reply back to you.  




Far Far away

Sometimes I wish I was far away from Pocatello. Right now I am 10 hours away but unfortunatly it's not permenant. There are only a few things I like about Pocatello, that would have to be the people that i care about. Like JOHN. We have only been dating for like 2 weeks or something like that. I love that guy so much, he doesn't even know it. And Becky she's my girl I miss  her too, but i'll be able too see her when I get back. She might be able to stay at my house for a whole week when her parents are away. My Dad has practically already adopted her, I don't know about my step-mom Sherly though she doesn't like her all that well. But I really could care less, because they don't have to like my friends. Becky is probably the only true friend I have had in a really long time. The only other real friend I had was when I was in junior high. Her name was Rebecca Folk. kinda weird because of the names Rebecca~ Becky The only Rebecca I haven't liked is my choir teacher Becky Moore, she's a raunch. I brought 200 dollars with me too Las Vegas and I have 42 dollars left. I am a terribly money spender. That tells you my future is gonna be. But i'm gonna try really hard when I get back, to be a little better with my money. Because i really don't want to be living on Wellfare and food stamps my whole life. So I'm going to fix my problem. My sexy navy man is gnna leave me, how rude. j/k I have no room to talk because  I left to Las Vegas for a while so yeah.

WoW!!!!!    I miss my johny ! This is crazy . You know the feeling deep in your stomach when your 6 years old and it's Christmas Eve, and you try to stay awake so you can see Santa fill the stocking You get the butterflies because you know your gonna get that bike you've always wanted.

  That's how I feel right now. That when  I  get  home,      I  Will be able to  see John and know that nothing bad is going to happen. But when I'm here I don't know that.Arg..... this isn't fair. At least I don't have to put up with stupid people here. Because I don't know anyone here and that's a good thing. I think. One of these days I am going to go to my Grandpa's Cabin  in Warm River in Idaho I should call Tyson's mom. That would be funny. I don't know what i'm going to do with out him. For 8 weeks when he's in Bootcamp, You better come see me John, after you get donw with bootcamp. or do you have to go straight to Florida?

 By the way sexynavyman is my boyfriend. He just started an account here so It's not completely done yet. But yeah. Or sweetshyguy is going to start one soon. So check it out. It might be a while so  yeah. But my hands are getting tired. So I think I will catch yal later!

Peace out freaks.



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