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Why I Hate Small Dogs
Today is my first official day back on unemployment (sadface).  I am trying to not let that get me down, so I have been cleaning the house, baking cookies, doing laundry, and at about 10:00, I decided I would bring some papers my camp boss was looking for to her house.  I decided to walk there realizing that a 3-mile walk (mostly uphill on the return trip and with the potential for rain) would be good for both my body and my spirit.  I decided to take my purse with me in case I wanted to get a smoothie for breakfast (I did; mango was not as delightful as I wanted, I think I'll go back to 4-berry), but emptied it of everything non-vital.

Rocking out gently on my way back up the hill, I was feeling a little hot, and anxious to take another shower and switch laundries (well...anxious for the shower).  I'm a few feet before this really obnoxious stretch of hill, when I look to my left... and there are three deer.  An honest 20 feet away from me (if that far!).

Of course, I had taken my camera out of my bag (I NEVER have my camera for important impromptu photo shoots! I missed the No-Pants Subway ride, several sunsets, the train car FULL of Santas...).  I had, however, grabbed my phone.  It was off, naturally, so I had to turn it on and wait (my phone takes easily near 2 minutes for this task).  As it is still loading, a stupid ugly little dog comes TEARING out of its house and starts barking at me.  I shoo-ed it/MAYBE threatened its life (I hate little dogs to start with, and this one came during a very important moment of life) and it left, and my camera loaded...and the deer were completely in the bushes :(.  I got a few pictures when I dropped my stuff in the street and tried to sneak into the bushes with them, but.... ruined opportunity.  They were so close I could count all the spots on the youngest one's side, see the veins in the momma's ear...and that stupid tiny jerk had to come out.

I know, if it had been a big dog, the deer probably would have been equi-scared.  But I like big dogs.

Hi! It's been a long time, hasn't it?

060219_CinGorilla_vmed.widec.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack baby-gorilla.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack

Happy Gorilla Day!!!!

*Never heard of Gorilla Day?

Don't worry; that just means you're normal.

Gorilla Day is a holiday my mother invented in the 1970s (just found out it was EXACTLY 1970) to celebrate her favorite animal (guess what it is). 

A little ridiculous, I know, but to the people I know, it is definitely a holiday, as real as Christmas or Yom Kippur.  We're talking, the people she used to work with for 20 years...they still send us cards and call and eat banana-inspired things.  There have been Gorilla Day parties at her office of 200 people, our old house on Long Island, and our house up in Massachusetts.  I have had mini dorm room celebrations and have also brought Gorilla Day into undergrad classes (an excuse for my friends and I to get to eat banana nut muffins:)).

Have fun celebrating it where ever you are today, folks.  Hopefully, it's at least as beautiful there as it is here:).

and so...I wonder, where those words are that used to come so easily.


um, yea.

Last month was 4 degrees below normal. We've had 123" of snow for the season. It snowed for 18 days straight during one stretch. We've had about a foot of snow on the ground for some 35 days in a row now. Snow, snow snow. Topic of today's discussion is snow.

Looks warmer in the near future, which should be good. Good weather for more steelhead fishing, which I've been doing quite a lot of. Can't get enough, really.

I have that itch to go back out west again, take some more pictures, camp in a tent, do a lot of hiking. I love tenting. Waking up to that sunlight and warm breeze streaming through the thin walls. Good stuff. Nothing better than mountains in the backdrop.

I shall be married on August 29th of this year. I think planning is going well. Bachelor party in NoLA. Should be excellent. Honeymoon will be in New Zealand. Tentative plans calls for renting a small camper van and driving the islands. Maybe we'll re-enact the Lord of the Rings. And fish for Brown Trout, of course.

and so we move on. tick tock.



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