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A Gentle Reminder: December 14th
Of course, I completely forgot to "remind" everyone that Dear Zachary would be playing December 7th, and unfortunately it has passed:

However, per the Dear Zachary website, it will be airing again on MSNBC at 4PM EST:

From Yahoo TV:
1:00pm - 3:00pm, MSNBC (209)
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

This astounding and captivating piece of filmmaking is documentarian Kurt Kuenne s quest to bring a man back to life. The subject was his best friend,…

Once again, here is the website if you need more info:   

I encourage you to watch it as it was a well-made film and provoked an emotional response.

Here is IMDB's link to the MSNBC info:

Sun. Dec. 14 4:00 PM MSNBC    


Vacation: Day 4

Ah, I finally get to sleep in as long as I wont, and my eyes wont stay shut after 10 am , so after laying there for another hour, I decided to get up. Ugh... why?!


After getting up, and parked my but in front of the TV and turned on my PS2 for a little madden football action. Of course I end up losing my game by 5 points. Ugh. After that loss, I turned off the video game, and tuned into the Olympic coverage. Which is still on my TV. Right now its on channel MSNBC till 5 PM. Then I will be switching to another one of the NBC channels. The only other program on TV tonight, that I know of, is bones, but that's not till 8 PM.


Needless to say its been a rather boring day so far. As I write this, its starting to thunderstorm outside. Guess it wasn't a good day to do things outside after all. Glad I didn't waste my time washing my car or something. It's gonna be a rather boring night I guess.


So, what has the boredom got me doing? Humm... Oh, I put a diecast car , the Dale Earnhardt foundation , black #3 Chevy Monte Carlo , 1/24 th scale , in a clear and oak display box that I had in the closet. I found a spot for it on one of the stand out in the living room, after I cleaned the junk off that spot. Then clean the dust, polished  and polished the stand, lol. So, that's out there now.


Humm, what else is there to do around here? Umm, probably dust my room, that be a good idea, haven't done that since last week. Yes, its a weekly chore, that I like. What else... I dunno, really I don't.


~ Guess that concludes this entry Smiley


So they have finally come out to tell us what we already know. But you know what the best part of this is? Only 2 channels covered this: MSNBC (sorta) and Comedy Central.

So what's worse?  (A)The fact that an administration fed us false information. (B)The fact that our free press dropped the ball. or (C)The fact that the only show that covered this news piece in depth was a self-dubbed "fake news show" on a basic cable TV station.?

There are no words that describe the passion and truth this Special Comment has
Please See This Video.
 10-18-06 just over one year ago MUST SEE
There are no words that describe the passion and truthful statements that this has.


Keith Olbermann looks once again at proof that the world’s last remaining superpower
 is being run by a petulant child prone to hissy fits and temper tantrums when he doesn’t
get his way. on Tuesday’s Countdown.


Right now, I think we have someone who needs a time out.

Mika Brzezinski is my newest hero...



This made me smile.  A lot.


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