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A moment to be "nerdy"
Am I a "Mac guy"?
Oh heck yes. I'm often confronted by people trying to slag my choice in a beautiful, easy, elegant system. For some reason people think that custom pcs will always be better than an Apple Workstation. Heck, my iMac has more video memory than most other computers... and it's for "home use".
Don't believe l'il 'ol me? Ask the guy who gets his paycheque signed by Mr. Gates.
Speaking of Mr. Gates.... my favourite all time comparison has been that windows 95 was almost as good as Mac '84. Whoa, whoa... I hear you....I hear you... "but vista will be awesome". Well with 6 years to develop it, I'm sure it will be. Or not.
Last, but not least, I'll bring up the same thing every Mac lover does...... this.

You may express your opinions starting..... NOW!

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