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i should really start this again....

yeah... this layout has to go.
i need to make a new one....

i just used it to replace the butterflies... what was i think with those butterflies... ugh.


tell me quando, quando, quando
Well hello there my loves!

How you be? I'm stuffed.
I just finished a nice bowl of awesome chocolate ice cream.

It was a very busy day for me today.
Cleaning, washing, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, vaccuming, cooking dinner... you know... wife stuff...hahaha! I can't believe I am saying that, and I really am a wife. It's kinda scary in a way, that I am 25, and married... but I look at it in a positive way and think.... I am 25 and married to the love of my life.

Dinner was chicken parmesan with steamed broccoli, and salad with blue cheese dressing with red peppers and cuccumbers. Too yummy, if i may say so myself :)

I was just playing Mariokart (if you have a Wii, and have that game... dudes and dudettes... give me your number so we can play!!!! It would be so much fun to play. Anyway, so... we were just playing, and my husband is playing right now.

There are so many things for me to say, and update you all on.

I will have to upate you all... but I will say this: I love you all. You've all changed my life... and on the day of my wedding, MindSay was mention on how much it helped me, changed me and how much you all mean to me. Never forget that.

Who's up for a sleepover soon? Don't know what a MsDania MindSay sleepover is... well, look at my past updates, do some digging and find out... I think we need to get one up in here and soon.

MindSay, my loves.... love you, and goodnight!

p.s-- for those you've followed, he's still not talking to me. i still wait.

so hard to see myself without him
i felt a piece of my heart break
but when you're standing at a crossroad
there's a choice you got to make
i guess it's gonna have to hurt
i guess im going to cry
and let go of somethings i love to get to the other side
i guess it gonna break me down
like falling when you're trying to fly
it's sad but sometimes moving omn with the rest of your life
starts with goodbye

see thing is.... i can't say goodbye, just yet

i really do.
i have missed you so much mindsay.
i need to get back in here... i really do

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