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What's this?

Mindsay trying to make a comeback! What a place this used to be. I suppose I can see why...people are sick of expressing themselves in 140 characters or less. You see Twitter getting a lot of blowback from that these days. Also my biggest Mindsay days were when we had a cadre of ignorant idiots running this country – and low and behold the Republicans trot out that blathering fool Trump as their “savior”. 


It’s good to be back. Here’s some pictures!



Mindsay just did a Jesus

More than any facebook post or rant, the resurrection of this blog brings a very warm nostalgia of my 21 year old self :) I’d say it could do with a little layout change and all that but what the heck! I would still love this the way it is...Digital archaeologists rule!!


Request/To-Do List

!!!!!!This is a public blog that everyone on the site is encouraged to add their input to!!!!!

This list of requests is also a "To-Do" List for Brian to refer to. He is going to do what he can to fix MindSay up!! It's all we've been asking for for years. This is a prioritized list (based on how often some was requested/mentioned), but that doesn't meant that Brian will necessarily get to it in this order, nor does it mean he will actually get to every thing on the list. Brian is a one-man show now and he is being so, so nice to us (aka not abandoning or shutting down Mindsay completely). So essentially we are giving Brian homework, and once he completes a task, he gets a gold star the task gets moved to right here.

Once again guys EVERYONE's feedback is very important! If you have ideas that you do not see on this list (or if an idea you agree with is LOW on the list) please comment and let us know . . . this list can and will be

constantly updated. This is the chance to help make MindSay the site we've always dreamed of. . . how exciting is this?!



  1. Create an APP (now that the site is more mobile, this probably isn’t priority #1 but here is where it is). He would like to know how many have Android vs Apple kthx (I have Android)

  2. Open up the site to new member registration (current members are willing to do invites and/or community approval to get this rolling).

  3. New text editor is currently in beta, with the following known issues:

    1. No MindSay User button

    2. Styles button / system is confusing - pro: each style can be toggled on and off separately con:disabling a style is non-obvious in the UI

  4. Create another way to search through and/or navigate one's own blog entries (maybe by keywords).

  5. Allow users to text blog updates via SMS, similar to the old posting via AIM.

  6. Receive notification when a user friends you and tags you in a post/comment.

  7. Private Messaging option

  8. Edit (our own) comment feature (with one request to add a button to see the history of the edits)

  9. Blocking someone from your blog should not only block them from your blog entries but also from seeing your comments around the rest of the site.

  10. Create Mindsay Discussion Groups (maybe a forum, and have a private messaging feature there?)

  11. Integrate profile and wiki page into one design

  12. Create an account verification system maybe involving one's phone number, so in the future there will be no more "I don't know my email or my password" issues.

  13. Fix issues of when a blog entry is deleted, the comments still show up in our inboxes (comments should be deleted as well).

  14. Update themes (one user has asked for more customization and freedom in designing their own blog layout but doesn't want to complicate Mindsay's simplicity, so does anyone else have any thoughts on that?)

  15. Possibly integrate a group chat(room)

  16. While in the index of your blog, where the posts are number 1 2 3…. there should also be a date of post, if possible. Post 1- 04/01/03 Title Here or something similar?

  17. User’s “Quick Updates” (which can be accessed by pressing F8!) should show up in their friends’ “Recent Updates”

  18. Possibly allow for Quick Updates to be commented on and/or voted on for Top Blogs

  19. Possibly add more verbs for Quick Updates (similar to many of the options FB has) and/or one that is blank (does not start with “I Am,” would be sort of similar to a tweet)

  20. Possibly add a Skype "online/offline" bar where the AIM one used to be on profiles... I don't use skype but I'm sure other users do, so what do you guys think about that one?

  21. Clean up or get rid of the Mindsay Map/Directory

  22. Blog Calendar plug in adjusted according to whatever post you're viewing. If you are viewing entry 04/05/05, the blog calendar shouldn’t be on the current date, maybe? Is this possible?

    1. And if you wanted to go to the most current month on the calendar while still viewing that old post, maybe a small button that says "Top" and also one that says "Viewing" as well as the older/newer buttons already there. That way you can manually adjust by month, jump the calendar to what you're currently viewing, as well as jump the calendar to the most current month you last posted in

  23. One MindSay user said “ You really need to get SSL encryption support for logins. Right now passwords are sent over in clear text. This wasn’t so bad in 2004, but in 2016 everyone is on Wifi and passwords can easily be intercepted. Plus, nowadays, you can get free SSL certs through”

  24. Also, someone requested that we should be able to search for users through common interests. This is already totally doable on the site, but I definitely think it needs to be cleaned up a lot.

    • Assuming someone has their profile updated, you just click on an interest listed in a profile and it will show you all the other people who list that interest in their profile as well. For example, "wine" brings you here:

    • Note that from their you can type in the search bar for other interests.

    • Sometimes there is a wiki page for an interest. For example, "coffee":

  25. How to search for interests under the current system:

Okay guys, add anything else I missed or just add general comments to this below! Brian will be checking in with this list and GETTING ISH DONE.




Making Coffee

I used to think making coffee was hard, until I actually started making my own last week. I even studied the coffee maker instructions for 30 minutes just to make sure I was doing everything right. Now I’m pretty much brewing it in two minutes. Just one of those simple things in life you overcomplicate.


… Now I need to try some exotic stuff.


P.S. Hello again MindSay! In 2003 I was in seventh/eight grade. Life then was spending every weekend chatting and listening to the radio with my friend. Now we email occasionally, but that's so different to sending small talk within a few seconds to a minute of each other - The conversations are different too. It’s amazing how much has changed since then, I only wish it had all turned out much, much better considering how much I’ve been through in the last few years. But it could’ve been worse I guess.


Overdid it with changes

I went a little overboard with changes, sorry about that.


I have reverted a few of the changes, especially on the home page.


If you have opinions about changes, please let me know in a constructive manner so I can fix them.   Talk about a rough day...


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