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It's never the end...
I'm still here, I don't come by much because the attachment is almost gone... I am on facebook, so if you want to keep in touch, I am at  I do miss some of you, you know who you are...  

<3 you~ 

such a dork
How did I read this email I got WRONG? I looked at it more than once. I forgot all about the hymn we are supposed to be playing because of the wording at the bottom of the email! AUGH! Now I am up trying to get my mind right so I can play the song with some semblance of power and knowledge tomorrow. I know how to sing it, but playing it is a different story. And this other song...I keep forgetting the melody :( God help me! I have to be up at nearly the crack of dawn to get to an earlier than usual practice so I am praying that I am okay by the end of said practice. As it stands, I have to also get the children's lesson ready and going for tomorrow since I am in charge of BGMC Sunday learning sessions!!!!

From A Young Girl 'til Now
When I was a young girl, I loved catching fireflies in a mason jar,putting on the top then poking holes in it with an icepick so they could breathe.  I had something in common with those fireflies and I wanted them with me.  We were both lit from within . . .  and we glowed in the dark. 

As I think of it now, who's to say that each of our glows' was not given by the same source . . . and that each of our purposes was not defined by the manifestation of our most obvious attribute . . . we had come and were here as and to be light . . . we were lit from within and we glowed in the dark.

There's a feeling inside me right now as though I'd swallowed that jar full of fireflies and they are beating their wings against the stillness of the air generating a vibrant flutter in the midst of me . . . it feels so good.   I recognize this feeling . . . I know what it means . . . it means I'm in tune with excellence . . . I'm vibrating to the hum of the universe . . . in harmony with the beginning and the end . . . lit from within and glowing in the dark.


blah blah blah
maybe im like this cause im not really looking foward to anything...theres nothing really going to brighten my day. Well im going to Cali Adventure on Sat with my two close friends....but im not really excited. I feel like something about me is wrong. I feel sick

Dan and I with the Hummer
Prom 134.JPG hosted for free by ImageShack

Hello, Prom was wonderful, here are Dan and I getting ready to depart to the HS for walk in : D



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