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Hi Everyone,


First I want to say Thanks for taking the time to drop by and check out my blog. I hope you enjoying reading this story. 


Next, due to the fact that this series of posts might be deemed to contain just the tiniest smidgen of adult sounding stuff I have to include the following warning to this post;    


            “XXX Warning!”  “XXX Sex!”  “Warning XXX!


Hey this is your XXX Sex Warning. This stuff might need your parents OK for you to read it if you're under thirty years old.




So If your not adult enough to be reading this kind of stuff go away now! Don’t bother coming back and griping at me, or to anyone else, if you decide to read past here -->X<-- and your virgin eyeballs get blistered or you get offended by what you read either Boo.




A True Story



Wendy Hazza Tight Tush

© Pussy Patter 22 Jul 2005

All Rights Reserved

   © Pussy Patter 25 June 2007

All Rights Reserved



Chapter Two


So we take off walking to Jeff’s place, and when we get there, “I” get introduced to Jeff By Twalla, and once again Tiffany seems to be getting ignored.


I had thought that it was a little strange and kind of rude that Twalla hadn’t bothered to introduce Tiff to Jeff in the same way enthusiastic way that she had done with me.


Shoot, Tiffany was a year older than me, and I really thought that she was a hotter looking than I was too.


I actually thought that both of them were hotter looking than I was, although, I had both of them beat all to hell in the titty department.


But hey, that dude, Jeff, was like what I call smoking hot, and I wasn’t really thinking about anything past that fact right then either.


Jeff was several inches taller than I was and stood about five foot eight maybe nine inches tall and looked like he might have weighed around one fifty.


It was obvious that Jeff was at least part black but he was light complicated, like myself, with short black hair and deep brown eyes. He had a broad chest and his arms looked like he probably worked out a lot.


His waist was kind of small… probably between twenty seven and twenty nine inches, and Oh my fucking God did he ever have a killer set of buns on him too.


I didn’t have a name for an ass like that back then but these days I call that kind of ass a “Pile Driving Ass.”


Jeff was what I would have called a handsome man back then too. But if it hadn’t been for Twalla and Tiffany goading me on about him I seriously doubt that I would have gotten friendly with Jeff because of a couple of previous sexual experiences that I’d had with older men several months earlier and I hadn’t really been ready for another one of those yet.


The age thing hadn’t seemed to bother Jeff in the least though, because he had started to flirt with me just as though I was a grown woman just as soon as he had opened the front door and seen us standing there.


Anyway, Twalla leaving Tiff out like that hadn’t seemed to bother Jeff any at all either, because he had started to flirt with me as soon as he had opened the front door, saying “Hey Baby”, “umm… nice lips” as his eyebrows arched when he had seen me. Then added “nice do”, talking about my hair.


“Whoa mama!” “Just the right amount of junk in the trunk” Jeff said, talking about my ass as I walked through the door and then added “nice rack too girl” obviously referring to my titties.


Shit, I had started getting fucking hotter by the degree right then and there and I had just about forgotten about Twalla, and Tiffany altogether right then too.


Besides, I was tickled plumb pink that Jeff had chosen me over Twalla or Tiffany to flirt with the most and that shit was a real sexual turn on to me at the time because, like I said before, both of those chicks were older I was, and I thought that they were both hotter looking than I was too, even though I had I had some killer tits that kind of put theirs to shame.


Jeff was flirting his ass off with me, commenting on my full pair of lips, telling me how fine my ass was, and saying that I had some tits from hell.


You know, the kind of shit that a man will say that he knows will turn a woman’s head, or in my case a young bimbettes head and I was loving every word of it too because it was all being directed at me.


Then Jeff goes to the cooler, breaks out a couple of cans of Schlitz ® Malt Liquor and holds one out in front of me asking “You ladies wanna beer?”


Well needless to say I said “yes” real quick and had been giggling girlishly as I accepted the can from Jeff. I was always elated anytime that anyone offered me a beer, which didn’t happen all that often.


Here again I had missed an obvious sign that something might be amiss with the picture that I was seeing because Jeff hadn’t gone out of his way to hand Twalla or Tiff a beer the way that he had with me.


But I had noticed when they had both just gone to the cooler and grabbed one on their own like they were use to doing that.


Then he picked up a little can off of a wall shelf and took out a couple of blunts asking “you ladies wanna party?” Here again I hadn’t wasted any time replying “heck yeah”, “I do.”


So we were sitting in the living room smoking the blunts, drinking our beer when Twalla goes over and turns the stereo on. Then puts some music on to get the party started. A few minutes later Twalla starts trying to talk Tiffany and I into doing some seductive dancing.


Tiffany had acted as though she hadn’t really wanted to dance but had relented rather quickly and had started shaking her ass pretty dammed seductively when I hadn’t made a move to get up.


To be continued…


OK, that's it for this chapter. Just click "Here" to jump forward to Chapter Three I hope that you enjoyed it Boo.



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