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Choreography / Outfit Comparison: Hatsune MIKU - Romeo and Cinderella
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When I got into Hatsune Miku's music and YouTube videos, one of the first videos I ran into was "Romeo and Cinderella". I must've played this video a million times compared to her other videos:

Hatsune Miku's "39's Thanksgiving Day" Concert - Romeo and Cinderella

My opinion on the previous video: It's very cute, so cute that it mesmerizes me. The choreography that was programmed was perfect. I like how she danced to this song compared to her other performances because it just seems soooo real! She had lots of emotion in her moves.

And then I learned a little more about the song. I learned that this song is kinda "ecchi" (kinky / perverted)... I don't speak and understand Japanese, so I just read the translation of the song, and it is romantically "spicy". It is hard to patch both her emotions and her lyrics since I don't understand it. But the video has always captivated me.

Not too long ago, I posted something about downloading and watching Hatsune Miku's "MIKUnoPOLIS in Los Angeles", which took place last month (June) in L.A.'s Anime Expo 2011. While I was watching the whole thing (skipping through songs), I noticed that some of the songs were performed differently, and her outfit was different from the "39's Thanksgiving's Day" concert in Japan. Obviously, "Romeo and Cinderella" was one of the first songs I searched for in my downloaded video to see if she had the same clothes and choreography. To my amazement: It wasn't...

I have yet to create a separate video of it since it is not available on YouTube. But I found a video there with Hatsune Miku wearing the same outfit and dancing to the same exact choreography from a video game. I guess it is safe to assume that in her "MIKUnoPOLIS in Los Angeles" concert, her "Romeo and Cinderella" was based on this video game clip:

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade - Romeo and Cinderella
Outfit and Choreography is exactly the same as in her performance in Los Angeles in June 2011

My opinion on this video: It's HAWT!!!!!! It's so unfair.. What a tease! Her velvet dress, princess crown and her so called mic, is just sooo... WOW!!! Her dance moves in this one is a little kinkier and sexier, while preserving the "cute" in it. I guess Miku has a naughty side. lol ;)

One of the sexiest drawn...
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...anime girls, with no head, EVER!

The Headless Rider, Celty Sturluson, from DuRAraRa [adult swim]!!

I mean, who else compete? Everyone else has a head!

One of my favorite qualities about Celty is that, despite being a "Dullahan", she is eventually portrayed in the show to be (or becoming) more human-like, through her personality and her emotions. "She's such a freakin' GIRL!" I onced mentioned while watching the show. Just because she's a "Headless Rider", and scythes and swords and shit comes out of her neck, she has a sweet side that I'm so in love with!!! I'll explain more later.

I don't want to spoil too much of the show. [adult swim] is only at this show's second episoode (out of 24). I'm on Episode 21. But if there's one thing I want to say:

Most female humans would automatically fall for a DOCTOR! And he's your roommate!?

Love made in London: The First Night
So we're together now.

I thought I already blogged about it, but I guess not.

And I mean the guy I met in London, whom I had sex with...

He doesn't live in London, though, he lives in Canada, too.

He was on a school trip, same as me.

The two groups just happened to be in the hotel at the same time, which is just amazing.

And it gets even more amazing. Besides that there was two school groups in London, we happened to be staying in the same hotel on some of the same nights, and we just happened to take the elevator at the same time that night!!

And I also, when coming back to the hotel the next night, I just thought to look out the window, and I saw his group coming in!

And so I went downstairs to "look at broschures" hehe. I stood there for I don't know how long, and then he noticed me and came over and asked for a picture.

And then he walks away!!

I was feeling so stupid. I was like, what was I thinking, why would he be interested in me, all he wanted was a stupid picture... and  kept looking at him, and he looked over at me.

And then he finally came over, and we started talking, and we sat down in the lobby and talked for an hour or so (didn't look at the time), until one of my teachers told me to go to my room.

Well, I gave him my room number before leaving... hehe!

And later, he came up and we invited him into the room, where my roomate (Sarah) and him and I talked.

And then... Sarah was tired and wanted him to leave... but I got away with just us going over by the door, hehe.

And then...

I poked him and he poked me. Stomach, and then he went up and I went down. And then we hugged, and we kissed. And then I was touching it, and I put it between my legs (still underwear on both) and rubbed it there...and then brought it out and stroked him off. He he. may have went all over my shirt. >.<

And that was just the first night. We hugged and kissed goodnight...and he asked me what time I would be getting up in the morning, so he could see me.

He got up early just to see me! His group didn't wake up til 10 or so, he said. But he got up around 6, just for me! <3

*title change because I felt it more appropriate, and a double entendre. XD


First Time Beautiful- POEM

First Time Beautiful

You glide

and I stop.

let’s try this

you glide

and I stop.


you smile patiently

I push

and in.


tiles and a towel

warm hair

hot skin


inside me.

a wet kiss


no thought for the weary

no worry, no thought

belts off and ready


this is right

so right.

no hesitation,

and a hug.

and we lay,


in and out


in and out

breathe deep

Of wonder…


like wow I haven't written a poem for a very long time!

I think, I haven't wanted to capture my life anymore... so sick of it. so sick ofmy feelings, of myself. I didn't write much in my journal either. I'm trying to. I look at my old stuff, and some of it I just hate. I sometimes feel that there is nothing new to be written. That it's all just cliche, why bother...And my boyfriend is encouraging me, to try to forget that voice, and just write, like I used to... <3

And this poem is the same title as a previous blog entry, which I had an idea that I might write a poem, but it didn't fully form at the time. I was reading a poem online, and it gave me the idea, that I had been thinking all along, how I really want to capture this amazing moment...


Fooling around...with friends.
I think sex should be passionate.

I have never had sex.

But I want it to be with someone I love.

I love Andy.


Besides that, I have been intimate with a few of my friends, all of which none of them know about the others! >.<

None of it is exclusive, so I'm not cheating or anything. But it's still exciting.

There's this one guy I know who has shown interest in fooling around, and I think we might sometime when we hang out.

Another guy I know... he had long hair  before and all I could think about was touching him and kissing him all over! It's wierd to admit, and I haven't told anyone this.. well maybe one person kinda. But damn... he was in my class and he sits in wierd positions sometimes.. usually spreading his legs. And it just makes you think! Damn. And he's not in bad shape, and he's a funny guy, too. We don't really talk anymore though.

And this other guy! We went in the woods and fooled around, but then he got up and left. And then we hung out again, and one day he decided he doesn't want to be my friend, with no explanation. But besides all that depressing bit, he's really hot and a great kisser and has the cutest penis I've ever seen! <3

And a friend I've had for a while, I played with him.

And his and my friend, we fooled around, too.

Trying to preoccupy myself with sexy things, as you can probably tell.

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