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Life Is Weird.
"Are you a little emotionally masochistic?" she asked, eyes wide in a mischievous and alert way.. Oh I never realized how right she would be in that assumption.. To feel so completely, to ache and break and love.

Today I awoke early, long before the sun, long before the alarm set for me to get ready for the day, visions of the night previous and it's revalations still dancing in my head, trying to make sense as to why Anna would show me that side of her. I made coffee, showered, drank several cups and finished getting ready, a fairly standard morning, though dragging my heels as much as possible. Court went, as it always does, and was painfully slow, as well as insurmountably self defeating. March 19th is my sentencing, we'll see how that goes.

After leaving there, I asked Anna if she wanted to grab lunch, just being around her is intoxicating and refreshing. She says probably after her scissoring appointment, fetish related business, and proceeds to send me a fully nude pic, towel on her head aside, titled, "prep time." to which I cannot even begin to describe the sublime perfection I see. I cannot make heads or tails of what she's thinking.. We end up going to lunch, Cafe Zuppas, indulging each other in stories of our lives, getting to know each other more and whatnot.. She decides she wants a haircut, so we head out to find a place for that, ending up in a rather interesting shop. While waiting I rest my head against her and she moves closer, her aroma just sends me drifting.. I know I'm playing with fire, so I raise my head and walk away, leaving her to take a seat while she waits. We laugh and joke while looking at random books in the salon, and while she gets her hair trimmed, we make faces at each other through mirrors..

From there we head to work, only 3 hours left of the work day, but we go anyway, doing our best to get work done that we can, and I do my best to leave a bubble between us and keep my distance. Dangerous enough to get close to others, more so to get close to an attractive coworker with a boyfriend.. From there I give her a ride back to her apartment, where we decide to join some of her friends in game of Cards Against Humanity, but elect to have dinner before heading over. It's over dinner and strawberries at the game she shares things with me, much in the way you do with someone you're dating.. Her friends ask how we met and comment how cute we are together, to which I shoot them a look expressing something akin to embarrassed pride. She goes on to explain that I'm not her boyfriend, and that we only work together, to which they give me a sad glance. All in all, it was a pretty great night, though I feel I should keep a guard up if I'm to have any hope of retaining any sentiment of myself once I've burned myself so completely. We end the night around 12:30am, I take her home and we hug goodnight.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'll be helping Anna get a sofa sleeper, just more time with her to torment me.. though it's more of a self tormenting than anything she's actually doing. I feel I'll drop my guard before long and do something that could burn the both of us, though I'd rather not do anything to cause her pain..

Later Days,


PS, it's over many jokes at her boyfriend's expense that we seem to grow closer, and I seem to feel aches of my own... I long for her, yet it tears me up to think I could ruin everything for her.. I must remind myself that I am a mere tool in this story, I am there to help and I am not the main character in her book, I am simply a supporting character.. She is something more than I am at this point in time. Today felt like some sort of misguided first date and two friends just hanging out, all wrapped into one.


Want to try a new free game?
  I played DotA (Defense of the Ancients) for three years, and it was some of the most fun I ever had sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. Then about two years ago I started playing League of Legends. It's a really competitive game, and I've made a name on the competitive scene. 

  If you've ever played an arena game, or a real time strategy you'll fit right in, as it follows both. On a symmetrical map you battle with four players, against another group of five. Using terrain, positioning, and timing you make the best of a situation, where tons of different elements clash. To put a word on the genre it's part of the Moba style (multiplayer online battle arena).

If you want to check the game out you can do so here. Feel free to send me an invite ingame when you do, my nickname is FacepalmExtreme. 

In closing, hey Mindsay, I'm back :).

Merkur online spielen - Spielautomaten Spiele
Die Merkur Spielothek hat sich seit vielen Jahren auf dem Markt etabliert und ist nahezu überall in Deutschland vertreten. Wie du vielleicht weißt, befindet sich der Sitz der Gauselmann AG, die die Merkur Spielothek ins Leben gerufen hat, im wunderschönen Espelkamp. Dort wird natürlich auch am Vertrieb und an neuen Kreationen getüftelt, denn Merkur Spielautomaten findest du nicht nur in der altbekannten Merkur Spielothek, sondern auch in zahlreichen Kneipen, Imbissbuden und dergleichen. Bislang musstest du das Haus verlassen, um dein Glück an einem der faszinierenden Merkur Spielautomaten auf die Probe zu stellen. Natürlich hat auch das seinen ganz besonderen Reiz, denn die Atmosphäre in Merkur Spielotheken lässt sich kaum übertreffen. Doch wir haben eine gute Nachricht für dich, die uns erst kürzlich erreichte.

Ab sofort kannst du Merkur Spielautomaten auch ganz bequem von zu Hause nutzen. Endlich hat es ein Online Casino durch die harten Verhandlungen mit der Gauselmann Gruppe geschafft und die ersten Spiele der Merkur Serien ins Programm aufgenommen. Selbstverständlich erfährst du auf unseren Seiten auch, um welche Merkur Spielautomaten Online es sich dabei handelt und was diese Spiele ausmacht. Doch dazu später mehr. Zunächst einmal möchten wir dir ein paar Dinge über die Merkur Spielothek verraten. Die eine oder andere Filiale hast auch du sicher schon gesehen oder gar besucht. Zu erkennen ist eine Merkur Spielothek an der lachenden Sonne. Auch auf den Merkur Automaten findest du das Logo, das einfach unverwechselbar ist.


Rouge Warrior: Going Rogue!

Rouge Warrior: GOING ROGUE is an awesome new adventure shooter game featuring Sarah "Rogue" Palin and Richard "REPO Dick" Cheney's weird ass personalities in an action-packed game explosion fun time! Playing as Sarah "Rogue" Palin, you go behind the iron curtain to disrupt a suspected Russian ballistic missile program discovered by living in close proximity to Russia via Alaska! Soon into the mission, you create a conspiracy in your mind that could turn the tides of the war on terrors in the evil doers' favor if others believe it. You must then GO ROGUE to take the mission into your own hands as you balance your 2012 campaign for president with a dangerous awesome mission into the bowels of the USSR to destroy a technology that could change the balance of geopoliticological powers, leaving a trail of delusion in your wake!

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