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The Way We Were or Weren't.
I remember the beginning of my fantasy...I saw you...I flirted..I played the game just a little..I got in too deep...How was I to know any better? I wasn't experienced.. I was caught up in the words and the way my heart took flight whenever I read something from you?  I believed that I had taken you to a place no one else had..a place in your soul that had been locked until our magic happened...but then again...we all believe that love transforms ..don't we?....I felt love...and the power of that love transformed me ..changed me...made me want more ..After all of these years....I still believe in my heart that something wonderful did actually take root...a root that grew from me to you. many years seems strange to witness....
the same game...being played out with another..
It is her turn and her turn..and her turn....A decade has come and gone..
She is the one being watched...being stalked ...being flirted with...being the object of your desire..
Sad..the game is a sad one..
my heart does hurt...just a little..
as I watch the game
from a different view.

addicted to a new game
Frontierville! It's annoying to run out of energy, but addicting nonetheless. I am like... WE NEED UNLIMITED INTERNET!!! I can't NOT play this game LOL. I adore it. It's so cute. Right now I am working on getting me a husband *giggle*. I am going to make him look like my actual hubby if I can. It's such a cute game.

Rouge Warrior: Going Rogue!

Rouge Warrior: GOING ROGUE is an awesome new adventure shooter game featuring Sarah "Rogue" Palin and Richard "REPO Dick" Cheney's weird ass personalities in an action-packed game explosion fun time! Playing as Sarah "Rogue" Palin, you go behind the iron curtain to disrupt a suspected Russian ballistic missile program discovered by living in close proximity to Russia via Alaska! Soon into the mission, you create a conspiracy in your mind that could turn the tides of the war on terrors in the evil doers' favor if others believe it. You must then GO ROGUE to take the mission into your own hands as you balance your 2012 campaign for president with a dangerous awesome mission into the bowels of the USSR to destroy a technology that could change the balance of geopoliticological powers, leaving a trail of delusion in your wake!

too cute
P1850439.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack P1850472.jpg hosted for free by ImageShack

We was playing  our  D&D game last night and Mr.Kitten decided he wanted to play
and then he decided to attack us-the good guys
LOL always knew he was on the bad side heheh


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