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riding a sea creature
The wind sent my hair flying around my fast. I looked down from the blue, dark, cloudy sky and saw the wave runner a head of me. Water rushing out of it in a "v" formation. The water sparkled passed me like wings. I looked immediately infront of me and saw the glass like water rush under me. We hit small waves and I bounced up and down, riding the sea creature below me, almost like a horse, if it could be described in land terms. But it was really an inner tube tied to the back of Amanda's wave runner. but to me it was a sea creature and I was riding him around the lake. 

so much fun.


. . . let the giggling begin
These guys are having way too much fun . . .‚ÄČ

i went to teens encounter christ over this past weekend. i spent the entire time (when we weren't sleeping) either making a fool of myself or cleaning bathrooms. it sounds bad, but it was the bestest thing ever. we performed funny skits of bible stories and i got to scream a lot. we also wore cowboy hats the whole weekend. then on saturday night, there was a dance and when "you belong with me" played, my friend and i went around singing it to random guys who weren't smiling to get them to smile. it was so much fun. when "bohemian rhapsody" played, we put on a big dramatic performance to go with it. i love that song.

anyway, today my friend really pissed me off. in my graphic design class we're making advertisements for the high school art show. i accidentally typed "9-5 pm" for the time instead of 5-9. i read it wrong because, for those of you who don't know, i'm a tiny bit dyslexic. so instead of correcting me while we were working, she waited until we were doing a critique in front of the whole class and said "Mr. Koss, is there a such thing as 9-5pm?" and everyone laughed so i had to say in front of everyone that i have a problem, even though she already knew. normally, i'm not at all sensitive, but i am about my short comings. at least i don't have school the rest of this week.

Love made in London: The First Night
So we're together now.

I thought I already blogged about it, but I guess not.

And I mean the guy I met in London, whom I had sex with...

He doesn't live in London, though, he lives in Canada, too.

He was on a school trip, same as me.

The two groups just happened to be in the hotel at the same time, which is just amazing.

And it gets even more amazing. Besides that there was two school groups in London, we happened to be staying in the same hotel on some of the same nights, and we just happened to take the elevator at the same time that night!!

And I also, when coming back to the hotel the next night, I just thought to look out the window, and I saw his group coming in!

And so I went downstairs to "look at broschures" hehe. I stood there for I don't know how long, and then he noticed me and came over and asked for a picture.

And then he walks away!!

I was feeling so stupid. I was like, what was I thinking, why would he be interested in me, all he wanted was a stupid picture... and  kept looking at him, and he looked over at me.

And then he finally came over, and we started talking, and we sat down in the lobby and talked for an hour or so (didn't look at the time), until one of my teachers told me to go to my room.

Well, I gave him my room number before leaving... hehe!

And later, he came up and we invited him into the room, where my roomate (Sarah) and him and I talked.

And then... Sarah was tired and wanted him to leave... but I got away with just us going over by the door, hehe.

And then...

I poked him and he poked me. Stomach, and then he went up and I went down. And then we hugged, and we kissed. And then I was touching it, and I put it between my legs (still underwear on both) and rubbed it there...and then brought it out and stroked him off. He he. may have went all over my shirt. >.<

And that was just the first night. We hugged and kissed goodnight...and he asked me what time I would be getting up in the morning, so he could see me.

He got up early just to see me! His group didn't wake up til 10 or so, he said. But he got up around 6, just for me! <3

*title change because I felt it more appropriate, and a double entendre. XD


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