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Mahilig sa pusa

Pero ang pusa nya, may identity crisis –

Akala niya piglet siya

At mukha siyang isang malaking bola ng bulak.

Si Polet mahilig magluto ng maki at pesto,

Manlibre ng pinyapol,

Makipag-chikahan sa IM.

Si Polet ay singkatawan ni Kim Chiu

At may boyplen na dragon

(Feeling ko si Donkey talaga sya,

Ayaw nya lang umamin).

Si Polet ay Ms. Congeniality,

Friend to many,

Pero meron ding frenemy.

Si Pole tang babaeng ok lang mabilad sa araw

Basta makapag-papiktyur,

Hindi takot mag-two piece

Pero skerd na di bumalik ang kulay kaka-beach.

Si Polet ang babaeng makulet

Pero mabaet.

Si Polet.






First Time

First Time


Hindi na bagong bagay sa akin ang makipag-eyeball sa mga taong nakilala ko online.  When I was so addicted to this Filipino forum, halos lingo-linggo akong may bagong nakikita sa mga nakilala ko doon.  And even when I am already connected to this company I am working for, where I am always doing the graveyard shift, the meeting time would always be lunch time. Or dinner time. Or hapon. Never midnight snack :p


So eto na nga. Ang hyper-hyper ko last Monday.  Ewan ko ba kung bakit. Kahit sina officemates napansin yun. Bakit daw ang kulit-kulit ko. At bakit daw namumula ako. Sabi ko, kasi tisay ako, talaga lang mamula-mula face ko. Wahaha. Pero feeling ko, epekto ng milo sa vendo yun. Ewan ko ba, para akong kiti-kiti. Nyahaha.


Yun ngang friend ko sinabihan akong kung anoman ang nainom ko e huwag ko na daw ulit inumin. Kasi ang kulit-kulit ko daw. Hindi naman kaya. Onting kulit lang no :p


So yun na nga. Til 11pm ang work ko non kasi it’s a Monday (may meeting daw kami pag Monday) plus I need to cover for Ghana. E nagkakaproblema yung access nong contact ko so she wasn’t able to upload the bank files. Ako naman, kinukulit ko si friend. Sabi ko mag-meet kami. Now na. As in now na. OT sya non at ako til 11 ako. Ibang araw na lang daw kasi marami syang dala. Sabi ko I’d lose my nerve pag hindi pa kami nag-meet. I felt so good that day, ewan kung bakit. Ok daw basta payagan syang ibaba ang gamit nya sa boarding house. Shoot.  Eto na nga. Nakipagkulitan ako ng eyeball e hindi pa naman ako nagpapaalam sa manager ko. Wahaha. Inistrokan ko si manager, I asked him if I can leave after I had sent the review. Magte-10pm palang kasi non. Sabi nya, what time daw ba ko pumasok. Sabi ko, 1:18. So ayun napapayag ko sya (take note, I had just rendered 4 hours of unpaid OT last Friday kaya dapat magtino sya no). So yun. Pagka out ko, baba agad ng Eco at baka magbago pa sya ng isip. Wahaha.


I went to our meeting place. Nakakakaba. Shempre first time ko makikita tong taong to at makakausap ng face to face. Although palagi ko na rin naman syang nakakausap sa phone, ka-text at ka-email, iba pa rin yung harapan. Ang nakakatawa, we went to 2 different stores! Wahaha. Kaya pala hindi kami magkita nasa kabilang store sya. Malay ko naman. Hindi ko naman alam na may iba pa palang branch yung foodchain na yun doon. So sya na lumipat to where I am. And finally we’ve met. At first I felt a little nervous pero after a few minutes, we were like two old friends who’d been seeing each other for the longest time. That we just picked up where we left off. That was past 11pm. We parted ways before 2am. First time na nangyari sa kin to. Wahaha. Nag-meet ng gabi at naghiwalay ng umaga. Ahihi. But I really had a wonderful time. So ang challenge ko naman sa kanya is to go somewhere na hindi nya pa napupuntahan nang mag-isa lang sya.  Sabi ko punta sya ng Trinoma.  We’ll see kung magagawa nya ang Extra Challenge na pang Amazing Race at Survivor na para sa kanya. :p









In my eyes, you are still a child

Who grew up too soon –

Who knows what goes on in your mind

When you quietly assess things,

Who knows the turmoil you are in

When you are trying to decide,

Who knows what pain you feel

When your supposed dreams shatter,

Who knows what keeps you awake at night

When everybody else is sleeping.

In my eyes, you are still a child

Who tries to appear composed and grown up –

No amount of make up can hide your innocence,

No amount of bravado can conceal your doubts,

No amount of pretension can mask your insecurities.

You are a child trying to grow up

And understand complex things –

Sometimes you win,

Other times you lose.

Don’t grow up too soon, little one

For life is not an overspeeding role of film

That must capture changes all at once.

You are not oblige to carry the whole world,

You are responsible to make your life worthwhile.

You need not be perfect at all times

Rather it’s ok to be flawed and wanting sometime.

You not need to cower in the corner

And lick your own wounds –

You can also cry for help

When the burden is too great.

You are a child

Who doesn’t believe in forever

Yet deep in your heart,

You long for your happy ever after.

You are a wonderful child

Whose innocence touch a chord in me,

Whose bravery makes me feel less scared,

Whose life is slowly unfolding before me.

I wish you the happiness you so deserve

And a love that you long for.





Pinky Finger

To all the lonely people tonight, my heart goes out to you.  Whether you are heart broken or returning to a lost love or chasing an impossible dream or dreaming of dreams to dream, please be reminded that you are not alone.  The world can either be an enormous place to be lost in or a boxed compartment cramping you out.  You are not alone because I am there, too, holding out my hand, looking for allies.  I am there, too.  Here, take my hand.  I need you as much as you need me.  Now we are no longer by our lonesome selves, we are now together.  Hold my hand tightly, hug me if you want – don’t you think that feels better?  Ah, we are no longer alone.  Think of this, will you, when you are sad or lonely or confused.  I am there.  Always. 


Dear Cia

Dear Cia,


Confidence is something that comes with age.  Right now, you are still a young lass on the way to figuring out how things work, trying to discover yourself, your potentials, your strengths and weaknesses.  You need time, Cia, to understand.  Learning is a lifelong process – we will all still be students of the university of life until our old age.


When I was your age, I remember not having the guts to talk to the opposite sex.  I am too shy around them, it’s like I forget everything else I know when they are in the same place as I am.  I am that student who knew the answers to the teachers questions and would kept mum about it as I felt too shy to raise my hand and speak infront of my classmates.  I would rather bring a lot of stuffs in school than act out a part in the play.  I would do all the dirty work – research, interview, encode, whatever – just so I won’t be assigned to report infront of the class.  That was me when I was your age.  I felt so insecure and unsure of myself.  My opinions and feelings were kept to myself.  That’s how I was then.  Looking at you, you seem more certain of how things are. You took initiatives and developed some of the talents that you have – you were exposed to the theater and you play some musical instruments.  Have I mentioned that you dance, too?  And that you can express yourself in writing?  See these talents?  You are a beautiful young lass on your journey to conquering the world.  You walk with unsure steps and a questioning heart – time and experiences will take care of that.  Let me caution you that life would be dealing you with harsh realities – you need to face these things head on and continue on your journey to learn and be strong.  Not all wounds are meant to harm you.  Others are aimed to let you know and understand. 


Live your life one day at a time.  Take time to see the wonder in God’s creations – the roses around you, the beautiful rainbow after the rain, the twinkling stars in dark nights. Take chances. Go to places. Laugh till your heart burst. Know people. Cry – tears are a welcome companion in lonely nights.  Or days.  Life is what you make it, Cia.  Yours may have started in the way you have not wanted it to but you can change its ending.  You can make a difference in your life.  And in the life of others.


I had said enough, Cia.  I hope that you’d learn something from this longish letter I drafted.


With much confidence in you,




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