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A man that remained to be health is the result of good immune system, the protector from foreign bodies and prevents infection and disease. They are the fighter against many threats the body has to face. Warding off bacterial infection is their main function. An immune system that is not strong and vigilant can easily be controlled by damaging free radicals.

If the immune system is beyond measure, it has protective shield to destroy all kinds of bacteria, fungus and free radicals that cause cancer cells. But there is condition for the failure of the immune system to give better protection to the body. The following reasons are due to environmental pollution and poor nutrition including stress that weakened the protection.

The immune system has to protect every segments and organs of the body. It was task to remove impurities in our body system. The digestive system was responsible for the digestion of food and excretion of waste. Take example the skin. The excreting agents of immune system fight bacteria that cause infection especially if there are cuts and wounds that become the entry points for the bacteria to enter the body.

The same prevention were done on all the openings that leads inside the body where bacteria mostly to make an entrance like the mouth, nose, eyes and anus. The immune system immediately secretes protein immune factors to give full protection against bacteria. The immune cells will destroy any offending agents at the first sight of them. Macrophages were responsible for destroying bacteria, virus, fungi and other foreign bodies. The NK cells will destroy the cancer cells and those cells that are heavily infected by the virus.

The digestive system has its own prevention. Its powerful immune factors will fight any foreign bodies like bacteria, fungi and parasites. Their portal to enter the body is through the mouth through the foods we eat.

How can we boost our immunity against diseases?

-Fruits and vegetables have high concentration of nutrients, vitamins and minerals the body is depending on to remain in good health.

-Eating organic foods is the best choice. Most plant foods were already contaminated with chemicals that can inhibit the immune system to function well.

-Eating too much saturated fat will slowly weaken the foundation and immunity against many diseases.

-We can’t live without sugary foods or sugar concentrate. Sugar will temporarily paralyze the function of the macrophages and NK cells for considerable period before restoring their defense mechanism.

-Taking proper nutrition. Lacking dietary supplements by eating unhealthy foods will always take the risks of having the disease. We have to keep watch the kind of foods we like to eat.

-We have to minimize all causes of stress. Once we are stressed, the body immediately sends out cortisol, the known stress hormone. It excrete the pro-inflammatory immune factors which is the protector of the disease and lessen the ability of the immune system to prevent the deficient factors that cause auto-immune disorders and many health conditions that results to inflammation.

It excreted calcium out of the body affecting the strength and solidity of the bones. The bones become fragile. It has risks to crack and brittle. Any pressure during exertion put the bones in helpless situation to handle with the pressure.

The function of vitamins and minerals can’t be ignored. They are important in giving enough strength of the immune system. They have immune-enhancing action. It improves function of the T-cell. It improves the function of the thymus glands, the foundation of the immune system. It mentioned normal hormone levels of the body. It serves as anti-oxidant that has the ability to protect against infection. It neutralizes the damaging effect of free radicals that causes cancer cells.

Boosting immunity against many kinds of diseases is our only chance to keep us healthy at all times. Any lapses we make will put the body in stress and the result is very threatening.

Make it a habit to have a healthy foundation. It gives us longer life and better chance to survive.

Ganoon Pala Yon

I finally feel free after years of feeling hurt and broken. Finally. :)


Ganoon Pala Yon


Dati makita ko pa lang ang pangalan mo,

Nawiwindang na ang mundo ko –

Para bang tumigil ang oras

At nabalik ako sa dating panahon,

Yun bang damang-dama ko

Ang pagtigil ng pintig ng puso ko

At pagka-blangko ng isipan.




Pero kanina,

Iba na.

Bumagal lang ng onti

Ang tibok ng puso

Pero tuloy ang pag-ikot ng mundo,

Tuloy ang pag-usad ng oras.

Hindi na pala ikaw ang nagdidikta

Kung ano ang dapat na madama ng puso ko,

Hindi mo na kayang patigilin ang oras,

Hindi na ako gaanong apektado.

Ganoon pala yon.

Matapos ang ilang libong oras ng pag-iyak,

Matapos ang ilang libong gabi nang di pagkakatulog,

Matapos kong mabaliw,




Natatapos din pala ang lahat.

Pinaghihilom ng panahon ang sugat,

Nababago ang emosyon.

Ganoon pala yon.

Ngayon ay para na akong isang preso

Na nabigyan ng presidential pardon.

Malaya na ako.

Masaya na ko.

Buo na akong muli.





Hunyo 12

Hunyo 12


Ano ba ang totoong katapangan –

Ang amining mahal mo siya

Kahit hindi mo alam kung ano ka sa kanya

O ang paniwalaing may mahal kang iba

Kahit siya talaga ang nasa puso mo?

Minsan nakakatakot magbuka ng bibig

Dahil baka iba ang masabi ko

Sa nararamdaman ko para sa iyo –

Para akong bilanggong walang laya

Na ipakita ang totoong nadarama

Dahil ayaw kong masaktan sya

At ayaw ko na ring masaktan pa ako

Dahil sa iyo.

Isa ka kasing matayog na pangarap,

Isang bituing tinitingala,



Kung kaya ko lamang sanang abutin ka,

Kung kaya ko sanang yakapin

Ang lahat-lahat ng pangamba sa puso ko,

Sana ay sinabi ko na ang totoong nadarama

Kahit pa hindi ko naman alam

Anoman ang magiging reaksyon mo dito.

Sana maabot kita,

Mahawakan kahit minsan,

Mayakap nang mahigpit –

Baka nga lamang maramdaman mo

At madinig ang paghiyaw ng puso,

Sinasambit ang pangalan mo




Sana minsan maabot din kita

At buong tapang kong sabihin

Na mahal kita,

Ikaw mismo,


Upang maging malaya din ako.

Minsan lalaya din ako.

Lalaya din ako.





Is that wierd?
So I told him he smelt good on his own without any product smells and scents. And he goes to have a shower and doesn't bring his shampoo or anything, and I ask him why, and he says, well you said you like it better without.

Does that seem wierd to you? I mean I know he's silly, but I didn't think he'd actually go to the shower and not use his shampoo and stuff, just because I said he smells good scent-free.

This was a long time ago, but it's been in my head a few times, along with some other things but I can't think of them right now. I can't find any information on any disorder it might be, maybe he's just silly.

He went back to using it after, but I still find it wierd he'd do that, just because I said that!


A Good Friend, at L(e)ast
For anyone who's been following me all these years, you know I have never changed my blog design.

Well, I decided to. I feel like I'm no longer in a cave. Which might mean darkness, restriction, the past.

Or at least I'm trying not to be.

I've been even surprising myself in my courage to be more social, and fight my anxiety. It's definately been difficult. Sometimes I'm still afraid to come out of my room, but I've been forcing myself to more and more.

And I have this wonderful friend, Tito, who treats me so good and makes me very happy.

He's finally explained everything! He says that he was trying to fight liking me, because I was in love with someone else. And it made him angry, so he got annoyed with me more and more about little things.

He apologized for keeping me in the dark, and hurting me, saying the mean things he did. And I apologized for having confused and hurt him. We both agree that we're both at fault.

He says he's not ready for a relationship yet, considering how things have turned out and his communication, but I don't know if I am either, so I think that's good.

I told him that I don't know if I want a relationship either, but I know that I really like him and would be sad and jealous if he was with anyone else. He said the same about me :3

So things are finally good again with him, and that is such a relief. <3

I don't know if I love him. I don't know if I love anyone. I don't know if I want to love anyone right now, or again. I don't know if I can. I just don't know.

But I do have hope that things will get better soon. I don't need to figure it all out right now. I'll just try to have fun.

Though, I don't know what fun I'll have with my friends who are all busy with their other halves. Since I've gotten back from university, my friends havent even talked to me. :/

One friend did, and invited me to a party but I was sick. And he hasnt called since, even though he said he would.

And another friend said he'd take me out for a drink to celebrate my birthday which was a bit ago, but he never called.

I can hope to make new friends, I guess.

I've made some acquaintances at university, besides Tito. I had made some friends, and they decided to start ignoring me. And some friends I made just don't have time for me any more, and seem to be trying to faze me out.


Making friends seems to be easy, but keeping them is completely different...

I'm so glad Tito has stayed. He's so mature. And really, he had more reason than any of them to stop being my friend. He probably thought I was leading him on, which is just cruel. But he was understanding...

Oh Tito, I'm so glad I have you <3

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