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There are many reasons why a liver become inflamed or in a state of swelling. The presence of Hepatitis B virus attack the healthy liver until it becomes useless. This infection made the liver incapable of doing its job efficiently. Most of the infections were taken from blood contamination. It means that the disease is transferable to other person.

Screening an applicant for a job should be given strict medical evaluation and examination to determine that the applicant is free from this kind of disease especially those company or establishment whose business is food processing. The owner of the restaurant or small carenderia can avoid contamination from infected person by boiling thoroughly all kitchen utensils before using it to the public.

There are many incidence of unsanitary foods sold to the public. They don't even have the necessary permit to allow them to expose the kind of food they made on the street. You can see them along the highways, in strategic places in the city, in schools, bus terminal and in pier or any important events the city has been celebrating.

The safety of this food exposure can't be relied at all times. No one knows the method they used in its food preparation. No one knows the sanitary aspect of the materials used during the food processing. Sterilization of materials is one way to avoid being contaminated from the virus or from anyone.

The symptoms of having a liver disease were the following: Constant fear, nausea, vomiting, yellowing of the skin and eyes, tea-colored urine, abdominal pain at the upper side of the abdomen, swollen stomach, tiredness, low of appetite, diarrhea. The person in "carrier state" of the liver has no visible symptoms noted in his body. He was not immediately affected in the early stage of his disease. But as a carrier this infection can be transmitted anytime, any day and immediately in any kind of transportation facilities.

The sharing of food on the table using contaminated kitchen utensils are the common causes for easy transfer of the disease. In order to avoid the liver to deteriorate more it is a must for an infected person to refrain from taking harmful products especially alcoholic drinks or a kind of medication that can aggravate the disease.

Older person are more prone to the disease where their resistance to infection waned.
Your liver status can only be known by having the following medical tests like: liver function test (LTF), alkaline phosphatase, serum bilirubin to determine your condition. This is to avoid further complication from the disease. Control treatment can be done immediately. Delayed in diagnosis may cause untreatable liver cirrhosis or liver cancer where the hope of recovery is impossible.

What is the function of a good liver? Has the ability to remove the harmful chemicals from the blood. It has the ability to fight infection that causes the disease. It helps in digestion of food to keep the stomach in good condition. It stores nutrients and vitamins and other minerals. It stores energy as reserves. What are the mediums to have this disease? Heredity in the family inherits hepatitis B, those who lived with someone who has the disease, those places with common hepatitis B contamination, anyone who is exposed to his blood or other body fluid transmission, those under the hemodialysis condition and in the sex-related practices.

Expectations vs. Reality
What I think about eating when I get home:
Noodles stir fried with mushrooms, ginger and greens, and maybe a sandwich with homemade relish later on.

What I actually eat:
A pickle, two slices of pre-sliced cheese, and some freezer-burnt ice cream

Fake chicken nuggets.
 Ive been craving stuff that I dont eat anymore! Like chicken salad, turkey sandwiches, and chicken nuggets! I got some soy turkey lunch meat that turned out to be delicious and knocked that craving on its ass. Now I am eating fake chicken nuggets and.. They are so good! Im also eating a salad. And yes, this is dinner. Now I just need to find some kind of a recipe for fake chicken salad.. Ive made it once before but it wasnt that great with the recipe I used. :/ Also, I bought $90 worth of groceries this week! Bad idea to let a preggo be the one buying food! 

 I feel like baby fever has finally kicked in for me. Its all I think about! I spent the last two hours looking at baby stuff on pinterest, amazon, and target's website. Maybe its because we are so close to finding out the sex, orrrr maybe reality is finally hitting me. I dont know, but Im getting exicited/anxious/nervous all at once. I felt another baby movement today :) It felt like a little poke from in there! Even though Ive only felt it move twice, I can always feel the baby.. because its always right there, if that makes sense. Maybe thats why I cant stop thinking about it. 

 To talk about something else.. Liz finally sent me a message on facebook, I wrote her back a short note, explaining why I had removed her from my friends list, and then received a very lengthy typed out letter. I havent replied to her letter yet. Not sure if I will. Its exactly what I expected her to say.. Her side of the story, how it is all my fault, Im a selfish disloyal friend, and a smidgen of apology, right at the end, for "not communicating" with me. I tried to write to her so many times, but every time it felt like either a defense case or a blame game, and I didnt want to send that. But thats exactly what she sent me. I could write her my side of things, explain myself a little, and tell her that shes a hypocrite, but what good would come of it? It sure wouldnt bring the friendship back. I dont think anything can. 15 years of friendship thrown away over petty misunderstandings and lack of communication. The apology is far too little and far too late. The explanation, as she called it, would have been more suited 3 months ago when she started this whole mess. 
 Its all been lost.. But the truth is, Im still happy. Ive realized that a friend who is never there for you and constantly judging you is not really necessary. It hurts because there are so many years of memories, of growing up together. But she wasnt there through all of the times I needed her most. Why would I want that back? Especially when the only way to get it back is surrender? I know how to fix this: just apologize, tell her she is right, Im selfish, and that everything was my fault. But I cant do it.. I know it wasnt all my fault. A mediocre friend is not worth throwing myself under the bus. I have done that too many times. I cant do it anymore.


Pictures -- HP7 Midnight showing, Bree's birthday, and Thanksgiving
lol @ I got student pricing because I knew the girl who worked the box office that morning, but I haven't been a student for one and a half years already

lightning bolt earrings and

an owl ring for the celebration!

This was my outfit lol

OKAY SO I hate this picture, but this is the only picture Bree and I took for her birthday celebration (we're at the bar here):

She had a zebra dress on and I had zebra pants on so we matched! lol

So Happy Thanskgiving :)

lol this was like the 5th picture we took in a row and I was upset because I AM NOT TALLER THAN HER but I don't know if she was like slouching or what lol (so I am laughing or something)

and then DINNER
we had
scalloped potatoes


cranberry sauce with whole berries

and then the other jelled cranberry sauce

some mashed vanilla sweet potato dish

and this is carrots in a sauce made from caramelized onions


stuffing (we cook ours in the bird)

mashed potatoes


roasted cauliflower

green beans with almond slices and parm cheese :)

and we cooked some carrot sticks and celery underneath the turkey :)

Logan eats very few things. Fried chicken is one of these few things. So this was his Thanksgiving dinner:

and then after dinner my mom, Logan, and Buster decided to camwhore (and then I jumped in on it of course) so these are from my mom's camera




and then for dessert we had (all these homemade pies yum yum)
blueberry pie (with a crumb topping)

pumpkin pecan pie

apple pie

and regular pumpkin pie


Eventful Morning
So, I wake up nice and early this morning, check my email to see if there were any job offers (none :( ), and crawl back into bed to read the last 50 or 60 pages of the book I started yesterday (I'd say 'impressive' but it was chick-lit, very little plot to get through, and pretty excepted...but enjoyable, nonetheless).

Then I hear the dog going nuts.  Now, she goes nuts over just about everything, but mostly it's our cat Shadow (who has a billion nicknames that might show up in this entry).  I pull on shoes and go outside.  Her leash is stretched all the way across the lawn towards Gaiga's house, a spot my cat frequents because they have a large field (FULL of mice) and as of this summer ... ducks.  5 little ducks in a flimsy pen.  Shadow, who once took down a squirrel and frequently attacks bunnies and humans (he's also the cat who took a swipe at a bear that wandered onto our lawn the first summer we lived in Mass), has been found over by their home very often.

When I go today, however, the ducks are on the loose...oh, and apparently, now they have chickens!  I saw at least 6, all different crazy colors, good in size.  I was talking to the fowl when Shadork hopped out of a wood pile - he was a little overwhelmed by their numbers, but I could tell he was more than intrigued and plotting someone's demise.  I lure Shadow back across the street (most people don't believe it, but Shadow understands English quite well; he knows 'come', he knows 'food', he knows 'asshole' for sure, etc.), go inside, bring him a big pile of deliciousness, and he leaves. 

About an hour goes by, and I nervously go across the street because I hear a LOT of bird noises (I also REALLY don't want to be cleaning).  To my relief, no Shad in sight; but no chickens either.  And the ducks are getting MEGA close to me instead of skittering away like they always do when someone approaches.  They're pecking at the grass, but coming up empty.  'Aha!' I think.  'You're hungry.  What do you guys eat?  Popcorn kernels?  OOOh, I know!  I'll make you some popcorn!'.
Bring the popcorn back, they rush over, I throw a handful, they start to peck. 
The chickens come over, same.
 Throw another handful for good measure.
They're not eating.

Perplexed, I go back to my house and research feeding ducks (after I wash m'hands, of course).  I stumble upon this:
Absolute NO-NO's
• Bread, bread products, popcorn, pretzels, chips, crackers...
These foods are extrememly [sic] damaging to your pet duck's long-term health. Ducks in the wild will eat the junky stuff first, ignoring the healthy foods they need. Feeding wild ducks conditions them to human contact and should be avoided. Read my article on feeding wild ducks for more information. Back to your pet duck...
I start FLIPPING OUT.  I mean, they're not my pets...hell, I've only spoken to the owners like, twice since they moved in in June.  My next conversation is NOT going to be 'Sorry I killed your ducks with my snackfood'.  So I run back across the street with a plastic bag and start grabbing popcorn left and right like a madwoman.  The ducks come over, seemingly mad that I am taking away this sustenance, so I yell, "I'm just trying to save your lives!" and then thank G-d that there is no car in the driveway and noone has come out during this entire ordeal.

Man; growing up, we fed the ducks at the duckpond popcorn all the time.  And they LOVED it.  Who knew?

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