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Abbreviation Disaster
I just came from a brief visit to ESPN. You know them, right? They're the self-proclaimed  "Worldwide Leader in Sports" (hey, if they can do it, so can I!).

I am thinking about demoting them a level for improper abbreviation. (And you know I can do it since I am now Mistress of the Universe).

But before I make the decree, I thought I'd toss it out there and see what everyone else thinks. Here's the skinny: I was checking to see how Tom Brady did today. I happened to see as a front page blurb that the MN Vikings lost today, ending their perfect streak. Whatever, I'm not all that broken up about it--it wasn't like they were going to have a season long perfect record....

At any rate, the blurb said this: Pgh. 27, Min. 17.  Now, I recognize that as a score, and it is pretty standard to abbreviate teams down to three letters, but what the hell is Pgh? Pittsburgh? Really?

You're telling me that the best they can do is Pgh? Nothing about that suggests Pittsburgh to me. How about Pts? Ptb? Pbg? Any of these are better and more suggestive of the name than Pgh?

It is my assessment that this makes ESPN look pretty stupid, but, I just want to make certain that there isn't some conspiracy afoot by the Pittsburghians that they WANT their town denoted as Pgh. Maybe this is standard and ESPN is just following a trend. If that is the case, then someone please offer me concrete proof and I will stand down. And then jump right back up to make fun of those same Pittsburghians- but that'll be another blog.

Pgh. Phbbt!

Best and Worst Sports Franchises

Here are the best and worst in each league:


MLB: 1. Los Angeles Angels

NBA: 5. Cleveland Cavaliers

NFL: 3. Pittsburgh Steelers

NHL: 2. Carolina Hurricanes


MLB: 107. New York Yankees

NBA: 122. Los Angeles Clippers

NFL: 119. Detroit Lions

NHL: 120. Toronto Maple Leafs

And here are the top 10 and bottom 10 overall:

TOP 10

1. Los Angeles Angels

2. Carolina Hurricanes

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

4. Detroit Red Wings

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

6. Washington Capitals

7. Milwaukee Brewers

8. Pittsburgh Penguins

9. San Antonio Spurs

10. St. Louis Blues


113. Minnesota Timberwolves

114. Cleveland Browns

115. New York Islanders

116. Oakland Raiders

117. Sacramento Kings

118. Cincinnati Bengals

119. Detroit Lions

120. Toronto Maple Leafs

121. New York Knicks

122. Los Angeles Clippers

The rankings, called "Ultimate Standings," are published in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine.


What's on my mind? : Pirate Gems

After going to bed aroun 430 am this morning. I got up just before 11 am, because i heard someone yelling at the cat, that i though was suppose to be at work. It was the voice of my mother.


Anyway, i got up and went out into the kitchen and asked if anyone wanted to do anything. After getting an answer that pretty much was a no. I returned to my room and turned on the PS2 where I layed on the floor in front of my TV playing my video game for a few hours.


Dinner was round 2 pm and was velveta mac & cheese, with polish sausage. A usual dinner around there. I mean i've had it a few thousand times now. No  complaints, its one of the better dinners served here. lol


After that I retired back to my room where I turned on NASCAR coverage on speed channel and watched that till 5 pm, when it switched over to ESPN, which is still on my tv at this very moment.


So, this brings us to right now. The nationwide series race is still going on.


What's on my mind? The pendant around my neck and weather or not a pirate would wear said pendant. lol Yes, just something to think about while being rather bored. What would a pirate wear? humm...  There's a question for you to answer.


Ummm, nothing else worth mentioning I guess. Just stuff from the past few blogs about work. So go read that if you wanna know what else is on my mind.  Otherwise keep your replies , lmao, ya like your going to ...   pirate related.


~ Aye, here i be




Think of this guy the next time you're thinking that your life sucks!

He's one hell of a man!


(no subject)

I like sports as much as the next guy, but one thing that is really starting to get on my nerves is the endless analysis by these overly serious schmucks on TV and radio.  I can't watch ESPN anymore when they are breaking down some sports highlights and discussing these things like they are life and death issues.  You know what I want to see?  The damn scores, some highlights and news.  I don't want sports to be serious.  That is the beauty of the games, to not take things so seriously and to relax and enjoy things for what they are. 

I also don't like hearing about the minutiae of these athletes’ lives.  I don't want to know where they live or what they do in the off-season.  I don't want to know their beliefs on certain topics, I want to see them perform at the highest level, and not attempt to be a politician, musician or philosopher.  That is an entirely different topic unto itself, celebrities using their status as a platform for whichever cause they see fit.  These people are more often than not performing their acts of charity as public relations work, or have such a weak knowledge of the issues that they soapbox about that it is laughable.  Case in point Sheryl Crow trying to show people how to live "greener."  She went around a few summers ago telling everyone how much better off the world would be if we only used one square of toilet paper each time we went to the bathroom.  She would then proceed to load up the caravan of buses and head to the next stop on their massive tour.  The world could definitely be more green, I agree with you 100% Sheryl.  If only you and your celebrity brethren would just shut your mouth. 


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