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The Strongest Woman
You Go Girl! That's all I can say when I see things like the World's Strongest Woman and Ms Fitness USA. Today we were watching ESPN Classic and watched Jill Mills win it as the first WSW. It was awesome to watch. Yes, Sunday is sports day when the Man is home. I don't mind. I enjoy his reactions to what goes on and I learn a lot in the process. So, in between major plays on football, we get to switch to ESPN and watch awesome things like this. One thing is certain, these women are definitely not light fixtures in the man dominated strength competitions.

Homerun Derby
Wow, Bobby Abreu hit 24 homeruns in the first round of the homerun derby, and just launched 11 in the finals.  That's 35 more homeruns (not including an inside the park homerun or two) than I hit in my entire little league career. 

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