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Workplace Drama?

I was warned when I started work, to “watch out for” a specific co-worker. She wasn’t managerial or anything, just that she had a bad attitude and snaps on people, fairly often. And then I would be asked every so often how she was treating me, had she snapped at me, stuff like that. Especially being the new person, I REALLY don’t want to get involved in work politics.


The truth is, she has been very nice to me, for the most part. She’s a little rough around the edges, but she helps me anytime I need help, is always nice, strikes up conversations with me, and tells me not to be sorry when I apologize for not knowing something, or doing something wrong, or needing her help. I dunno, that seems very progressive, to me.


I have seen that she has some issues with some of the people in our department. I just...honestly, don’t get involved, as much as possible.


Today, she was asked to show me how to use a tool and to sign me into it so I could learn by using it. Makes sense, she seemed fine with it, even welcoming when I suggested that we wait until after my break because I was scheduled to go for break in about 5 minutes or so. But at one point, she called our department head, saying she had to talk to them about something. I asked casually if everything was okay and she basically told me that, no, it wasn’t, and that she has her own job to do and she shouldn’t be expected to babysit others in the department. Almost right away, she turned around and was like “Not about you! I’m not talking about you, don’t worry. You’re new, you need help, you’re learning.”


So I’m wondering if that was a slip up, or am I just experiencing more of these politics in my department? It isn’t really bugging me, per se, I’m just...I guess curious? If that makes sense? When I went on my break I REALLY wanted to tweet “Am I in trouble, or did I just experience some workplace drama?” but then figured that would be kinda...attention grabbing, I guess?


I’ve prided myself on getting along with everybody. I hope that can continue without a problem. 


Getting Sleepy...
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Today, I got home from work at 3:00pm.
Now I'm sleepy.
Tomorrow, I don't have to work until 4:45pm.
I'm going to take a nap, and I'll be MindSaying again tonight.

I'm not going to continue on with my MindSay Quick Update posts and my attempt to change things. From the comments I received in my previous entry about the Quick Update feature, not too many people are even aware of what that feature is. Besides, they're right. There are other pressing issues here in Mindsay's technical side that needs to be addressed, like HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Also, I might post a few friends only entries about some drama at work.

Let's Save, Kupo!


Wow so the past few nights have been cabaret at my school.

It was good, thursday night we were no where near as good or organized as we were friday night. And turns out cabaret lasted till 10:30 on thursday and 10 onfriday...but then we had to cleanup which took an hour lol.

So chris playing in EVERYTHING that played for cabaret; concert band, junior band, orchestra, stage band and his band Thursday Night Special. Him and Peter were crazy tired by the last act.

I was proud that chris played so much. but it kinda sucked cause i had no one to dance with during stage band or T.N.S....

the afterparty was cool it was at chris kraz's house. i swear hes rich :| his bathroom had a sauna in it! and in the sauna was a DVD player and t.v.! and there was a nice jacuzzi style tub, and walk-in shower. the kind of bathroom on like extreme home maker lol.  OHH and the best part! i got to stay out til 1am. that was a first! but we didnt get to kraz's house till like a little bit after 11.

All in all Cabaret 2007 was fun :). and chris met my grandparents.

ha and like last years cabaret there was a bit of drama. which ill explain in another blog....



humble pie can be tasty

El Capitan emailed me a couple of days ago (well, he emailed the whole team), explaning among other things the new day for staff meeting, outlining activities for the rest of the year, explaining his 5th knee surgery in December, and assigning tasks.


At the end of the month, we're headed to the Rescue Mission, where we will do chapel and serve dinner.  This is cool.  We've done this before, and we're trying to make it a quarterly event.  Personally, it's a huge challenge, because it's an environment that is far from my comfort zone in all aspects (I'm happiest stuck in the canned goods room, trying to organize the chaos).  Even though I know I'll be helping to lead the music, I generally prefer being behind the scenes.




El Capitan has requested I come up with a drama ("if we need to do the one we did last time, that's cool, but I was hoping for something different").


To which my indignant reply was, "What?  You think I'm some kinda skit-vending-machine, you just push a button and wham! out comes a well-crafted drama that is perfectly suited for the occasion and the talents of our students?! Pshaw!"


Well.  It would have been, if I ever got around to writing it yesterday (yes, despite my hours of boredom, I am still able to procrastinate responding to emails -- no doubt influencing friends-and-family's declaration that I am impossible to get ahold of).


However. (Yes, yet another one).


On my evening walk, where my mind was anywhere but thinking of a drama (because it wasn't possible, given the short range of time, the lack of ideas, etc. etc. etc.), a certain tune* popped up next on my iPod.


For some reason, about halfway through, I thought, "Hey, this could be a neat song for a drama."


I hit repeat.  Many times.


By the time I got home, I had a skit fully formed.  I spent the rest of the evening blocking out the action and timing it to the beats of the song (all the while making dinner and washing dishes.  My downstairs neighbor must have thought I was having a fit in my kitchen.  Or dancing.  They're about the same thing for me).  I even have a neatly written list of the props we'll need to make.




What happened to "No way, Jose!"?


Sheesh.  Where's my backbone?


So now I'm humbled by this bolt of creativity.  And I'm hoping this evening when I try to act out all five parts for El Capitan, he won't think I'm crazy, but he'll think it's as awesome as I do.


Then again, I'm biased.


*The song is "Damaged" by Plumb -- the Redemption Extended Version


Drama, Chipmunk Style
I saw THIS at misterghoulie's blog spot and cracked up.  I have no idea why I find it so funny, but I couldn't stop laughing. It was just so cute! 

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